Best Dog Bicycle Carriers

There are many people who like to cycle regularly and they should not be deprived of it, since it is an activity which is good for health. Why not do it with your dog?

There are two solutions that are available to you: the practice of cani-mountain biking or the use of the bicycle trailer for dogs. Depending on the breed of your animal, but also on its age, you will not choose the same thing.

We were interested in the dog bike trailer since it has many advantages. Let’s discover together the 5 products that we have tested, then you will have some advice to make a successful choice of buying a cheap dog bike trailer.

Esright Dog Bicycle Trailer

  • SUPERB MATERIAL: Esright pet bike trailer uses high quality steel pipe frame and water resistant 600D oxford cloth in excellent craftsmanship,supporting up to 66lbs. Trailer net weight: 29.3lbs.
  • SPACIOUS FRONT DOOR: Front door includes zippered mesh screen layer for good air circulation. And also a separate rain guard to protect from wind and rain. The large front door provide a comfortable ride and you can also look back and easily your pets.
  • WITH FRONT & REAR SAFETY LIGHTS: Safety flag for dog bicycle trailer visibility in traffic (2 white lights at the front and 2 red lights at the back).An attached safety flag provides high visibility in traffic and low-light conditions.
  • EASY TO ASSEMBLE: Easy to assemble and disassemble without tools. It takes about 15-20 minutes. And the 19-1/4 inch diameter wheels provide maximum stability and are easy to store and transport.
  • PRACTICAL PET TRAILER: When you go to the park, the supermarket or other outdoor occasions, your beloved dog can stay in the pet dog bike trailer comfortably. So you can free your hands and enjoy the leisure and beautiful outdoor time. And you can give the pet trailer as a gift to your dog-loving family and friends.

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This small cabin on wheels is very practical for transporting your animal everywhere. It can be a dog, but also a cat. When you receive the package, you will appreciate the physical aspect provided by the trailer. The assembly and disassembly are easy. The fact of being able to dismantle this product makes it possible to obtain a significant space-saving.

The dog bike trailer is equipped with a universal hitch. No matter what type of bike you have, this trailer will be able to accommodate it perfectly. This is what makes this product attractive!

The cabin is equipped with a mosquito net. This is useful, especially in summer, when you will be doing a few outings by the water, especially in the evening. Mosquitoes and other disturbing insects are present. With this mosquito net, no one can enter and your companion will be happy with this trip.

Inside the cabin, you will find a small hook. This one is very useful! This is where we hung the leash.

The fabric of this dog bike trailer is sturdy and strong. It is 600D polyester.

Finally, we loved the presence of several reflectors. These will make the cabin on wheels for animals visible in all weather.

Aosom Elite II 2-in-1 Pet Dog Bike Trailer

  • 2-IN-1 DESIGN: You furry friend can ride in style with this pet trailer! Use it as a jogging stroller that you can push as you run or attach it to your bike as a bike trailer for a cycling adventure.
  • KEEP YOUR PET COMFORTABLE: This dog trailer is made with oxford fabric and a steel frame to keep the trailer stable. The trailer includes a canopy to keep your pet dry and shaded.
  • EASY ENTRY AND VENTILATION: Let your pet enjoy the breeze with the roomy sunroof on the pet bike trailer! Your pet can easily enter through the zippered front and back door and stick their head out.
  • SMOOTH RIDE: Keep your dog bike trailer securely in place with a convenient and built-in hand-lock brake system. Two 20" rear wheels and a 360 degrees swivel universal front wheel provide a smooth ride. An attached flag provides high visibility in traffic and low-light conditions.
  • EASY TRANSPORTATION AND STORAGE: The pet stroller includes quick release wheels that can fold flat for easy storage and transportation. The stroller can also stand upright to create a compact design that doesn't take up a lot of space.

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This trailer is capable of supporting a weight of 40 kilos. Meaning, most small, medium, and large dogs. Nevertheless, there are some animals among them that will prefer to run alongside you rather than sitting in the cheap dog bike trailer!

It is composed of a steel tube that will easily connect to your bike. This tube is strong and sturdy . It will not rust. Once it’s attached to your bike, everything is well maintained.

Pawhut has made a product that is foldable. This is an excellent point. Thus, it will save space, both at home and in the car to go on vacation. The movement of this trailer is facilitated.

This product has 8 reflectors for optimal visibility in any darkness. The dog can enter through two openings: one at the front and one at the back. It’s an easy way to get the dog to climb for new adventures . The trailer is made of waterproof 600D fabric.

For full visibility, Pawhut delivers a red flag to be placed on the top of this beautiful dog bike trailer.

Trixie Bicycle Trailer

  • Made of hard-wearing, easy-care nylon. Internal dimensions: 36 × 34 × 57 cm
  • With solid metal frame
  • Wheels with quick-fix system
  • Net inserts for good air circulation
  • With front and rear door

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Trixie is a company that is firmly rooted in the animal world. They will create great quality products that dog owners really appreciate.

This inexpensive luxury dog ​​cabin is not heat sensitive.

We will find mosquito nets there. These are walls with tiny little holes. These will allow the animal to breathe the fresh air of the walk, without being disturbed by all these parasites and other insects that would like to move in their hair.

The tube is made of steel and is easy to attach to the back of your bike. The trailer is equipped with several reflectors. These are important elements to be visible when darkness begins to point the tip of your nose.

There are several sizes. During our dog bike trailer test, only sizes S and M were available. We took them both.

This trailer is foldable and is easy to install. We didn’t have any difficulties. Nevertheless, the explanations could be a little clearer, especially at the level of the wheels, for the most novices.

Aosom Bike Trailer Cargo Cart

  • PET BIKE TRAILER: This dog bike carrier is an easy to way to take your pets with you, regardless if you are camping, hiking, walking, cycling, or anything in between. With a weight limit of up to 66 lbs, you can bring even medium size dogs wherever you go.
  • WEATHER PROTECT: The Oxford fabric built on a steel frame is super strong with plenty of durabilities to fight the weather, water, and UV rays. Plus, the dog trailer provides great shade for your little friend riding with you.
  • EASY ENTRY& VENTILATION: With zippered doors on the front, back, and top, your pet can stick their head out of this bicycle pet trailer and have the time of their life. Plus, it provides amazing ventilation so it doesn't get too stuff. A D-ring is included, so you can keep your friend nice and secure inside the pet carrier (a leash is not included).
  • SMOOTH ROLLING: Two 20" rear wheels provide a smooth ride on pavement and are off-road capable for those adventures into the wilderness. A flag on the dog carriage and reflectors on the wheels provide visibility in traffic and low-light conditions.
  • EASY STORAGE: The wheels on this bicycle pet trailer are quick releasing, which can fold flat for easy storage and transport.

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We have already presented several different products of the oneConcept brand. This is relevant for creating efficient and sustainable products. We end up with a King Rex Duramaxx dog bike trailer.

This trailer is able to support a maximum load of 40 kilos . Most dog breeds are therefore invited. It is possible to place several small dogs there, the place is not what is lacking!

To prevent the animal from slipping during its walks, the bottom of the trailer has a particularly resistant and solid floor. It will not slip under the effect of water. If your companion is wet, that won’t be a problem.

It is available in two colors, red and blue. For the dog bike trailer test, we had the red version. It’s a solid product that more than meets our criteria.

To be fully in line with road safety regulations, this dog bike trailer must be equipped with a light located at the rear.

Karlie Doggy Liner Berlin Teflon Bicycle Trailer

  • Comes with aluminium wheels
  • Additional cross brace for a higher stability
  • Your pet is durably protected against stains and dirt

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The product manufactured by Karlie is the top of the range of this comparative dog bike trailer.

It is available in black and gray with unique dimensions : 158cm in length, 80cm in width and 86cm in height.

This trailer used Teflon as the material. It is resistant and easy to handle.

The trailer is very interesting and the dogs have adopted it well. It folds easily and offers a practical space saving !

The assembly of the trailer is not very complicated.

It is a quality product, which will last over time. We were not worried about the strength of the product. We think it will be several years. All products have been tested for 3 months, and no issues have been encountered.

It will be necessary to monitor the condition of the mosquito nets during the journey, so that the dog cannot tear them too easily.

What is a dog bike carrier?

The dog bike trailer is a small cabin that mounts on one or two wheels . This is connected via a steel bar to the back of the dog owner’s bicycle. Then, the dog climbs in, the human closes the various openings and he can start pedaling.

This is the start for pleasant walks and to enjoy the good weather that reigns around.

It is not going to apply to all breeds of dog . Some dogs, like huskies or German Shepherds, will need to go out several times and let off steam to be mentally well. We will therefore advise them to go cani-mountain biking, where the dog will tow his master.

This type of transportation is perfect to suit many dog ​​breeds that are small to medium in size. Generally, these are animals that do not have all the physical capacities to perform great and heavy efforts.

Do not forget about animals that are convalescing, old or sick . They also have the right to go out. The dog bike trailer is a great tool for this.

How does a dog bike trailer work?

As soon as you receive the package, you will need to mount it. According to the manufacturers, the assembly is more or less complicated to set up. You will have instructions for placing the parts in the right place. 

The dog bike trailer is also a great means of transport that must be maintained. After each ride, make sure the wheels are in good condition and dry. Do not leave any humidity, otherwise the product will be damaged for the next outing.

Different types of dog bike trailers

Dog bike trailers are available in different models. We will find two main ones.

The single wheel dog bike trailer

It’s a trailer that only works with one wheel! We have not offered any in this guide, because it is increasingly rare. For animals, it’s not very comfortable, and you have to find the right balance.

The two-wheel dog bike trailer

This is more widespread. It’s one of the products we’ve tested well in this buying guide. The dog trailer with two wheels is the ultimate solution to ensure the comfort and safety of both the animal and the runner. The dog can more easily observe what is happening in nature, thanks to intelligently placed and created openings.

How To Choose a Good Dog Bike Trailer

Choosing the best dog bike trailer is far from straightforward. This is what we regret: the difficulty of choosing the right product. We will reassure you: all the elements that we have tested in this guide have met all of our requirements and selection criteria .

There are several different criteria that must be used when choosing a dog bike trailer. These are relevant and effective.

But you must also take into consideration your needs and expectations in this regard. Is this a dog bike trailer for everyday life? Depending on the answer, you will have some leads.

What are the important criteria before purchasing a dog bike carrier?

The criteria for purchasing dog bike trailers are as follows:

  • The cabin of the trailer should correlate with the size of your companion. You must therefore choose (interior) dimensions that will not harm your pet’s needs.
  • The dog bike trailer must have a minimum of one opening , with windows. During the walk, he must be able to manage his emotions well and not be under stress because he cannot see anything.
  • If the dog bike trailer is equipped with parking brakes , that’s a plus. For steep paths, this prevents it from descending and carrying the bike to cause various damage.
  • The trailer hitch must be strong and efficient.
  • The color of the trailer is important. In addition to the mandatory reflectors, the dog bike trailer must have a fairly conspicuous color, to be seen when darkness falls.
  • The choice of materials is up to you, but we will recommend sturdy materials, and if possible waterproof.
  • The price of the dog bike trailer should be within your budget that you have reserved.


To conclude, the dog bike trailer is a great product. It is a solution to practice cycling with your pet in peace. We really enjoyed this product test and our dogs really enjoyed it.

All the products tested caught our attention, but we have to make a choice to designate some better than others. This is the case for our reference and the quality / price ratio. Quite frankly, it was played out!

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