Tips For Organizing a Picnic On a Bike

Restaurants closed? Need fresh air and want to stretch your paws during a bike ride? Why not transform this moment of pleasure into a gourmet moment and organize a picnic? It’s the perfect solution to soak up the sun, see friends and family (but keep the right distance during a COVID-19 crisis!) and let the kids have fun in the grass! 

But a picnic on a bike, and especially with children cannot be improvised! Also, some tips to help you organize this moment of relaxation in the grass!

How to transport your picnic by bike?

Avoid the backpack at the risk of damaging your meal and bet on clever storage to attach to your bike. Why ? Because the horizontal movement of the bike is constant (unless you have 15 speed bumps on the way), which means that your picnic basket will not move too much.

A bicycle tote for a picnic

Clever and practical, the Hook’d tote holder adapts to different models of bags with handles. Make sure the handles of your tote bags are strong enough to support the load. This fixing system will not only be useful for your picnics, but also for your shopping . Hang one or two bags on it, and distribute the weight for better balance.

A basket to transport your meal by bike

Attach a basket (or top-case) to your bike so as not to crush your meal! The removable basket also has the advantage of being easy to remove. Rather practical if you want to go for a walk to pick up a few flowers, for example, isn’t it? These baskets support medium loads, but be careful not to put too much weight on them, as you risk becoming unbalanced while pedaling!

You have the choice between rigid or flexible models like the deluxe soft basket for KlickFix attachment. And to take the key to the fields with a retro look, bet on a wicker bicycle basket!

Bicycle bags: a great classic

For greater storage capacity, and if you are having a family picnic with your children, bicycle bags will be particularly effective. Versatile and functional, saddlebags also have the advantage of being generally waterproof and resealable. So in the event of light rain, your meal will stay dry!

Attached to a bicycle rack, the rear bags allow you to store more provisions (or larger objects such as a tablecloth for example). With a well-distributed weight, they unbalance the handling of the bike less. There are many variations: from the soberest to the most flowery models of saddlebags!

What do you put in your picnic basket on your bike?

To eat and drink! Plan simple recipes that are easily transported. Salad of pasta, vegetables, and raw vegetables already peeled and cut (carrot and cucumber sticks, tomato), savory cake prepared the day before, pound cake for the children’s snack, fruits which withstand transport well such as apple (avoid bananas a little too ripe!) or the pear. Another tip: put the sauce aside in airtight containers!

To keep your drinks cool or warm, invest in a thermos or an insulated container. If you fill your cans with anything other than water, wash them with a little baking soda on the way in to avoid bad tastes and odors. With the summer heat, take more water or better: choose a place to picnic where there is a fountain or a water point.

The good picnic reflex: choosing reusable for the planet

Rather than disposable cutlery, choose metal cutlery preferably, or reusable plastic (lighter) . In addition, these picnic items will serve you for a bivouac bike or cycle touring. The same goes for napkins, we avoid paper napkins which can fly away and that we sometimes catch up with great difficulty!

During the COVID-19 health crisis, bring your own cutlery and be sure to respect the distances when settling in.

Other essentials during a picnic with cycle tourists or with the family

For a smooth bike picnic, consider taking:

  • A few handkerchiefs for urgent cravings
  • Hydroalcoholic gel, or an extra bottle of water to wash and rinse your hands
  • A garbage bag to collect your waste (essential!)
  • A multifunction tool that also doubles as a bottle opener
  • Sunscreen and a hat to protect you from the sun’s rays. Preferably sit under a tree to avoid sunburn and sunstroke – especially if you are the nap type
  • A small speaker for dancing or listening to music, but not too loud so as not to bother everyone!
  • A tablecloth or an old sheet for maximum comfort!
  • Lights on your bike if the picnic is prolonged

To keep your children busy, bring back some board games (there are miniature versions of them), a coloring book, a card game, or dice. Or, hang a balance bike on your luggage rack. Depending on the space you have left in your saddlebags, you can also slip in a Mölkky game, less heavy than pétanque balls!

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