17 Practical WINTER Motorcycle Projects

Winter for most of us means putting away the bike and dreaming of spring. For those of us without a heated workspace, the wait is extra-long. To make the most use of this off-season I looked around and found 17 ideas for useful winter projects that will keep you in the game and coming out …

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Best Year for a Used Gold Wing & Which to Avoid?

Best and Worst Year for a Used Gold Wing

Most people have said that the Honda Gold Wing is a bulletproof motorcycle. But some years weren’t so good. Most owners of the Honda Gold Wing say the experience is overwhelmingly positive, but it may be smart to know which models you should avoid if you are looking for a Honda Gold Wing. What Year …

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Essential Guide to Finding a Great Touring Motorcycle

You’re looking for a “touring motorcycle”, but with so many models, features, and available accessories, new or used – where do you even start?  I found myself going from one “perfect choice” to the next, jumping all over and even looping back to where I started! So, I decided to go through my selection process …

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