Best Bike Smartphone Holder

Today it is common to ride a bicycle with a supercomputer in your pocket, which in addition to communicating with others in a wide variety of ways, has the potential to trace our route, tell us how many calories we burn, the speed at which we pedal, play our music. favorite, save all our data, and much more.

And carrying it in your pocket while riding our bike is a waste that most of us commit. However, not letting that technology go to waste in our pocket, it is possible with the installation of a cell phone holder on a bicycle.

Installing a cell phone holder for a bicycle, in addition to unlocking that technological potential, allows us to use our cell phone as our own bicycle computer with built-in GPS – and at no additional cost -, it allows us to have our hands free, reduces the threat of drop our smartphone and allow us to ride our bicycle with greater safety.

Why use a cell phone holder on the bike?

While it is true that traditional cycling computers, such as popular models with GPS and other functions specially designed for the bicycle, have their own benefits. They intelligently track your training metrics, your route layout, and much more, always focusing on improving your potential as a cyclist.

Currently, smartphones have a large number of intelligent applications for cycling, which can manage many of these basic functions such as mapping and recording our trips. And if you don’t want or don’t use all of the additional metrics that cycling computers have, using your smartphone with a bike mount will save you the extra money, and give you freedom of movement and freedom. it will keep you connected at all times without taking your attention off the road.

Characteristics of a good mobile bike holder

Support type

Mounted shell type brackets

This is a type of support with a rigid structure and a mount that is generally fastened to the handlebar -although it can also be fastened with elastic rubber bands or velcro, depending on the model-, which regularly makes them fixed to your bicycle. 

It is one of the most secure and sturdy mounts and it would make a good accessory for someone who values ​​peace of mind when using a fairly secure phone mount on their bike. 

However, keep in mind that they are designed to be used with specific cell phone models. When purchasing one, make sure it is compatible with your cell phone model.

Universal type bracket

Its main feature is that it is compatible with all types of smartphones, and even with some other devices. However, not all models have a screw-on mount, which can detract from your grip. 

They are made of elastic rubber, with tensioning arms in X, there are also made of metal, aluminum alloys and engineering grade plastic. 

They do not have screen coverage, which can be inconvenient when a fall occurs or when it is raining.

Holster support

They are one of the most economical options and although their flexible structure does not make them so resistant to shocks, they are generally rainproof, they are easy to mount on the bicycle and they allow you to operate the phone without having to remove it from them. Some models have a compartment to carry tools, snacks or other things that you may require in your rides.

Compatibility between mount, device and bicycle

Compatibility is generally not a problem, but it must be borne in mind that, if it is not universal, it will have to be explicitly compatible with your cell phone model. You also have to consider the type of cycling you practice, for example, the cover is not recommended for those who do mountain biking. Since these do not have a governed body which makes them more vulnerable to blows. 

As for the mount, almost all of them are suitable for mounting on the handlebar, unless you have chosen a model that has been specially designed to hold the stem or frame (in the case of frame backpacks with a phone compartment). 

It is also important that before buying one you see if your handlebar has enough space between levers, cables, etc., to allow mounting a support, if not, you will have to find another point to fix. 

Bicycle mount mounting system

Remember that there are clamp-based mounts, elastic rubber bands, clips -the least recommended- and velcro. 

Choose the mount of your support taking into account your tastes and the type of cycling you practice, that way you will choose the most appropriate, which can be from the strongest with fixed fastening to the bike based on clamps -which are the safest – or, those that are easy to remove from the bike when you need it. For which case, those with Velcro-based retention are the most practical.

Bovon Bike Phone Mount

Bovon Bike Phone Mount, Universal Adjustable Silicone Bicycle Phone Holder for Cycling GPS/Map/Time/Music, Compatible with iPhone 12 Pro/12 mini/12/11 Pro Max/XR/8, Samsung Galaxy S20(Updated Version)

More Info

Bracket type: universal 

Compatibility: with smartphones from 3.5 “to 7” (8.8 to 17.78 cm) and GPS devices or others 

Mount type: clamp to the handlebar designed to be locked and released by a screw nut, easy to install on different sizes of handlebars or bracket with a diameter of 0.7 “to 1.2” (1.77 to 3.04 cm).

  • Made with high quality internal soft foam and automotive grade ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) shell
  • Tool-free installation
  • Suitable for different sizes of handlebars or support with a diameter of 0.7 “inches 1.77 cm to 1.2” inches 3.04 cm.
  • Square holder, which can be attached without strap and without grip to secure your device to the holder comfortably and firmly.
  • 360 ° rotation, adjustment knob on the back allows a full 360 degree rotation to view your device at a comfortable angle

RYACO Bike Phone Holder, Bicycle Phone Mount

Ryaco Bike Phone Holder, Bicycle Phone Mount, 360 °Rotatable Anti-Shake Motorcycle Smartphone Holder with Extendable Silicone Strap for iPhone X, 8,7,6S, Samsung S9+, GPS, Other 3.5-6.2“ Device etc

More Info

Bracket type: universal 

Compatibility: with phones and devices from 3.5 “inches 8.8 cm., Up to 7” inches 17.78cm.

Frame type : clamp type clamp for all types of handlebars. 

  • Made of plastic and silicone
  • Tool-free installation 
  • Laterally expandable stand with metallic rubber covered clamps and silicone tapes 
  • 360 ° rotation providing the best viewing angle: vertical, horizontal or diagonal         

Topeak Ridecase TT9855BG iPhone X Case

Topeak Ridecase TT9855BG iPhone X Case w/Ridecase Mount Black/Grey

More Info

Bracket Type: Housing

Compatibility: iPhone X

Frame type: not supplied, compatibility with RideCase QuickClick TM mounts

  • Made of high quality engineering grade plastic and rubber
  • Shock resistant
  • Housing with integrated folding stand that allows easy viewing vertically or horizontally.
  • Wireless charging compatible case for phone battery

WOTOW Bicycle Phone Mount Bags

WOTOW Bicycle Phone Mount Bag, Waterproof Bike Front Touch Screen Cell Phone Holder Top Tube Frame Handlebar Cycling Accessories Bag Sensitive Reflective Fits for iPhone 13 Xs Max Pro Plus Up to 6.7”

More Info

Support type: detachable bag with 3-point velcro fastening 

Compatibility: with iPhone 7, 8 Plus / XR / XS Max, Samsung, Huawei below 6.6 ” 

Frame type: 3 velcro straps to attach to the handlebar, head tube and top tube together

  • Detachable, water-repellent bike bag made of 420D nylon and TPU material (size: 3.3 ”inches 8.3cm x 7.1” inches 18 cm x 5.5 ”inches 13.97 cm inches) with sealed zippers
  • Touch screen with sun shade design
  • Cell phone holder removable from the bag easily
  • In addition to the support for your phone, it has storage capacity in a second compartment to transport battery, energy gel, a small air pump for tires, repair kit, identification, keys, etc.
  • The entire bag is foldable to save space when not in use
  • Reflective tapes on both sides of the bag
  • Hole for earphone or other cables  

Wahoo ELEMNT Bolt GPS Bike Computer

Wahoo Fitness ELEMNT Bolt GPS Bike Computer, Stealth Black

More Info

Compatibility: universal 

Mount type: metal clamp adjustable through a screw, integrated into the body of the bracket 

  • Made of an aluminum alloy that provides high resistance
  • Shock Resistant: This bicycle cell phone holder adopts pads in the four corners, ensuring better shockproof performance and gives your phone good protection
  • Adjustable width of 1.9 ”inches 4.8 cm. to 3.9 “inches 9.9 cm, compatible with smartphones between 3.5” inches 8.8 cm. at 6.2 “inches 15.7 cm., can be assembled on the handlebar and stem cover
  • Lightweight 150 gr.

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