Best Roof Bag For Toyota Sequoia

Best roof bag for Toyota Sequoia: The Toyota Sequoia is a vehicle that is of full-size SUV and it is made by the Toyota Company. The design of the vehicle is derived from its Tundra Pickup truck.

The size of the Sequoia is between the Toyota 4runner and the popular Toyota Land Cruiser normally found on the lineup of Toyota SUV of North America.

It happens to be the largest SUV produced currently under the Toyota brand and as such deserves a top roof bag on it.

Our Top Recommendations

Let’s get into the snapshot of our top recommended roof bags for your sequoia.

Name of Bag Image Where to Buy
Thule Luggage Cargo Bag SHOP ONLINE
Mockins Cargo Carrier SHOP ONLINE
Car Waterproof Travel Bag SHOP ONLINE

Detailed Review of the best roof bag for Toyota Sequoia

Thule Luggage Cargo Bag


Much more valuable cargo bags can be found in the market just like this very Thule Luggage Cargo bag that’s not exempted.  It has good features that differentiate it from others.

Features and details

  • It is a spacious cargo bag that adds an additional 15 cubic feet storage to your vehicle.
  • It can withstand a lot of weather conditions. It includes storm flaps that help to increase zipper protection.
  • It secures to factory or aftermarket crossbars due to the included straps.
  • The dimensions are 41” x 34” x 18” if loaded fully.
  • It can be easily stored by being folded when not in use.

The product will work well for you as it is made of high-quality material and at the same time durable enough to handle harsh weather conditions.

The pros of the product

  • It works great on a road trip with all types of cars
  • It is good for a trip on an occasion
  • It is durable and will keep your valuables dry throughout your journey.

The Cons of the Product

  • There are no complaints from anyone about this bag yet.

Mockins Hitch Mount Cargo Carrier


Grab another opportunity to use a cargo bag that will satisfy your need when planning for a family trip. Is limited space in your car the problem?

You don’t need to worry again as this will definitely be a solution, in fact, a long-lasting solution for limited space. Observe the features and see for yourself.

The features of the product

  • The item is constructed with heavy-duty steel which gives it a durable power to last long.
  • It comes with a new anti-rust coating material, another plus for a workable cargo bag
  • It can hold up to 500 lbs of load, meaning it is a very strong bag you should buy.
  • The basket that comes with it measures 60 inches long and 20 inches wide and 6 inches tall.
  • It has a hitch hauler with 2 inches shank rise for improved ground clearance when you arrived at your destination.
  • It can be folded and stored when not in use.
  • It works perfectly for all weather conditions so, your belongings will stay dry and protected against rainwater, water, so, wind and snow.

I recommend this product as a means to solve your limited space problem during family trips and to also ensure that your valuables are protected from thief and water.

The Pros of the Product

  • Great product and great price
  • Heavy-duty well built
  • Great value

The cons of the Product

  • There are complaints of the material being low quality.

Car Waterproof Travel Bag

Best Roof Bag For Toyota Sequoia


When you need a cargo bag that will prevent rainwater, water, and dust from getting into your belongings during any journey, don’t hesitate to get this very one on your agenda this year.

The quality speaks louder than words so you can now check out the features by yourself.

The features of the product

  • It is made of durable material and constructed with three layers that protect against sun, rain, wind, and grit as well.
  • It provides a large space capacity to pack everything needed for a journey with your family.
  • The storage capacity is 19 cubic feet an equivalent to the size of 7 medium-sized suitcases or more.
  • It is easy and quick to install. This item is tightened, and fix with 8 reinforced straps by attaching to car racks.
  • It is made of soft side-flex that enables it to fit all types of shapes.
  • It can be folded into small size for storage after use.

Would you rather buy a good product that is expensive and will give you comfort or you prefer to buy cheap products that will frustrate you and still not last?

This is your choice so I recommend this very product, you can further make your investigation on amazon through the provided link.

The Pros of the Product

  • It is large enough to take up to 8 suitcases for travel
  • It is made with durable material that guarantees long-lasting usage
  • It is waterproof, rainproof, and dustproof.

The Cons of the Product

  • The hook got broken on a journey of 8 hours according to a verified purchaser online.

SUPAREE Cargo car Roof Bag

Best Roof Bag For Toyota Sequoia


This is a supreme rooftop bag with high quality, and it will definitely work well for all of your trips. If you want a high-grade bag for your next family adventure, don’t hesitate to accept this very one as a target for the year.

You can further explore some of the features here.

The features of the Product

  • The material it is made of is 500D PVC and waterproof repellent double coating waterproof, besides those, it is durable.
  • The Suparee cargo bag is a rooftop bag that is designed using a tear-resistant waterproof material that features a custom PVC inner coating that will definitely help you keep your items dry and protected from water.
  • The outer layer of the cargo bag is made of PVC coating that also prevents water from penetrating into the inner part of your rooftop bag during the journey or not.
  • The inner layer of the 500D Oxford fabric is tear-resistant and waterproof. The entire seams of the bag are heat welded, stitched to ensure water cannot enter them.
  • This item is extra-large, 19 cubic feet capacity to hold a lot of your luggage and valuables while you are planning to travel with your friends or family.
  • The overall size of the bag is 48 inches, length, by 38 inches width by 18 inches height.  It maximizes the inner space of your car so that you don’t run out of space as you carry all you need for your trip or adventure.
  • There will be no impeding passengers comfort, there is larger capacity space for all you need for your adventure a day more important, your trip will be full of pleasure.
  • Don’t buy rooftop bags with week straps, in the case of this very bag, the straps are tough, so more security. There is arguable stability, and steady carrying capacity will not affect the holding of the bag by the straps
  • Suparere rooftop bag is made of 8 pcs heavy duty wide straps that are adjustable. The more straps for your car roof the better.
  • The storage device is easy to set up. It is designed with heavy 8 duty adjustable long straps that simplify the attachment in minutes.  It can be further described as a revolutionary new waterproof and east to set up bag.
  • It is versatile and also fits for all types of cars or vehicles especially your Toyota Sequoia.
  • You can as well fold your bag easily when not in use. It works on vehicles with rack too, and cars, SUVs, and vans are not exempted.

Having this bag for your trip is not a bad decision, it will only add to your comfort and then protect your valuables from damages.

The Pros of the Product

  • It is a product with great value. Having this item will save your cash for something else.
  • It is a fantastic product that got the job done as expected.
  • It is easy to use and carries everything needed by a family for a trip.

The Cons of the Product

  • Bag may not be able to stay under the rain for a long period of time.

Wisamic Cargo Bag

Best Roof Bag For Toyota Sequoia


This is a great item you shouldn’t take for granted, in another word, don’t hesitate to get it as your new carrier bag for the next trip.

Features & Details of the Product

  • It of large capacity and the overall size is 63” x 43.3 x 19.7”. It helps to expand the carrying capacity of your luggage and create more space for you.
  • It provides extra space for you in your vehicle, and you can as well store enough items in it. Suitcases are also held in this powerful storage device.
  • Water and dustproof rooftop bag
  • It is user friendly, nonslip grip, made of 500D PVC to prevent water from getting into your items inside. It will also protect your valuables from dust.
  • The item does not slide while in high speed, due to the tough straps that come with it, as a result, this will not scratch your car paint, will not make your journey inconvenient for you.
  • This cargo bag is easy to install, and you can as well easily stored it after use since it is flex enough to be folded in minutes. You can store it in its storage bag for easy storage when not in use.
  • It is universally fit for use and can work with all kinds of car racks You can carry your loads to parks, beaches, sports fields, adventures, trips, and so on with ease and convenience.
  • It doesn’t work with only cars, vans and SUVs are included.

I recommend the product for maximum satisfaction and happier during all trips, you will need it for a perfect performance and interesting experience during your adventure.

The Pros of the Product

  • It is waterproof construction and can hold enough valuables
  • It works as advertised
  • Easy to install for a quick move for any trip
  • Works on any vehicular rack

The Cons of the Product

  • The item can be ripped under heavy wind

SUNER POWER Cargo Carrier

Best Roof Bag For Toyota Sequoia


Don’t allow this opportunity to pass you by, it is rare to get something of premium value at this price. From the features, you should begin to understand the difference between good products and a bad one.

Features of the Product

  • It is 100 percent waterproof and made of military-grade material, superior heavy-duty PVC that is five times more durable than nylon Oxford. It also works better to be UV proof and waterproof.
  • It is safe and secure, it is equipped with 10 reinforced straps that are adjustable instead of the common 6 straps with other bags. This is the reason why it holds your items in it better than any other bag. With this cargo bag you don’t need to dangerously tie down your luggage by passing straps through your car. This cargo bag can be fastened through a car. This makes it safe and secure for use.
  • There is extra protection for your luggage as the bag comes with oversized zippers closure with a tough seam which serves as protection for your luggage against rain, grit, snow, wind, and sun. You should go for this type of bag and it will do a great job for your trip.
  • It will neither scratch nor damage your car paint.
  • It provides more space capacity for your car as it instantly creates 15 cubic feet of cargo storage space in a total of 425 liters capacity providing more space for more comfort on your way to your destination.
  • The entire size is 44” X 34” X 17” with an extended warranty backed by three years limited warranty plus 24/7 customer care service
  • It can be easily installed and stored with simple folding in a minute.

ROLA 59119 Carrier Bag

Best Roof Bag For Toyota Sequoia


The features of the Product

  • The item is rugged and can resist a lot of weather conditions, it is made of concealed zippers and the seams are sonically sealed to keep your stuff protected from rainwater, grit, dust, and so on.
  • It is expertly engineered with 6 straps system that keeps it firmly tight on the roof of your car while you are in high speed for travel.
  • It is easily installable and easy to use
  • You can easily fold and store it when not in use.
  • It comes with a limited 5 years warranty.

I recommend this awesome item for you as it is well made, durable and nice while you cruise your Toyota on the road, make life better and simpler. It can hold enough suitcases for you and as result, there will be enough space in your car.

The Pros of the Product

  • The cargo bag is strong enough to hold a reasonable weight of items as the foam sheet is added for strength.
  • It is a sturdy and excellent bag and rugged enough to do its job well.
  • It is perfect for a large family as it helps hold more than enough belongings for the members and also creates enough space in the car.

The Cons of the Product

  • There are arguments about how long the bag can stay under water for it to be rainproof

AUPERTO Carrier Bag

Best Roof Bag For Toyota Sequoia


This is an extra-large cargo bag that will definitely fit your car top and will give it the perfect solution for the creation of space. There is no doubt about this in this case, so you are perfectly good to go with it.  Do you want to check out its features?

The features of the Product

  • It is a durable product with 600D PVC fabric and high-frequency technology is applied in the making of the rooftop bag. The protective pads are upgraded for the bag using a reinforced, rubberized anti-slip mat under the roof rack of your car to keep the bag firm balance without slipping during the whole journey.
  • It is made with an advanced safety design, if your concern is security; a free combination of lock is used to attach the zipper to help prevent the bag from loosening when encountered with rain infiltration. It is also made with double flap so that the zippers will be watertight.
  • This bag will give you a noiseless and peaceful trip. No need of being panic for the items on the roof.
  • It is easy to install like every other rooftop bags, it can be quickly installed to cars with roof racks, and cars or vehicles without roof racks are perfectly ok with it.
  • You can easily fold the Auperto cargo bag when not in use, meaning it is easily storable in the portable bag provided for the storage.
  • It comes with gorgeous capacity, the dimensions is 2″x35.4″x19.8″,19 cubic feet, suitable for all types of car, trucks, SUV and the rest.
  • It gives you awesome space for complete comfort and also comes with 6 door hooks and high-quality straps. You don’t want to risk your life inserting straps through the car, so the provided hooks are the best answer for that query.
  • With this, you can travel peaceful, no rainwater, water, dust, or grit entering inside of the bag to damage your luggage.
  • There is six months satisfactory service for your purchase,

This is one of the best items you should consider this year if you are already planning for a future adventure. It will give you the comfort you hardly can imagine.

The Pros of the Product

  • This product worked as it should, this means that it covered a long distance without any fault.
  • It worth the money, so going for it is a wise decision to make.
  • It comes with incredible space

The Cons of the Product

  • It is not too great with water


I have successfully reviewed these products, so I want you to select the best for your next trip. If you carefully read the features of the products and also check the customers’ reviews, you will be able to select the most suitable one for yourself.

It is not ideal to travel in cars without enough space so these items will provide more than enough space for your car and will also give you the comfort to store enough valuables in them while you plan for a trip or adventure.

The security of your luggage is very important, so, this is the reason why I have selected these ones with a waterproof made system.

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