Are Dressguards Only Useful For Women?

When you wear a long, loose garment on your bike, it often tends to get caught in the spokes of the rear wheel. To protect your clothes, there are accessories to attach to the mudguards . They are usually referred to as skirt guards, but this name is too restrictive. It would be better to talk about spoke shields or spoke protectors. The bicycle skirt guard is indeed very useful for both men and children seated in a back seat.

Radiation and weather protection

When a garment is caught on the shelves, it is not only at risk of being damaged. You could also jam your rear wheel and fall . The bike skirt guard is therefore a safety accessory that should not be overlooked if you are wearing a dress or a skirt, of course, but also a long coat or even a scarf.

skirt guard comes in the form of two plates that attach to the rear wheel mudguard of the bike and sometimes to the seat stays. There are also front bike skirt guards to be attached to the front mudguard and the fork. It is however a rather rare accessory and much less used than the rear skirt guard.

The skirt guard also has a second function useful to all. It improves the protection offered by the mudguard against rain . It then acts as an anti-projection bike skirt guard by covering the rear wheel more completely. Without forgetting the “advertising” function of the skirt pares, well identified by the various operators of self-service bicycles.

The skirt guard for transporting children by bicycle

After a certain age (from 5 or 6 years old), junior bike seats no longer have straps to immobilize children’s feet on the footrests. When moving on the seat, there is a risk that they will pass one foot through the spokes of the rear wheel. A fairly tall child can even run his fingers through the shelves! A skirt guard will then avoid this kind of incident.

Otherwise, it is often possible to equip a child seat with foot protectors for a child bicycle seat as an option . The principle is the same as that of the skirt guard, but the two plates are fixed on the lower rods of the seat.

Some child bike seats are attached to the horizontal bar of the frame, in front of the pedaling parent. Sometimes it is a saddle on a frame , on which the child can move freely. A bicycle front skirt guard can then be useful to protect the spokes of the front wheel from unwanted foot movement.

How to choose a dress guard adapted to your bike?

To start, you must equip your bike with a mudguard. It must be a real mudguard that surrounds the rear wheel , and not a simple protection that attaches to the seat post away from the wheel.

The system of attachment to the mudguard is generally universal because it is about clip-on elements compatible with any type of mudguard. If an additional fixing is provided on the shrouds , on the other hand, it is necessary to check that their shape and diameter are suitable. Finally, it is also necessary to ensure the compatibility of the skirt guard with the diameter of the wheels . Most of the skirt guards available on the market, however, adapt equally well to 26 or 28 inch wheels. This corresponds to the vast majority of bikes.

Vintage bike skirt guards to restore an old bike

Certain models of bicycle skirt guards do not consist of two plates but of elastic cord nets . Each cord is secured on one side to a carabiner and on the other to the mudguard by a hook. This system therefore requires having a specific mudguard, drilled with around thirty holes on each side to accommodate the hooks.

These fabric dress guard nets are found on old bicycles. Often damaged by time, they can be replaced quite easily. You can also make it yourself with netting or even imagine knitting patterns that can be attached to non-drilled mudguards, using for example small double-clip pliers.

Note that these old skirt guard models were not reserved for female customers either. They could indeed be used to protect the cassocks of priests, who often traveled by bicycle until the 1950s. A famous scene from the film  Don Camillo also shows Fernandel riding a bicycle thus equipped. Proof that the skirt guard is indeed a universal accessory!

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