Roof Bag Accessories Every Car Need

Roof bags are a very good option for carrying extra storage and as important as when choosing the right one, it is also very important to choose the best roof bag accessories.

Some of the accessories listed below sometimes come with the roof bags depending on the type you buy. But the good thing is you can also purchase them separately if you already have a roof bag.

Are you still on the lookout for a roof bag?

This FIVKLEMNZ car roof bag cargo carrier is not only inexpensive but warrants a strong and durable design. It is a 15 cubic feet waterproof cargo carrier clearly designed with tough conditions in mind.

This carrier is very easy to access and has a high strength seal zipper with an extra flap. It is fully waterproof, very durable, and is machine welded.

The roof bag also comes with an anti-slip mat,8 reinforced straps plus 4 door hooks which is suitable for all vehicles with or without a rack.

This roof bag can be attached to the roof of the vehicle with or without roof bars and the straps are very strong and durable.

Let’s get into the roof accessories, shall we?

Protective mat

Roof Bag Accessories Every Car Need

The protective mat goes under the roof bag on top of the car roof and provides a durable protective layer.

This protective mat keeps you from worrying about sharp objects, zippers, buckles, or anything that can scratch the roof.

It is constructed in such a way that it doesn’t allow any dirt to get in between the mat and the car roof.

The mat has a size of 36 by 48 which is a universal fit for all cargo bags. the protective mat can be cut in size to fit all cars.

A good hack to use to be 100% certain it won’t bulge at all is when putting the roof mat on your car roof, wet the roof of your car before applying the roof mat, and then immediately put your roof bag on it.

By doing this, the mat will not move an inch while in transit.

Notwithstanding this, You will still need to make sure that your storage and straps are secured at each gas or rest stop.

AntiSlip mat

Roof Bag Accessories Every Car Need

This is a rubberized mat with extra padding and grip that helps prevent cargo shift and slipping when driving.

This works with roof racks crossbars, rooftop cargo carrier, roof basket, luggage carrier, etc. it can be used with cars, trucks, or vans interior or exterior.

It is a thick protective pad and fits neatly under the roof cargo carrier and also protects against scratches and gouges. It has a Size of 36 by 39 that fits most vehicles.

The anti-slip mat is very easy to use. you just simply place the mat in between cargo rails to fit underneath your cargo bag for anti-slip coverage that will reduce wear and tear which can scratch your paint.

Trim the mat for a perfect fit if it’s too large. make sure you clean the roof of your vehicle before putting the roof mat on the roof


Roof Bag Accessories Every Car Need

The CARTMAN 1”*12” lashing straps is one of Amazon’s top choice. This is the best option for when your straps are not long enough or when you don’t have a roof rack.

It is very easy to use with adjustable webbing. High-quality nylon material that is tensile with a maximum load of 600LBS load capacity and it is 12 ft in length.

This can be used to tie down roof bags, kayaks, roof racks, bicycle etc.

These straps are very easy to use and secure your roof bag. Simply pass it over your roof bag or through your roof bag strap guides and secure it to your vehicles roof rack or inside your vehicle if you don’t have a roof rack.

This will keep your roof bags in place while in transit till you arrive at your destination.

No rack straps

Roof Bag Accessories Every Car Need

These straps already come with hooks attached and it is a great alternative for tieing down roof bags with or without a rack.

Its rubber-coated s-shaped hooks prevent your cargo and vehicle from getting scratched.

It is adjustable and comes with two AUGO bungee cords.

These straps are very useful when you don’t have a roof rack or you just need a very strong strap to secure your cargo your roof rack.

Slide it across your roof bags or roof bag strap guides and attach it to your vehicles door frame and secure it. Don’t be fearful that the hooks will scratch your vehicle.

For cars with roof racks, use the straps to securely hold the cargo on the roof and adjust the straps where needed

Hook straps

roof bag accessories

This is a great accessory to use when you don’t have a roof rack as in some countries it is illegal to pass the straps inside the cars.

It is 100% waterproof heavy-duty d600 Pvc, double coat stainless iron to prevent damage to the door frame.

The Roofpax tie-down hooks fit most car models. It also comes with a complimentary carry bag for storage when not in use.

This is a very good alternative for securing the roof bag without a roof rack. Not only is it great safety-wise, but it also doesn’t take any time at all to install.

To install this in your vehicle, open your vehicle door. there is a ridge on the door usually found behind the rubber moulding (only about 70% of vehicles have this).

Place the hook here making sure it is put correctly, pull the stray upwards and check whether it is secured. attach your roof bag straps to the hook straps and you’re good to go.

Car clips

This provides a perfect solution for cars without raised rails or crossbars. They are hooked under the door frame and attached to the roof bag straps.

The metal hook is coated to prevent damage to the vehicle and is very safe and reliable.

roof bag accessories
A typical Car Clip

Just like the hook straps, they are installed on the door frame. But with the car clips, the straps are directly attached to the clips instead of the strap(because it doesn’t have any).

Add the Clips to the ends of the roof bag straps and attach them under the vehicle’s door frame rubber moulding. The vehicle’s doors should close over the attachment straps.

Note: the car clips have been tested to work on 99% of vehicles but they, however, won’t work on minivans with sliding doors or vehicles without door frames.

Duffle bag

roof bag accessories

This is used to store your things in portions to be put in your roof bag.

This comes very handily when you need to keep things organized and in place. It has up to 75L capacity and can easily be folded into its own small compact.

This bag is very durable and you don’t need to go through the hassle of trying to figure out how to park your roof bags to prevent different things that aren’t similar from mixing up.

This duffel bag makes it easier to pack things separately and then put it on the roof bag. it is also very strong and durable and it is hand wash only.

Roof rack

Roof racks are really good when it comes the attaching things to your roof, it helps lessen the load at home.

The great options for when it comes to carrying the roof bag.they are also used to carry other heavy items like the kayakers, bicycle, etc.

There are different types of roof racks for a different type of vehicles roof. you might want to get someone to help you install it if you can’t do it alone.

After installing it to the roof of your vehicle, it is ready to carry roof bags.

Combination lock

TSA approved travel combination cable luggage locks for suitcases.

This lock is very durable. The high strength zinc alloy lock bodies, hardened steel shackles, and patterned internal mechanism can take so much force and the product is backed up with a 100% lifetime warranty.

It can be used also on a variety of items. It is a 3 digit combination lock that can be set to any combo of your choice. It takes you seconds to set with 1000 different possible combinations to choose from. Every single lock is hand-tested before it leaves the factory.

The cable lock can handle situations that regular lock shackles can’ has a flexible steel cable that makes threading through small zipper hole very easy to unlock, but the three combination code and then pull out the cables by using the release button on top of the lock

The combination lock is Very good when it comes to giving your roof bags the needed security.

Tyre step

This fits almost any vehicle. It is slipped over your vehicle tire for you to step on to reach your roof without overreaching.

It consists of a metal cheesegrater surface and anti-slip tape slips that offer incredible grip in the best and worst conditions.

The tyre strap is very easy and compatible and folds easily to save storage space in your vehicle. It can carry up to 300-pound capacity.

this way you don’t have to stress to reach the roof of your vehicle or step on your vehicle’s interior and dirtying it.

The cheesegrater surface also helps in filtering dirt and this makes it easy to wash. to store it simply fold it and you’re good to go.

Simply attach it to your vehicle’s tire and you’d be surprised at the capacity this can carry.


This provides easy access to the vehicle’s roof. Simply hook it over u shaped door latch in each of your vehicle’s doors.

Use it to load and strap down roof bags. It is very safe and can be attached in seconds. This doorstep also has an extended platform to support both feet and a rubber bump to protect your vehicles finish.

It is compatible with all vehicles and it is strong enough to support 400lbs.

It is universal to all vehicles and can be used for the front and rear doors. To use, hook it on one of the vehicles door latches.

When stepping on the doorstep, go one step at a time.

The doorstep also provides a comfortable platform and make sure you remove the doorstep before you close the door of the vehicle.

The doorstep solves the problem of getting to the roof of your vehicles to securely put the roof bag.

Roof basket

ROLA 5504 V-Tex rooftop cargo basket. It is designed to fit full-size cars and vans that have existing roof bars. This is very good because it allows for various items like the roof bag and other things to be secured to the top of the rooftop of the vehicle.

It has a capacity of 130 pounds. It is long-lasting and durable. it is also required to have a roof rack and if you don’t have one, you should consider installing one then. this roof basket is really strong.

Storage bag

Roof Bag Accessories Every Car Need

This is used to store your roof bags and keep them protected and safely in place when not in use. It comes to the majority of the time along with your roof bag. the roof bags are folded neat.

Conclusion on roof bag accessories

These roof bag accessories come in handy in different ways. Although you might not need to use all of them at ones, let this be a guide to know the essentials accessories that you need with your roof bags before, during and after installation.

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