Which evolutionary tricycle to choose for your baby?

Your baby is growing fast, way too fast! He is curious to discover the world, and you want to offer him an innovative means of transport that will allow him to acquire his autonomy in complete safety. Choose the evolutionary tricycle, which will accompany it for many years. 

Thanks to its stroller mode, it is suitable for toddlers and then transforms into a real three-wheeled bicycle to accompany your child in his growth.

The best: the Besrey 7 in 1 evolutionary stroller tricycle

  • More than 4 in 1, 8 In 1 Tricycle, Grows With Your Kids: Rear facing infant seat> front-facing seat> reclinable seat> parent-steering tricycle (pedal locked)> push trike(harness removed)> learn to ride trike( safety-bar removed) > classic trike > two-player mode
  • Two-Player Mode: The rear stand-on board with a capacity of 55 lb , provides space for an extra child to stand and ride along with siblings.
  • Rear-Facing Infant Seat: The seat can be adjusted and reversed to allow your curious baby to interact with you face to face or observe the nature on the go; multiposition backrest can be adjusted from 95°to 140° (160°for rear facing seat), to find the perfect position for your toddler’s comfort
  • Too Little to Pedal? Lock the pedals to stop your toddlers from stepping by pressing the red button, or they can simply rest their feet on the footrest under the seat
  • Agil Wheels: All-terrain rubber wheels ensure a smooth, effortless handling and ride for baby over various grounds
  • Better Steer and Control: Parent push handle is adjustable for various position to accommodate parents' height
  • Non-Foldable Design for Better Durability: Fun for 1-6 years old kids with 2-player mode, and to ensure its durability, it is designed to be non-foldable
  • Warranty: besrey offer the best customer service and 2 year warranty

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This model of Besrey tricycle is one of a kind. Indeed, it can also act as an evolutionary balance bike tricycle. It is therefore perfectly suited to accompany your baby in learning to walk, in addition to its functions as a two-position stroller, tricycle, and bicycle.

Completely adaptable to your needs and desires, the various elements that compose it are removable and adjustable, for the well-being of parents, but also to develop your baby tricycle according to psychomotor capacities and age.

Thanks to its fully airtight storage basket, take toys, snacks and other essential changes with you when traveling with baby.


  • The stroller brakes are available on the rear wheels to protect your child’s risk of falling. Its reflective harness and non-slip pedals ensure great stability to apprehend its new independence in complete safety.
  • This Besrey 6 month baby evolutionary tricycle model is guaranteed for one year by the manufacturer.


  • Note however that this model is not foldable, and that it is one of the longest in our selection, with its 106cm length.

The baby stroller bike: the Smartfold 700 Smartrike

  • The Smart fold 700 folding trike is a deluxe 8 in 1 trike (6-36m). the high-back seat swivels to face the parent & reclines for nap times. It converts from a baby trike into a training tricycle for 1 year old toddlers and a tricycle for 2 year old kids.
  • Forget about spending time & money on accessories your baby will quickly outgrow. From a tricycle with push handle suitable for 6 month old babies, this smart trike transforms easily into any of its 8 stages, a perfect tricycle for your little angel.
  • The Smart fold 700 is a tricycle built for utility, safety & Convenience. It's durable, lightweight and portable design makes it a perfect travel toddler tricycle that fits in any car and grows with your baby until they are ready to pedal and steer independently.
  • Premium quality that you can trust. When it comes to your child's trike, there's no room for compromise. All smarTrike kids’ tricycles and Smart fold foldable trikes are made with nothing but the best materials and undergo strict quality control.
  • At smarTrike, we take pride in creating the finest baby trike designs. We work constantly to improve our kids tricycles so we can make toddlers' Happier and parents' Lives easier. Our Smart fold folding trikes follow these high standards and expectations!

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The Smartfold of Smartrike is a tricycle ergonomic and stylish, fully designed to allow your child to discover the world in the best conditions. With its integrated shock absorbers and sturdy rubber wheels, your child will be protected from impacts on any type of terrain.

The backrest has been designed for optimal back support and the seat cushions are padded for real comfort when sitting or reclined, to allow the baby to take a nap.


  • With its five colors available, this evolutionary boy or girl tricycle will delight all the members of your family. Each child will find his happiness thanks to its different bright and tangy colors.
  • The Smartfold 700 is an evolutionary tricycle for girls or boys, designed to make life easier for parents. Note its ease of assembly but also its fully foldable appearance. In addition, this model is supplied with its protective storage cover and padded bag. Its size is compatible with all models of car trunks.


  • Unfortunately, this evolutionary baby bike model does not have a wheel lock system or brakes. It is therefore not recommended to use it in public transport such as the bus. Similarly, remember to hold the telescopic handle securely when you are on sloping ground.

For easy handling: the evolutionary folding baby tricycle from Fascol

  • Materials: Aluminum + ABS + Non-aerated titanium air wheel,Well-known CE&TUV certification, reliable quality; Production dimensions: 102 x 76 x 45 cm.Suitable for height: 85 cm-120 cm
  • Folding kids tricycle: Detachable and adjustable push handle that allows parent to control direction with one hand,The hand push part adopts antiskid foam, Which can effectively absorb sweat and prevent slipping
  • Safety: Secure 3-point harness for infant safety and adjustable high back seat,Adapted to the baby's different stages of the spine growth required curvature
  • Convenience: Extra Large parent storage bucket,More convenient. Removable shade canopy for UV protection
  • Grows with your child — 4 ways to ride: Infant trike, Steering trike, Learn-to-ride trike and classic trike

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This evolving 12 month baby tricycle is suitable for all baby ages, from 6 months to 5 years old. Its hood, as well as its guardrail and footrests are completely removable, without any difficulty.

It thus adapts to your child’s discovery and autonomy needs. Thanks to this 5 in 1 tricycle, your little one will be able to roam his environment in complete safety and gain confidence step by step.

This evolutionary inflatable wheel tricycle is the only model in our selection that has a metal vacuum wheel system, and high quality anti-abrasive rubber. These elements allow it to hold well on any type of soil, whether on sand, gravel, or earth. With the solid and sturdy Fascol evolutionary stroller tricycle, have no fear for your child when he goes off the beaten track!


Thanks to its two unique footrests (one at the front wheel and the other placed under the seat), your baby will be as comfortable in his seat in a sitting position as in a reclined position.

To protect baby during summer walks, this model has an awning. The basket installed at the back is also a very practical element for taking your little one’s toys and belongings.


According to some feedback from parents, the evolutionary foldable baby tricycle is still a little imposing even when folded.

The harness system on this Fascol model could be of a better quality, but customer service is ready to send you a new one quickly should any small issues arise.

Multifunctional and ingenious: the Giro Baby’s Clan bicycle stroller

With its record longevity, this model of 6 in 1 tricycle is perfect for supporting baby’s development from 6 months to 4 years. Can be used as a simple stroller during the first months of your child’s life, its 360-degree rotating seat allows baby to face the world or his parents.

When it reaches the age of 18 months, the Giro can take off its footrests to give your baby more autonomy. At 24 months, your child can climb on his tricycle with the security of a telescopic handle that will allow you to steer it gently.

Finally, from 30 to 48 months you can switch from a tricycle without a handle with a backrest for more comfort, to a totally independent tricycle for the happiness of your little adventurer.


This 2 year old baby tricycle model has different safety devices to enjoy your outings with confidence. It has individual brakes for its rear wheels and a pedal locking system to prevent your child from injuring himself. With an adjustable seat belt and a sturdy harness, you’re ready to stimulate baby’s curiosity in the most optimal conditions.

For the convenience of parents, the Giro is designed to be extremely maneuverable thanks to its adjustable telescopic handle. It is also easily removable without effort and can be stored in a small minimum space.


Some parents have found it difficult to assemble the Giro tricycle stroller, but Baby’s Clan customer service is available for any questions you may have.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to choose an evolutionary tricycle model for baby’s safety and comfort?

In order not to make a mistake in choosing your future children’s evolutionary tricycle, several criteria are essential to take into account in order to make your decision calmly. Here are the few tips to follow for a successful purchase of a stroller tricycle.

First, keep your baby’s safety first. Is there a seat belt or a harness? Note that the harness is recommended because it offers greater support. It will also be even more solid with five attachment points rather than two. Is a mudguard integrated? If so, is it easily removable? Also, consider the presence of brakes on the rear wheels of the tricycle. Are they easily and quickly accessible?

When it comes to baby’s comfort, you must also ask yourself the right questions. Is the seat of the baby seat well padded? Is the backrest reclining? Also, think about baby footrests. Where are they? Are they foldable? 

Finally, take a look at the sun visor. Is it equipped with a transparent opening to make it easier to monitor your child? Does it have an anti-UV effect?

  • It allows the child to arouse his curiosity;
  • Mastery of balance and psychomotor development which will only be acquired around the age of two;
  • It helps the child to find his way around in space;
  • Convertible into a stroller, a practical feature for toddlers
  • Economical, as it has several features in one device, it also adapts to the size of children as they grow.

From what age can I use an evolutionary tricycle for my child?

The age from which you can install your baby safely in his tricycle varies according to the models and brands, between 6 months and 2 years. Do not neglect this aspect! It is absolutely essential never to choose an evolutionary tricycle for babies under 6 months.

This equipment does not have suitable seats to safely hold a child under this age. You can choose to buy a stroller when your baby is born, and opt for an evolving tricycle model in parallel when your child has grown and his need for autonomy will be more present.

However, it is not necessarily necessary for you to invest in a classic stroller before choosing an evolutionary baby tricycle. Why not turn to the baby carrier? In addition to the fact that you will be able to save the purchase of a stroller, the baby carrier is quite suitable during the first months.

Some parents swear by this very practical carrying system , which allows you to keep your hands free in all circumstances. In addition, contact with your body will reassure baby on his first excursions into the wide world. More relaxed, he will be able to wake up gently to the incredible discoveries offered by his environment, and develop his different senses in peace.

How to choose a bicycle model of sustainable tricycle, easy to carry and use?

It is very important not to overlook the practicality and durability of the stroller bicycle when making your purchase. We recommend that you choose a model that is easy to use, has good ergonomics and a reasonable weight. To do this, here are the essential questions to ask yourself when you compare the different commercially available tricycles.

Is this model easily foldable? What are its dimensions? Does it fit in the trunk of my car? Are the different elements retractable without too much effort? Is it manageable? Easily steered with one hand? On what grounds can he move? Does it exceed 10 kilos? All these questions will help you narrow down your choice.

Finally, ask yourself about the guarantees offered by the brand you have chosen. When purchasing a stroller tricycle, durability is essential. Find out about the warranty contracts offered, as well as the responsiveness and availability of customer service.

This will have a definite impact if you encounter any technical difficulty with your stroller bike, when assembling it for example. The quality of the after-sales service is also important if you need to obtain a spare part, when an element of your tricycle has worn out over time.

Is the aesthetic aspect important in the choice of my evolutionary tricycle bike for children?

This seemingly innocuous question is in fact essential. Indeed, when you choose a model of tricycle, you are committing to the next 3 to 6 years. It is therefore important that it is at the same time robust, elegant, and timeless to cross the long months which will mark out the evolution of the baby.

While all of the models on the market look fairly similar, there are a few small details that could tip your decision. The materials used, the size of the model (open or folded), the finishes and the different storage available are all details to check before deciding.

Also, ask yourself what color do you want for your child? Would you like to favor a neutral color, which does not refer to a little girl or a little boy? Or do you want to go for a more classic approach with a strong colored marker?

These are purely personal questions that no one can dictate to you, but which must nevertheless be taken into account in your final decision. Also wonder about the future of your evolutionary tricycle stroller. Would you like to pass it on to a second child or be able to sell it easily? In this case, choose a more neutral aesthetic that may appeal to the different sensibilities of each.

How to properly maintain your evolutive 6-month tricycle?

You are surely wondering about the best way to clean and maintain your tricycle so that it goes through the years with baby without too much damage? The tricycles on the market today are generally made of the same materials, in particular steel, plastic and rubber for the frame.

It is very easy to clean them regularly with soapy water and a cloth. Especially since the different elements that make up the tricycle are often easily removable! As far as the maintenance of the baby seat itself is concerned, some brands offer padded covers that are hand or machine washable.

There are also models that offer covers to hold and protect your trike when fully folded up. In addition to facilitating its storage, this cover prevents the accumulation of dust or dirt and protects your stroller bike from moisture. To properly maintain your progressive tricycle, do not hesitate to inquire directly with the customer service of the brand you have chosen to obtain precise information depending on the model selected.

You now have all the cards in hand to choose the best evolutionary tricycle for your child!

What size of an evolutionary tricycle to choose?

Before buying a model of tricycle, you have to think about its dimensions. Since the evolutionary tricycle must be adaptable according to the height of the child, it is thus necessary to ensure that the proposed height is adapted to the size of the little one. A few tips to take into account to check the correct size of the tricycle, make sure that the child can sit easily on the seat and reach the pedals.

He must also be able to put his feet on the ground and easily step over the tricycle, in fact with an evolving tricycle your baby keeps an active role, which differentiates this type of product from bicycle trailers for children or baby bike carriers. 

The tricycle must also be adjustable at the level of the handlebars and the seat so that it adapts to the size of the growing child. So it can be used for quite a long time until its skills call for a bicycle. A tricycle is approximately 90cm by 50-60cm wide. It can be transported in the trunk of the car or in a roof box or trunk on a hitch when traveling on vacation.

The material of the evolutionary tricycle

As for the materials, you have the choice between a wooden, plastic or metal tricycle. As a guide, for a baby’s first tricycle, plastic is much more suitable for little ones. It is neither too light nor too heavy thus ensuring the stability of the machine. 

Metal tricycles are more robust and therefore are much more resistant to handling by children. They will thus have a longer lifespan and can be passed on between siblings or between generations. The metal ones are heavier compared to the plastic tricycles, their use is less easy for the little ones and must then be done under the supervision of the adults.

For wood, there are rarely evolutionary wooden tricycles , because they are difficult to adjust. However, for the few models of wooden tricycles on the market, they are very aesthetic and resistant to shocks. The tricycle pedal system is also a criterion to take into account . 

If the tricycle is used on level and stable ground, you can opt for those that have a crankset attached to the front wheel. The child must thus position his feet forward.

On uneven ground, it is preferable to opt for a model with a central crankset and equipped with a chain. The latter offers a natural position for the child and remains more practical. It allows the little ones to already train the system of a two-wheel bicycle. 

Same advice for the wheels. The choice of these is made according to the type of terrain on which the child will play as with all the best bicycle trailers in general. In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

Parents have the choice between rubber, solid, inflatable, plastic, spoke wheels. Each type of wheel has its own characteristics. In general, soundness and acoustic characteristics should be checked. Some wheels are quiet while others are noisy. 

If some of the evolutionary model tricycles are easily punctured or difficult to handle, others are exceptionally strong, this is the case for most of the bikes presented in this guide. The ideal is to opt for a tricycle with wheels that do not lock, otherwise, beware of the crying fits of your toddlers!

Baby stroller bicycle accessories

Various accessories can trigger a crush or at least facilitate the choice of the baby tricycle. Some models come with a removable cane. It allows the adult to push the little one who cannot yet pedal the machine. This will make him feel safe. The cane is also an additional comfort accessory for adults because it helps the child to move forward without the adult having back pain.

Once the child is familiar with their tricycle and feels confident to pedal their toy on their own, the cane can be removed. Interactive steering wheels are also associated with the toddler’s tricycle offering music and various games to the child.

This feature will surely spark the interest of babies. The harness and seat belts meanwhile provide additional safety to the tricycle . Thus, it is sure that the little pilot stays in place on his tricycle. Finally, parents are also faced with the choice of buying a new or used evolving tricycle .

Certainly, a used item is cheaper than a new model. However, you should check the condition of the parts if you choose a used baby bike. However, a second-hand item is not synonymous with a worn-out product like a dog bike trailer . 

It is possible to find models in very good condition as most parents resell their little one’s tricycle as it is no longer suitable for the size of the child. You will thus make a significant economy compared to the price of new models.

Whether you go on vacation to the mountains in a car equipped with a ski carrier for the car or whether you go for the weekend with your bikes installed on your tailgate bike carrier , evolutionary tricycles are most of the time quite compact see even foldable, which allows them to be loaded in the trunk of your car or in its trunk on a tow bar.

Some tips for the safety of children on the tricycle

The issue of safety is worth raising when thinking about buying a tricycle for your offspring. Since babies and children are going to use it, it is advisable to use a helmet, knee pads and elbow pads to protect the little ones from possible falls. It should be noted that on a tricycle or on a bicycle, a helmet is compulsory for all children under 12 years old. It must be properly attached to ensure the safety of the child.

In addition, a few accessories and essential functions must be present on the tricycle:

  • The cane to control the bike and ensure the safety of the child who does not yet master the crankset and the steering of the handlebars
  • The possibility of blocking the pedals for additional security
  • The harness and belt to optimize the safety of the child
  • A comfortable backrest, essential for supporting your baby
  • Very resistant and non-slip wheels
  • A sun cover to protect children from rain and sun

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