8 Tips to Increase Pedal Performance

To achieve incredible results of gaining strength and endurance to face uphill and difficult terrain, it is necessary to follow a daily ritual. And you should start it now if you really want to improve your performance on the bike.

Looking at your best is something that cycling will surely help with the constant pedaling. After all, as your body can take longer walks and you tire a lot less, the easier it gets to get further. 

So, check out this post, 8 steps what you should do to increase performance, and climb several steps on the bike level, wherever you are!

1. To increase bike performance, you need a good night’s sleep

Sleep is a fundamental part of any training that aims to increase performance. Sleeping, in addition to being a biological necessity of the human body, is also a way for the organism to synthesize what it has ingested, and to use the best to compose itself.

At that moment, muscles are formed, and the body gains the famous resistance to face increasingly aggressive pedals. Also, good nights of sleep helps the mind to recover and relax, gaining more strength to face the day-to-day tasks and still have the strength and focus on bike training.

Some of the best tips for sleeping better are, avoiding energy drinks and caffeine before bed, having a good mattress and a peaceful sleep environment. In addition to avoiding physical activity in the last 4 hours before going to bed.

2. Do activities that promote a mentality of overcoming

Much of its performance is due to a mentality that faces challenges and surpasses its own limits to reach goals. And that goes from biking to any other area of ​​life where you want to reach a goal.

In this context, invest in yourself to create a mindset that overcomes barriers and achieves results above expectations.

Some of the practices that help to gain resilience – the ability to go through difficult situations – are:

  • meditate;
  • practice other physical activities, such as walking, running or weight training;
  • read;
  • do therapy;
  • for those who believe, follow a religious doctrine.

These and other activities, especially when done together, create new ways of looking at life. Some of the teachings they promote are being patient, accepting, and, especially, adapting to changes, reaching goals, and committing to day-to-day responsibilities.

This “inner work”, promoted by such activities, forms a mentality better prepared to face challenges.

3. Keep your weight balanced

Controlling weight is necessary to gain pedal performance. And if you have problems with this part, know that, even when cycling, it is difficult to keep the weight up to date.

In addition to maintaining the pedals and doing all the other tips to increase performance, balancing your weight also requires avoiding various foods and habits. Sweets and soft drinks are some that should be cut from the diet.

In addition, overweight or even obesity, a more advanced stage of body mass, brings health risks, such as type 2 diabetes, circulation problems, among others.

4. Eat healthy

If food is an essential part of cycling, imagine when you want to gain performance? Therefore, investing in foods that have all the nutrients that the body needs to ensure energy and prevent muscle fatigue is necessary.

In this sense, it is recommended to make an appointment with a nutritionist, to assess quantities and types of food most suitable for increasing sports performance.

Some of the foods that offer a lot of strength and energy are made up of carbohydrates and proteins, such as whole-grain pasta and breads and chicken and beef.

Also, an important tip on this topic is to avoid drinking alcoholic beverages, as consuming them constantly, impairs the use of nutrients and vitamins by the body.

5.Daily hydration

Water is never too much for those who practice physical activities, as it is one of the main fuels to keep your body working at 100% capacity.

In addition, water is responsible for assisting in the metabolization of vitamins and minerals that food provides to your body. That is, with a robust supply of water in the body, it will be easier to enjoy all the best that food offers.

Only moderate the water consumption during cycling, so as not to get that feeling of “full stomach”, and have some discomfort during your workouts. The ideal is to always take small sips, from beginning to end, and never take enough at once.

Also, invest in natural juices and vitamins with fruits, which are ways to, in addition to hydrate, get energy and nutrients for your body, quickly.

6. Natural supplements

Increasing performance means that you will need extra strength to supply the calories and other substances that your body requires for cycling. Therefore, supplementation is necessary.

To do this, first, consult a nutritionist, and explain your goals for increasing performance in cycling. Thus, it will indicate the most appropriate supplements for your biotype and gain goals.

Do not fall prey to trying to gain performance through the use of anabolic steroids. This will damage your body and, on top of that, can get you out of competitions if you get caught.

7. Always prepare your bike

In addition to always being prepared and taking various personal measures to increase performance, your bike also needs to help you when you need it most.

When we talk about increased performance, it means that both your body and the equipment you use will be subjected to a heavy load. So you need to prepare your skinny girl too.

Frequent reviews and checks of the regulation of brakes and shifts are essential for you to increase performance safely. In addition, always have the bike’s chain lubricated, which helps a lot, in addition to leaving the pedaling soft, to avoid the quick-wear of the part.

8. Wear suitable clothes

It may seem overkill, but clothes do make a difference when trying to increase pedaling performance.

Do you feel good when you are wearing clothes that are too tight or too loose in your daily life? With cycling it’s the same. Clothes should be in your ideal size, without causing discomfort during your workouts.

In addition to the right measures, have cycling clothes made of good quality material. That is, that they do not soak and make you get heavy with sweat.

The extra tip is to increase your pedal performance gradually, as there is no magic recipe that will make your body withstand more and more aggressive pedals

And you don’t want quick results: increasing performance requires all of this along with time.

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