Who Makes TYM Tractors

Tong Yang Moolsan makes TYM tractors.

Tong Yang Moolsan is based in South Korea and has been manufacturing tractors since 1951, an engineering company with over 50 years of experience in the agricultural industry. With cutting-edge technology constantly improving, Tong Yang Moolsan mass-produces its high-quality products, more than 10,000 tractors yearly.

TYM Tractor History

TYM, formerly Tong Yang Moolsan, was established in 1951 and is based in Busan, South Korea. The company designs, manufactures, and sells tractors and combines harvesters, cultivators, rice transplanted, and diesel engines.

Are TYM Tractors Any Good?

It is well made, and with a Perkins engine, one can be sure of the quality of the tractor. The HST is great—simple to change from low to high-speed range and 2WD to 4WD. The 3-point linkage makes it easy to attach implements such as fork tines, and the TYM T503 has fantastic lift capacity.

Some TYM Tractors:

Series 1

Sub-Compact Tractors

The Series 1 tractors were designed to show that one machine could do the job of multiple tools, thereby reducing stress. The front loader helps with transporting materials, the mid-mount mower takes care of your lawn easily, and a backhoe with rear attachments helps finish cleaning tasks quickly – all without manual effort!

T224 Series 1, Sub-Compact Tractor

  • Engine power21.5 hp
  • Hitch lift capacity1100 lb

With the T224, you can complete full-size tractor tasks while benefitting from the maneuverability of a ride-on mower. This sub-compact is essential for any property owner who wants an effective groundskeeper.

Series 2

Sub-Compact Tractors

The Series 2 tractors are designed for ease of use and to tackle routine jobs and the tougher challenges you may face while working around your property. The front loader helps you move materials from place to place, the mid-mount mower leaves your lawn looking picture perfect, and a rear hitch with tow-behind implements allows easy completion of things like cleaning up debris.

T254 Series 2, Sub-Compact Tractor

  • Engine power23.9 hp
  • Hitch lift capacity1214 lb

The T254 tractor is a great example of good things in small packages. With this machine, you can have more power without losing maneuverability. It also has a powerful engine, and ergonomic operator controls to back it up.

T264 Series 2, Sub-Compact Tractor

  • Engine power24 hp
  • Hitch lift capacity1534 lb

The T264 is the perfect machine for farmers and landowners needing a versatile tractor to handle multiple tasks. With its powerful lift capabilities and maneuverability, the T264 will help you finish more work in less time.

Series 3

Compact Tractors

The Series 3 tractor is compact and durable, perfect for tougher tasks in smaller spaces. With their minimized overall height, high maneuverability, and tight turning radius, these tractors are perfect for use in low-ceiling or crowded areas. Use a Series 3 tractor to help your crops flourish, finish building projects easily, clear snow paths effortlessly, and bring your property vision to life.

T394 Series 3, Compact Tractor

  • Engine power37.4 hp
  • Hitch lift capacity2639 lb

The T394 is a smaller tractor that can take on bigger tasks. Its compact design is durable and efficient, perfect for greenhouses, orchards, and more.

T474 Series 3, Compact Tractor

  • Engine power48.3 hp
  • Hitch lift capacity2688.8 lb

The compact T474 allows you to take on tougher jobs in smaller spaces. Its durability and efficiency have been proven repeatedly, making it a workhorse that is easy to control, whether in a greenhouse, an orchard, or somewhere else.

Series 4

Compact Tractors

The Series 4 tractors are the best in the compact range, with dimensions that work well and maximized lift capabilities. An efficient engine and a larger fuel tank make these tractors ideal for anyone from semi-private to commercial-scale customers.

T454 Series 4, Compact Tractor

  • Engine power46.6 hp
  • Hitch lift capacity3314 lb

The T454 is powerful yet compact, redefining what a typical tractor can do. Its impactful performance and easy maneuverability make it ideal for any job.

T494 Series 4, Compact Tractor

  • Engine power48.3 hp
  • Hitch lift capacity3822 lb

Despite its smaller size, the T494 is a versatile tractor without skimping power. It’s perfect for difficult jobs in tight spaces.

Series 5

Compact Utility Tractors

The new Series 5 TYM tractors boast impressive power output and excellent maneuverability. These factors make the Series 5 ideal for productivity-driven medium to heavy-duty applications.

T654 Series 5, Compact Utility Tractor

  • Engine power67 hp
  • Hitch lift capacity4270 lb

The maximum power and impressive turning radius of the T654 tractor make it the perfect choice for any construction project.

Series 6

Utility Tractors

The Series 6 tractors are designed for rough terrain and heavy-duty applications. They have a robust exterior and interior, making them perfect for attachments or large implements. With these tractors, you can maximize productivity on hard or soft ground.

TYM Tractors Reliability

TYM tractors are impressively streamlined to the specific needs of mechanized farming. Their broad range of tractors – ranging from 25hp to 100hp – is flexible, sturdy, and loaded with innovative technologies that simplify operation. Moreover, these tractors feature an eye-catching design, with TYM’s signature sharp red color distinguishing them. 

How does the TYM Tractor Warranty work?

At TYM, they have various options to help you get the most out of your investment. Their bumper-to-bumper coverage protects your machine for up to three years, depending on site conditions and any exclusive dealer terms in your area. From the third to sixth year, our dealers will cover repairs you may need on your drivetrain. Additionally, your powertrain is covered for up to 3,000 hours of running.

Their warranty and coverage terms come complimentary from TYM or your dealer. Any Claims filed under their warranty will be promptly approved so you can operate your machines easily.

Summary of the Article:

Tym Tractors are known for their reliability and innovative design. Their broad range of tractors makes them a versatile choice for any farmer, and their bumper-to-bumper coverage protects your machine for up to three years. With TYM, you can be confident in your purchase.


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