How Long Can I Drive with a Bubble in My Tire?

Bubble in Tire

If you have a swollen foot, you would likely stop at any given time when you can’t bear the pain. The same goes with your tire. Seeing a bulge in your tire is just a few miles before it will ultimately fail. So, you might be asking: How long can I drive with a bubble …

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Pumping Too Much Air in Tires: Symptoms, Cons and Safety Concerns

Pumping Too Much Air in Tires

Following the manufacturer’s recommended tire pressure is critical. It will ensure that the tire delivers the promised performance and promotes long mileage and enhanced safety.  Overinflation of tires can cause multiple potential issues, including increased blowout chance or accidents and premature or uneven tread wear. But, how much air pressure is too much? What will …

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Who Makes Motorcraft Batteries? And Battery Warranty

Who Makes Motorcraft Batteries

The Clarios makes Motorcraft Batteries. Formerly Johnson Controls was making these batteries, until late 2019, Brookfield Business Partners bought the Johnson Controls automotive battery business and formed Clarios LLC.  However, the Motorcraft® Batteries were explicitly made for the Ford and Lincoln Vehicles. Because of their durability and features, these batteries are today widely available for …

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Who Makes Exide Batteries? And Battery Warranty

Who Makes Exide Batteries

Exide Technologies makes Exide Batteries. Exide Technologies, formerly Electric Storage Battery Company, is one of the largest battery manufacturers around the world. Exide makes batteries for motorcycles, cars, trucks, and more. Exide has plants throughout North America and locations in Asia and Central America. Exide has deep roots in the battery industry. The Electric Storage …

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Who Makes DieHard Batteries? And Battery Warranty

Who Makes DieHard Batteries

Clarios makes DieHard batteries. Johnson Controls was the manufacturer until late 2019, Brookfield Business Partners bought the Johnson Controls Power Solutions company and formed Clarios LLC. DieHard batteries are sold exclusively at Advance Auto Parts, Sears, and Carquest stores. Sears sold the DieHard brand to Advance Auto Parts in December 2019. So, Advance is the …

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Where Can I Legally Change My Oil?

Where Can I Legally Change My Oil

You may want to change your oil yourself without paying someone else. Where can you legally change your oil? Could I change my oil on the street? Short answer, it is illegal in most cities to change the oil on the street. Just imagine, you remove the old motor oil from your engine and then …

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Who Makes ACDelco Oil and Oil Filters?

Who Makes ACDelco Oil

General Motors (GM) owns ACDelco, a brand of auto parts. The ACDelco brand offers factory parts for GM vehicles as well as aftermarket parts for non-GM vehicles. ACDelco Oil History In the early 1900s, France was the leading spark plug supplier, offering gasoline engine makers just a few different spark plug options. Plus, they were …

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Who Makes Caterpillar Oil and Oil Filters?

Who Makes Caterpillar Oil

ExxonMobil makes Caterpillar Oil. The world’s leading manufacturer, ExxonMobil, has signed a multi-year agreement with Caterpillar. Under this partnership, they will manufacture and supply their branded lubricants to plants worldwide for use in both companies’ engines and dealers who sell these products too! Who Makes Cat Oil Filters? AFSI (Advanced Filtration Systems Inc) makes Caterpillar …

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