Touring Tires vs. Performance Tires: Know The Difference

Touring Tires vs. Performance Tires

Sometimes it becomes confusing on which tire to get because of various tire categories in the market. Touring tires and performance tires are among the most popular types of tires. What are the differences between these tires? Touring tires generally provide a comfortable ride during long drives. In contrast, performance tires ensure easy maneuverability and …

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Can You Use Summer Tires in Winter?

Can You Use Summer Tires in Winter

If you think changing your summer tires when the winter comes is not economical, you are probably right. When the winter is approaching, we sometimes think of leaving the summer tires on our vehicle to save some pennies. But the question is: Can you use summer tires in winter? In the winter, summer tires underperform …

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Make Your Tires Black Again in 5 Easy Steps

make your tires black in 5 steps

Black tires make your car look slick and elegant, but without proper care and maintenance, your tires can quickly look old and dirty. Keeping your tires look brand new is not very difficult. Regularly cleaning them and applying tire dressing will keep your tires beautiful. If you want to regain the elegance of your tires, …

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Understanding Vehicle Tire Sidewall Details

Understanding Sidewall Details of Car Tires

Determining the right size of your tire can be challenging. When you go to a tire shop to check on the tires on display, the numbers you see on the tire’s sidewall will get you more confused. Then you ask yourself, what do all these letters and numbers mean? It’s now time to understand this …

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Passenger Tires vs. SUV Tires: What’s the Difference?

passenger tires vs suv tires difference

Passenger tires and SUV tires are among the type of tires you can get in the market. As vehicle owners, we usually face a challenge when choosing which type of tires to purchase. I reckon that you also wonder which one works best for you, so let’s talk about it. The differences between passenger tires …

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Understanding Why Tires Affect Gas Mileage

Why Tires Affect Gas Mileage

Filling up at the pump can be a harrowing experience, regardless of what kind of car a person is attempting to fill up. Even trying to keep gas in economy cars these days can put a major dent in someone’s wallet, let alone the cost of fueling up an SUV or minivan. Thus, it makes …

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How to Change a Flat Tire: Ultimate Guidance


Car and other automobile owners from all corners of the world map would agree that there are not many things as irritating and frustrating as flat tires in the middle of a journey. You would really have to be in God’s good books to escape the fate of being stranded in the middle of nowhere …

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Understanding Tire Rotation And Its Advantages

tire rotation

We don’t talk about tire rotation much, and not many people understand it. However, giving your tires a correct rotation can save you a lot of money and a lot more trouble in the long run. Did you know that the typical front-wheel-drive goes through front tires almost twice as fast as one with the …

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How to Get Rid of Old & Worn-out Tires

how to dispose of old tires

Did you know that many people still burn old vehicle tires? In addition to being illegal, this is one of the worst things you can do to get rid of tires. It releases enormous quantities of toxins into the air and the ground. They get into your lungs while you’re burning them. Landfilling old tires …

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