Cycling in a Skirt and Heels

Because cycling does not rhyme with cyclist shorts and chamois, you can also be feminine and classy on your mount. On a summer bike ride to relax and enjoy the sun, to get to work, to go shopping … There is no shortage of opportunities to get out your bike with the desire to wear a skirt and heels. But beware the exercise can be tricky on two wheels. Here’s how to make the right choices and our tips for trouble-free riding!

Which skirt for cycling trips?

What is the ideal skirt length for cycling?

Because by bike, dress or skirt tend to go up, it is better to avoid short skirts. It is more comfortable to opt for a knee length which will hide your thighs once in the saddle without hindering you when pedaling. It is the ideal choice. 

The other alternative is the long skirt, it covers the legs, but also protects against scratches and insect bites. However, care must be taken to protect it from dirt and prevent it from getting caught in the spokes of the bike.

Which fabric is the best?

To prevent your dress or skirt from lifting when you pedal and spinning in the wind, choose so-called “heavy” fabrics. Heavy fabrics are not just for warm skirts, they are also used in summer collections. A stretch denim skirt will be a better road partner than a chiffon skater skirt.

What is the most suitable fit?

The material plays an important role in the choice of the dress, but also the cut. Indeed a straight skirt will have less wind resistance than a ball skirt for example. Conversely, a cut that is too tight will keep going up and forcing you to readjust it at each stop.

What underwear is best for cycling in a skirt?

If your favorite skirt or dress is a lighter fabric, you don’t have to give up! Women are also little magicians, but you know that. You can cover up incidents that surreptitiously reveal your panties. By choosing a black or solid color that is not eye-catching, you will limit prying eyes. If you want to take care of the details, you can also opt for an underwear color that matches your skirt or dress. If the colors are the same, they will act like a “trompe l’oeil”. However, avoid too flashy colors or strong patterns.

The little trick to know if your commute is long or if the saddle tends to irritate you, is to put on seamless panties. Indeed, the seam is more rigid than the fabric, by rubbing repeatedly against your skin this will create an irritation or even a burn which may spoil your ride somewhat.

Can I ride my bike in heels?

It may sound complicated, but cycling in heels is possible. Here are some tips:

  • Gradually start with small to medium heels before setting off for dizzying heels. Training allows you to develop safe habits, especially during emergency stops, restarts and when getting on your bike.
  • Position yourself correctly on the pedals. It is important to press on it with the front of the foot. Otherwise, the pedal will force against the heel at the risk of breaking it. In addition, in the event of a rapid stop, the heel may interfere with the withdrawal movement of the foot from the pedal. Watch out for the fall. Another tip is to keep your foot straight when pedaling and not push the heel down. In fact, the higher the heel of the shoe, the more it is recommended to pay attention to it to prevent it from scraping on the ground when crossing a speed bump, a sidewalk or in bends.
  • Choose shoes fitted or with a strap. By pressing down on the front of the sole, the heel of the foot will inevitably lift. And then, if the shoe is too loose, we risk losing it. Hence the importance that it holds well to the foot.

Tips and “helping hand” accessories for riding a bicycle in a dress

The penny tip for a skirt

As part of the well-known CycleHacks, the ‘Penny in Yo’ Pants’ was featured by Scottish cyclists. The trick is simple: with a coin (the one for a euro is a good size) and an elastic, you transform your skirt into shorts that hold better. How? ‘Or’ What ? Grab the skirt between your legs, place the piece under the back panel of the skirt and surround it with the two pieces of fabric. 

Then use the elastic around the “button” thus formed. There you go, you have a skort! If you do not visualize the exercise well, discover in pictures how to do it:

Protect your clothes

The bike is sometimes messy, by equipping its mount with a front and rear mudguard it is possible to avoid splashing water and mud. Very easy to install, they adapt to all bikes.

Protecting is also avoiding tearing your beloved dress, consider installing a skirt guard . This is a grid that surrounds the top third of your wheel to prevent fabric from getting caught in the spokes and tearing.

To protect your leather, suede or nubuck heels, you can waterproof them. By preventing water and mud from soaking up the material, you can more easily clean your shoes and prevent stains.

In bad weather, no need to put the dress away with the Georgia in Dublin Rainwrap Waterproof Skirt .

From now on, cycling in a skirt and heels holds no secrets for you, take advantage of sunny days to try the experience. With these tips, you are ready to travel with confidence and safety.

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