Who Makes Motorcraft Oil and Oil Filters? Is it Good?

Who Makes Motorcraft Oil

ConocoPhillips makes Motorcraft Oil. ConocoPhillips is an American company that explores for and produces hydrocarbons. Motorcraft oil is made in the US. Ford Motor Company’s Motorcraft division makes some of the most reliable motor oils and auto parts on the market. In the 1950s, Ford started one of its most important divisions. The company offers …

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Who Makes AutoCraft Batteries? And Battery Warranty

Who Makes AutoCraft Batteries

Clarios makes AutoCraft Batteries. There are four different kinds of AutoCraft batteries which you will learn in this article. Johnson Controls was the manufacturer until late 2019 Johnson Controls automotive battery business was sold to Brookfield Business Partners and formed Clarios LLC. Johnson Controls Inc is one of the global leaders in car battery manufacturing. …

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Who Makes X2 Power Batteries? And Battery Warranty

Who Makes X2 Power Batteries

EnerSys /Northstar Battery makes X2 Power Batteries. Batteries Plus Bulbs store is the owner of the brand X2 Power Batteries. It is an American specialty retailer that sells and recycles batteries. Northstar Battery is a manufacturer of rechargeable batteries in Missouri, USA. The company was established in 2000 by a group of industry leaders in lead-acid …

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Who Makes XS Power Batteries? Find the Battery Warranty

Who Makes XS Power Batteries

Ioxus® makes XS Power Batteries. The Ioxus is High-Performance Ultra Capacitor Cell & Module Manufacturer. The XS Power offers AGM and Lithium Batteries for vehicles and machinery. The Manufacturer of XS Power Battery The Ioxus company is a developer and manufacturer of capacitive energy storage systems (CESS) consisting of ultracapacitor cells and modules. The principal …

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Who Makes Optima Batteries? and Battery Warranty

Who Makes Optima Batteries

Clarios makes Optima Batteries. Clarios is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of automotive batteries. They use a unique patented plate material to provide the power and long life required by vehicle, marine, commercial, or specialty battery applications. Johnson Controls was the manufacturer until December 2019, Johnson Controls automotive battery business was sold to Brookfield …

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12 Easy Exercises for Long-Distance Motorcycle Riding

Easy Exercises for Long-Distance Motorcycle Riding

Long-distance motorcycle riding requires good physical condition and stamina. Motorcycle riding is a fun and adventurous activity, but when you have to ride for hours can be challenging if you do not exercises regularly. Here are 12 easy exercises to help you to avoid neck, back and butt pain after long-distance motorcycle riding. Exercises for …

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Best Motorcycles for Seniors

Best Motorcycles for Seniors

In most cases, seniors are vulnerable to common infectious diseases and are prone to minor accidents. Moreover, their vision, strength, memory, and response time are always in doubt. Indeed, their general body health is always in doubt, so opting for a smaller motorcycle or tricycle will be the way to go. Though riding in a …

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What Is a Motorcycle Heel Toe Shifter?

What Is a Motorcycle Heel Toe Shifter

A motorcycle heel-toe shifter is a device that allows you to shift up gears with your heel what makes shifting gears so easy, especially when you are wearing boots. However, there’s an extra cost when it comes to installing it and fixing the heel-toe lever. Some people may not like it because they need more …

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What are Motorcycle Gaskets?

What are Motorcycle Gaskets

A gasket is a mechanical seal that fills the space between two or more mating surfaces. It can help prevent leakage on equipment and fixtures, often during compression. Almost every vehicle needs gaskets to prevent leakage in the engine and other components. Gaskets fill in the spaces where components of a machine or fixture have …

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Do Motorcycle Helmets Expire?

Do Motorcycle Helmets Expire

Motorcycle helmets are a necessary accessory for any motorcycle rider as they help protect the head from accidents and head injuries. There’s no helmet expiry date, and you can use it as long as you want. However, there are a few reasons why your motorcycle helmet could expire even though there’s no motorcycle helmet expiration …

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Is Buying A Used Ex-Police Motorcycle A Good Or Bad Idea?

buying ex police motorcycle

Thinking of purchasing an ex-police motorcycle is not a good idea at all. Think of any government police vehicle, how it is driven, and the rough areas they operate. Indeed, police motorcycles are overworked. However, not all police motorcycles are overworked! If you are lucky to get one in good condition, the better to get …

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How Can I Fix Motorcycle Vibration?

How Can I Fix Motorcycle Vibration

If you are a rider, you cannot evade vibration because it’s part of the motorcycle experience. However, too much of it can wear your butt, legs, and hands over time. How can I reduce vibration in my motorcycle? The issue is petty and does not let vibration distract your riding comfort. What causes motorcycle vibration? …

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The Best Ways for Motorcycle Storage: Short and Long-term

The Best Ways for Motorcycle Storage

Motorcycle storage depends on the owner’s plans. Since motorcycles in storage are inactive, prior thorough preparations are required. Environmental factors are the cause of automotive damages while in storage. Therefore, keeping it in a store for the long-term without proper preparations may cause damages: either winter or summer, oxidation, and fuel.  Degradation will obviously occur …

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3 Best Motorcycle Jacket for Tall Riders

Best Motorcycle Jacket for Tall Riders

Motorcycle jackets are essential for riders, and clothes matter a lot in this case. For tall people, finding the best jacket that fits them perfectly often proves challenging. But don’t worry because we are here with some fantastic suggestions for motorcycle jackets. What makes a Good Jacket for Tall Riders? Find a jacket that fits …

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How to Get Started Motorcycle Touring

how to get started motorcycle touring

You have decided to take a long-distance motorcycle road trip, so what’s next? In this post, I cover the practical and some “big picture” topics that will make your journey as smooth as possible. Long distance on a motorcycle is a very different experience than by car since you can’t take a lot of stuff …

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How to Plan a Long-Distance Motorcycle Trip

Some folks are OK with just jumping in the car and heading out for a long road trip with as little as maybe checking the oil and filling up with gas. I can’t see too many experienced touring riders doing the same. Traveling on a motorcycle is very different since you are always part of …

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Motorcycle Floorboards and Heel Toe Shifting, Worth It?

Deciding on whether or not to install floorboards and a heel-toe shifter setup is going to be a very personal decision. Reading reviews, and how riders feel about them it seems to be split 50/50. They either love’em or hate them, not too much in between. So, with this in mind, I did some research …

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What to Do When Caught in the Rain on a Motorcycle

If it’s a light rain or brief shower – simply reduce your speed and drive carefully (following the tips below) and you will get to your destination safely – although you may be a little uncomfortable. When the rain is heavier, and particularly accompanied by lightening your primary concern is safety. The intensity of the …

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Motorcycle Headlight – Hi Beam all the Time?

Should I run with high beams on during the day? When you first think it over it seems the correct answer is – yes. Since your hi-beam puts out more light you will be more visible, and being more visible means you are safer, right?  Well, the catch is that modern motorcycle LED technology makes hi-beams extremely …

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18 Unusual Tips & Tricks for Buying a Used Motorcycle

When searching for a used motorcycle the usual items to check off are the model year, mileage, condition and asking price. And to be thorough there are many mechanical and electrical systems checklists you can use in the evaluation. I went a bit further and put together this interesting list of neat trick and unusual tips …

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Which Is the Best Motorcycle Gear: Leather or Synthetic Material?

You prioritize safety on your motorcycle, which means carefully considering the riding gear you select. Yes, you want to look cool, but your gear should also offer protection in the event of an accident. Which is the safer and better overall, leather or synthetic material? While synthetic material can safeguard your body in an accident, experts agree leather …

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Should I Replace Both Motorcycle Tires at the Same Time?

No, if the front has enough tread life then it doesn’t need to be replaced with the rear. If however, it has any physical damage or is over 5 years from its date of manufacturer it should be replaced along with the rear. Most seasoned touring riders replace the front every second rear tire change. …

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Do I Need a Large Motorcycle for Long Distance Touring?

Do you really need a full-sized motorcycle to enjoy serious long-distance touring? The quick answer is a no, not at all.  There are many capable and proven mid-sized bikes available. And a mid-sized motorcycle may just fit you better and be more suitable for your style of touring. Popular Mid-Sized Touring Choices Yamaha V Star 950cc Touring Edition …

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