Best Roof Bag for Toyota Hiace

The interior of your Toyota Hiace shouldn’t only hold your luggage. You can also use the roof of your Bus to hold your bags. The list of the Best roof bag for Toyota Hiace is just what you need.

Toyota Hiace is a light commercial van manufactured by the Japanese automobile producer Toyota. Today I will be doing some reviews on the best roof bag suitable for it and you will be glad to have actually seen these reviews. It was first launched in October 1967 and since then has been widely available with different body configuration.

To select the best roof bag for Toyota Hiace, you must ensure that it is spacious, waterproof and strong enough to withstand harsh weather conditions.

These criteria I have considered before picking up these roof bags for you. Check them out.

Top Recommendations for Best Roof Bag for Toyota Hiace

Name of Roof Bag Image Where to Buy
ROLA Expandable Cargo Bag More Info
RoofBag Rooftop Cargo Carrier Bag More Info
ISOPHO Rooftop Cargo Carrier More Info

Detailed Review

ROLA Expandable Cargo Bag

Best Roof Bag for Toyota Hiace


The Rola brand is nice and will give you that extra space needed for a memorable adventure with your family.

There is no doubt that you will definitely enjoy using this cargo bag as soon as you purchase it. So, let us see how we can bring the best out of it with these reviews.

Product Description

  • If you are willing to keep your exterior cargo dry and dirt-free, the Rola expandable rooftop bag will do the magic for you.
  • It is created from a premium quality rainproof product that keeps your luggage free from water, grit and dust.
  • The sealed seams were done sonically to prevent water and road dirt out of your belongings.
  • The upper zipper compartment is made to expand from 10 to 15 cubic feet which also create more space for storage.
  • It is designed to fit on cargo carriers and baskets of up to 24” by 60”.
  • It comes with 6 straps, for strong and firm attachment to the car roof.
  • The shape is made in sporty style so you can also enjoy the beauty of sport while you drive peacefully on the road.

The Pros of the Product

  • It is a good waterproof bag and will ensure your belongings are safe.
  • It is tough enough to give your items maximum protection against wind, sun, rain and water.
  • It is great for cargo carriers as it keeps thing dry and secure.

The Cons of the Product

  • There is no reliable bad review as at the time this article was developed.

RoofBag Rooftop Cargo Carrier Bag

Best Roof Bag for Toyota Hiace


This is a made in USA product, 15 cubic feet capacity, durable and well-constructed, you will love it without any doubt.

If your aim for this year’s travel is to have a peaceful and comfortable trip, you have got the right item for yourself. Here is the product you need for that trip.

The Features of the Product

  • There will be a peace of mind for sure if you use this bag for your trip. The company is not a day old child but has been in existence since 2004.  Your purchase is safe, there is a 100% money-back guarantee for you and 2 years warranty is actually awaiting you. The product is reliable and has got the best customer rating so far.
  • Don’t worry about your belongings because they are already safe with this well-made cargo bag. it has been made with strong straps. Wide seat belt style, 3000 lb strong, secure for high speed on your way to adventure or any mission. The straps are normally made to press down the cargo bag to your car roof so that there will be no need attaching them to the bag.
  • This item ensures that your belongings remain dry throughout the trip, the reason is that it is 100% waterproof, it does not require stitching. The zipper is waterproof coated too as well as comes with zipper-flap for further protection.
  • The flaps and zipper prevent penetration of water into your rooftop bag, the strap is water repellent so they don’t wick water into your vehicle.
  • What if I told you that this item can help save your car fuel? it sounds odd, right? If you need to travel quietly, this is very. The design is so great that it helps to manage your fuel than the rest of the rooftop bags you know. Meaning, it doesn’t stress your steering at all.
  • There is also a protective mat that comes with it, this is made to help keep your cargo bag away from sliding, or shifting while you drive.
  • The cargo bag is large enough to help store your accessories, 15 cubic feet capacity, nice for a happy family.
  • This one is built to serve you forever. Yes, it will last with you when well maintained. The product is made of heavy-duty fabric, no chemicals that will harm you; it does not easily peel or tear.
  • It can be installed within the twinkle of an eye, and can also be stored after use like breeze.

Getting this durable bag will solve your space issue while trying to go for an important trip.

It is made for travellers; don’t hesitate to get it for yourself as soon as possible.

The Pros of the Product

  • It gives comfort on the road resulting in a peaceful trip you can’t imagine.
  • It can withstand extreme weather conditions for a very long hour.
  • It prevents rainwater from penetrating into it.

The Cons of the Product

A customer only commented on the missing item, meaning there was a delivery problem.

ISOPHO Rooftop Cargo Carrier

Best Roof Bag for Toyota Hiace


Most of the cargo bag made by traditional stitching were discovered to have pinholes that allow water to penetrate into the bag, as for this very bag, the manufacturers did their assignment to ensure that this bag is made with a hot pressing process that discourages water from penetrating into your cargo bag.

You will see more amazing features of the cargo bag in the feature section.

The Features of the Product

  • The item is not made through the traditional stitching method but rather was made through the hot pressing process to ensure that your bag is waterproof. This process normally has to involve high-frequency welding. There is no pinhole, and the item also comes with a Velcro zipper with a flip cover that prevents water penetration.
  • The storage space of the roof bag is ample in nature as it measures 38 inches by 38 inches by 18 inches respectively, while the overall storage capacity is 15 cubic feet. There are some widened straps that come with it, they are 14 in number of which their dimensions are 1.5 inch short straps—equivalent to 136 inches in length and another widened 1.5 long straps that are equal to 150 inches in length. These straps can as well be adjusted as you want.
  • The cargo carrier bag is made of 525g PVC clip mesh material. The material is 500D, thing but has stronger length compared to the traditional oxford cloth. Talking of durability, the material is durable, it resists tears and wears, does not slip while you drive in high speed.
  • It is also made of heavy-duty structure which helps to further protect the luggage from dust, wind, rain or sand, and ultraviolet ray.
  • There is also a woven polyester strap that comes with it, this helps in protecting and fixing your cargo bag from falling off the rooftop.
  • It is easy to install and store for a great convenience reason. You can fold it down to 13 inches by 11 inches by 6 inches so that it can be portable enough.
  • It is good to go with any car whether with or without a car rack. It can be attached by connecting the belts to the car rails or crossbar of your car roof rack. You can also pass the belt through the car. The strap is adjustable; this makes it easier to be tightened to fit the volume of your luggage.
  • The guarantee policy is 100% satisfactory and the product package includes 1 rooftop bag, 2 sets of straps of which 4 are short and 2 are long types. It also comes with a product installation manual.
  • There is a one-year warranty policy on this item, this makes it an ideal product for you to consider as soon as possible.

The product is reliable, especially from the review of the customers, you will get to understand it will last long for you. So, this gave me the confidence to recommend the product to you.

The Pros of the Product

  • This is a waterproof and sturdy car roof bag that works perfectly for any rooftop.
  • It is flexible and eases storage experience.
  • This item can hold enough suitcases for you.

The Cons of the Product

There is no negative review as at the time this write-up was developed.

Car Top Carrier Bag

Best Roof Bag for Toyota Hiace


Your money will make value after the purchase of this bag and you will be happy that you did so, the reason is that you will enjoy high-quality product including enough space to carry your luggage along on your trip.

The features of the product

  • This cargo bag is ultra-large, perfect for travelling family, gives you an unexpected comfort while you drive your family along the street of your country, including roads that are perfectly made for your convenience.
  • As you can see, it is a 20 cubic feet rooftop bag with enough space to store all your valuables, gives you extra time to manage internal space in your car. The dimensions are 51” by 40” by 17” so, this makes it easy to carry enough loads, pack your belongings for the trip, and then create brilliant space in your Toyota Hiace.
  • The waterproof material it is made of is durable, this approach is the best for a good rooftop that will hold your valuable dry all through the journey. The body is made from nylon that is laminated, along with waterproof PVC material that helps to cover the provided side zippers of your cargo carrier bag.
  • If there is anything less it can withstand, the extreme temperature is included, wind, sun, sand and snow are never excluded.
  • The sturdiness makes it a safe storage device, as it is also made of 6 strong and tough straps and 2 well-designed 3-meter straps that ensure perfect security for the cargo bag. You can take this precious bag for outdoors, sports events, trips, adventures and many more.
  • The installation is being made easy by the manufacturers, so your time is automatically saved. You can quickly install and zoom off for your trip. You can also quickly store your bag in the provided storage when not in the use of it.

The Pros of the Product

  • This product is of great value for your money and will exceed your expectations as you use it.
  • It creates a lot of storage space for your belongings and also creates inner space in your car

The Cons of the Product

  • No purchaser has complained yet.

Reese Explore Cargo Tray Bag

Best Roof Bag for Toyota Hiace


Reese cargo bag is picking up in terms of customer reviews and this is a good sign that in no time, will engulf the market place with a lot of good purchases.

You may be thinking of how to get your belongings all packed for your next trip this coming year, why not put a cargo bag like this one as part of your plan? You will thank me later, I’m sure.

The Features of the Product

The product comes with summarized features that will blow your mind.

  • The size is 59 by 18.5 by 24 inches
  • It is 15 cubic feet storage device that keeps your valuables dry
  • It is rainproof constructed with 6 straps that keep the item firmly.
  • You can store the cargo bag clean and flat after usage. This is a good experience for an item.
  • It fits into the rack of any car top.

Purchase this product for your own convenience during your trips, your family will be happy that you go for this product because you will create enough space for everyone to partake in your memorable adventure to come.

The Pros of the Product

  • The product is heavy-duty but soft
  • Sturdy and waterproof, durable and perfect fit for carriers.

The Cons of the Product

  • The straps may shortly rot according to a verified purchase review.

MODOKIT Trailer Hitch Cargo Carrier Bag

Best Roof Bag for Toyota Hiace


Take a good look at this awesome item, it is not just beautiful but up to the task for you. You can always get the best out of it, and for sure will make you happy in the long run. Check the features below and see the amazing finished work on it.

Features of the product

  • It is made 100% rainproof and very large with 22 cubic feet capacity that gives all room for enough space for a family. Your car space will look unlimited after packing all your loads on this spacious item. The dimensions are also fit for the kind of product it is ranging from 60 by 24 by 26 inches, a great dimension for a great cargo bag.
  • Despite being under 100 dollars it is made of military-grade material that makes it a perfect companion for your next trip.
  • It is made of coated tarpaulin that is welded with dual seam, the zippers are Urethane coated zippers, they also have hook and loop closure that is attached on the flap for complete waterproof functionality.
  • The design is also a plus that makes the bag 100% waterproof.
  • It is of dual protection, the zippers are heavy-duty,
  • The item has dual protection technology, the zippers are all heavy-duty, and waterproof, protected with tough flaps with hook and loop that provides more protection against rainwater.
  • The capacity is just superb. Imagine the number of items a 222 cubic feet cargo bag can carry, this means it will take up to 4 medium suitcases including a lot of smaller items to extend the space in the car.
  • The security is another thing that makes this car roof bag an outstanding item. It has 6 security straps made of nylon that is attached to the buckles so that it can be tightly mounted.
  • You can tighten or loosen the straps to fit the size of every load. There are 6 large and reinforced patches protectors and 2 handles that gives you an easy lift for your bag so you can even wear your bag for more convenience experience.
  • There is a 5-year warranty and lifetime support in case of any technical issue that may arise.

If you are considering this cargo bag already, I’m ensuring you that it is one of the best you will ever find. This is a good recommendation for you and as for this ample experience you are about to enjoy, you will thank me later if you eventually get satisfied with this product.

The Pros of the Product

  • The extra-large capacity of the bag can hold 4 medium suitcases and various other smaller valuables.
  • The straps are large enough to hold tight your cargo bag to the ground in case of high speed on the road.
  • It gives 100% watertight support to your valuables and then keeps them dry throughout your journey.

The Cons of the Product

  • Just like every other item, no matter how high the quality is, will tear or wear with time.

MARKSIGN 100% Waterproof cargo bag

Best Roof Bag for Toyota Hiace


Marksign is a good brand, getting their item purchased will not be bad too. This is a rooftop bag made by marksign, you can try it to see how nice your journey will be. So, let me mark out the features for you to see.

The Features of the Product

  • The design is spacious with dimensions 59 by 24 by 24 inches respectively, this makes it 20 cubic feet extra-large cargo bag to hold most of your loads for a family trip.
  • The fastening system is secured, there is nothing like plastic buckles that can easily break and fly away like a little bird hatching out of its eggshell. The straps of this item are 6 but are made of one-inch nylon ultraviolet proof ratchet straps that are known for their durability as well easier to use.
  • Be rest assured that this very product will secure your luggage and prevent water from getting into the inside of the bag.
  • No wonder the bag is 100% waterproof, perfect for your next journey, the entire body of the bag is welded electrically using UV proof 500D tarpaulin fabrics, this makes it double coating system.
  • There are no needle holes let alone rainwater penetrating into the bag. The flap is rain flap made with Velcro patches that pass through the cargo bag to tightly seal the zippers.
  • The zippers are also tough, made with vinyl-coated number 10 waterproof dual zippers, this resulted in it into 100% rainproof product and elongates its lifespan.
  • The guarantee is 5 years, so your purchase is at safe hand, anytime there is a technical problem, you can contact the sellers for a solution or refund if you are not satisfied.
  • The cargo bag is easily installed and stored after use.

Don’t miss the opportunity if this powerful bag, it is spacious, and at the same time durable enough to last longer with you. Its capacity can take everything you need while going for an outdoor or adventure with your family or friends.

The Pros of the Product

  • The product is durable and can take hold of loads with moderate weight.
  • The straps are made to ensure that there is no rainwater penetrating into the bag
  • The bag is beautiful and as well made of high-grade fabric material.

The Cons of the Product

  • There could be a setback after many times of usage. This can occur naturally or due to constant travelling and being exposed to harsh weather conditions frequently.


The dream of everyone is to have an item that will cause them to have a peaceful journey when the time comes. The modern day’s technology has solved many problems that were faced in the past.

For instance, a car may not be spacious enough to accommodate the entire passengers selected for a trip, what will be the solution?

It is to have an idea of a cargo bag or cargo box.

See these cargo bags I have selected for you? They are perfect for your journeys. Buy and let me know how it goes.

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