Best Saddlebags for Bikes

There are different ways you can transport cargo on the bike. A very comfortable and practical alternative is saddlebags. A good rack and a saddlebag will provide your bike with utility, whether for the city or for adventure. In this post, you will find a selection with the best saddlebags for bicycles of 2020.

Best Saddlebags for Biking

Whether you’re looking for a waterproof saddlebag for your next adventure or one that allows you to transport your laptop safely, we’ve done extensive research to save you time and help you make an informed purchase.

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Now, let’s talk about bicycle saddlebags.

Ibera Bicycle Bag PakRak Clip-On Quick-Release

Ibera Bicycle Bag PakRak Clip-On Quick-Release All Weather Bike Panniers (Pair), Includes Rain Cover , Black

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Ibera PakRak saddlebags are a fairly affordable choice. They are ideal for those looking for saddlebags for their first bike trip or for urban use. These saddlebags are sold as a pair and have a capacity of 15 liters per piece. The possibility of using them individually or together makes them extremely practical.

Made of 1680D nylon, these saddlebags offer very good water resistance. Additionally, a pair of waterproof covers are included for added protection.

Its closure system is made up of an adjustable cord and a lid with clips that fasten to a pair of side straps. In addition, the saddlebags have an external bag in which you can store small objects, ropes to attach an additional load to the rack or tool.

This set of saddlebags uses a fairly easy to use quick release system. They are designed to work with your own rack system, yet offer very good compatibility with most racks up to 16mm. Overall, Ibera PakRak saddlebags offer very good value for the money.

  • Recommended use: Urban and short trips
  • Capacity: 2 x 15 liters (sold as a pair)
  • Waterproof level: waterproof and includes waterproof wheels
  • Clamping system : PakRak quick release system

Ortlieb Back-Roller Classic QL2.1 Panniers (Pair)

Ortlieb Back-Roller Classic QL2.1 Panniers (Pair)

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The Back Roller Classic have become an icon in the cycling world. This pair of saddlebags are made of highly durable polyester (PD620, PS490) and use a notched closure that makes them 100% waterproof.

The design of these saddlebags is quite simple but very functional. Its single compartment is ideal for travelers who need to store everything from clothing to cooking or camping gear.

The saddlebags use the Quick-Lock 2.1 attachment system for use with any rack up to 16mm in diameter. Additionally, ORTLIEB offers the option of increased compatibility with racks from 17mm to 20mm at an additional cost.

To keep the saddlebag closed, the system includes two clips on the upper ends of the saddlebag and a latch located on the front. This offers two options to achieve a tight seal. In the first case, the saddlebag is rolled up and both clasps are fastened. In the second case, both clips are connected through the shoulder strap and this in turn is attached to the clasp on the front. This allows you a little extra load.

Although their specialty is cycling, these saddlebags have become a favorite of many urban cyclists around the world for their great versatility. The investment is considerable, but they are designed to last a lifetime, justifying the cost.

  • Recommended use: Cycle tourism and urban cycling
  • Capacity: 2 x 20 liters (sold as a pair)
  • Waterproof level: 100% IP64
  • Fastening system: Quick-Lock2.1 by Ortlieb

Ortlieb Back-Roller City Panniers

Ortlieb Back-Roller City Panniers, Red One Color One Size

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The Roller City share several of the characteristics with the Roller Classic. These saddlebags are 100% waterproof, are made of polyester (PD620, PS490) to resist abuse and have the same capacity of 20 liters per saddlebag.

Its hermetic closure is also achieved by rolling, with the difference that the Roller City has clips on its lateral sides. This feature limits overhead, but achieves a simpler and more user-friendly design in the city.

Its quick fastening system is the Quick-Lock 1. They are super easy to use and are compatible with almost any rack up to 16 mm in diameter. The difference between the Quick-Lock 1 and the Quick-Lock 2.1 on the Roller Classic is that the hooks cannot be adjusted without the need for tools. Outside of that, you will have the ability to adjust its three points of contact as required.

  • Recommended use : Urban Cycling and cycling tourism
  • Capacity: 2 x 20 liters (sold as a pair)
  • Waterproof level: 100% IP64
  • Clamping system : ORTLIEB Quick-Lock 1 quick release system

Two Wheel Gear – Pannier Backpack Convertible

Two Wheel Gear - Pannier Backpack Convertible LITE (22 Litre) - 2 in 1 Commuting and Bicycle Touring Bag - Kompakt Rail Mounting System (Black)

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As the name implies, this is a saddlebag that transforms into a backpack when not on the bike. This makes it especially good to carry everything you need, for work or school, comfortably. This backpack/saddlebag is made of 600D polyester which offers durability and some resistance to water. The backpack includes a high visibility waterproof cover, ideal for pedaling even on rainy days.

It transforms from backpack to saddlebag in a simple way. Just open a zipper on the back to expose your fastening system and hide the shoulder straps in a special compartment. The system includes a KLICKfix Kompakt quick release system that can fit racks up to 16mm.

The saddlebag is equipped with a pair of side bags to transport your water bottle and an umbrella, for example. On the front, it also has two zippered bags that are used to store small items, the waterproof cover, or your basic tool. The main behavior of the saddlebag is roomy and includes interior organizers on the back and front.

  • Recommended use: Urban Cycling
  • Capacity: 22 liters
  • Waterproof level: little water resistance, but includes waterproof cover
  • Clamping system : KLICKfix Kompakt quick release system

M-Wave Day Tripper Double Pannier Bags

M-Wave Day Tripper Double Pannier Bags - Black, 30 Litres

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This is a pair of saddlebags, linked together, with a combined capacity of 30 liters. The closure system consists of a lid with an adjustable strap system. Given its shape and closed system, this set of saddlebags are quite practical when loading and unloading their content, so they will be ideal for transporting purchases, for example.

They are made of 600D polyester, a resistant material that is easy to clean. Due to their design and material, the M-Wave Day Tripper saddlebags offer little resistance to water. Although there is always the option of protecting the contents with bags if necessary.

Its fastening system is achieved through a system of clasps and straps. They will be more suitable for those who do not need to mount and dismount the saddlebags frequently.

How to choose bicycle saddlebags

The choice of your saddlebag, or set of saddlebags, should be made based on four fundamental factors; the main use you will give it, the load capacity you require, its impermeability, and the fastening system.

1. What kind of saddlebag do you need

The first step is to define the main purpose of your saddlebags. It is possible to use the same model in different situations, but it is worth taking some time to think about the main use you will put it. Will you use it to transport your computer and other everyday things? Do you want it to transport your purchases by bicycle? Planning a bike trip?

Knowing what the main use will be will help you decide if you need a saddlebag with different compartments, type of material, type of closure, and other general characteristics that could make it more practical.

2. What load capacity do you require

After having defined the general characteristics that you require for your saddlebag, according to your needs, you have to look for a saddlebag with adequate load capacity.

To determine what capacity you need, you will have to consider the volume, as well as the weight that the saddlebag supports. Based on the main use you will give it, what objects do you think you will transport more regularly? How many saddlebags do you need?

3. Level of waterproofing you need

In addition to durability, the material and finish of the saddlebag determine its level of water resistance. There are fully waterproof saddlebags, others with a certain level of splash resistance, and others are not intended for use in wet conditions.

Ideally, we all want waterproof saddlebags, however, we must evaluate if it really is essential, since generally the cost is higher depending on the protection offered. If the expense is not justified, you always have the option of protecting the saddlebags with a waterproof cover on rainy days or putting the most delicate contents in a plastic bag.

4. Adequate clamping system

There are different fastening systems. Systems can range from hooks to sophisticated quick-release systems and others that are attached with adjustable straps.

The more sophisticated the system, the saddlebag usually has a higher cost. For this reason, you have to consider the frequency with which you will assemble and disassemble the saddlebag and in what conditions you will use it.