Best Roof Bags in 2022

Best Roof Bags: If you have considered traveling on a vacation with your family and friends or going for a picnic or camping, one of the things you would also put into consideration is the luggage that you will carry along with you.

After this, you then begin to imagine how all the luggage you have decided to take with you can fit into the car. All these become a problem when you do not have enough space for you to pack this luggage.

Rooftop bags are the only perfect solution to these problems. These bags help you pack and arrange your things properly. They serve as an extra trunk for you.

Rooftop bags are designed to hold your entire luggage in good shape on the roof of your car while ensuring that you have enough space inside the car.

A good rooftop bag is one that will secure your properties without damaging them throughout your journey.

Several rooftop bags are made with several specifications so it is necessary that you know these things before going ahead to buy one.

A rooftop bag should be able to protect your properties from rain and other harsh weather conditions so that your journey will be a smooth one.

There are various types of rooftop bags, and in this article, I have made a review of the rooftop bags that you can have.

Rooftop bags are a necessity for anyone or any family who is traveling, going camping, picnic, or any outdoor activity. It is something you should have.

Check out my top 3 recommended roof bag for you to use on your car

Name of Bags Images Where to Buy

YITAMOTOR Rooftop Cargo Bag


If you are looking for a rooftop bag to buy, you should consider getting this 19 cubic feet rooftop bag. It is a necessity when you want to go on holidays, adventures, and road trips with your family.

This bag has a dual packing size. It allows you to use a 15 cubic feet compact mode which can be expanded to19 cubic feet jumbo size.

To expand it, you just have to open the second zipper system. Unlike some roof bags that are small and do not have enough room to accommodate everything that you need.

This cargo bag has enough space and an advanced design that makes it simple to use, spacious, safe, waterproof, and durable. This means that you can pack everything that you need into this bag without worrying that it might get damaged.

This bag can be used on both cars that have roof racks and cars that do not have roof racks. To install this bag on cars that do not have roof racks, first pull back the weather stripping seal and attach the door hooks directly on the door frame.

After this, pull the looped strap upward and with a gentle force, push back the weather stripping seal back into place with your hand and then close the door.

You can repeat the same thing on all the other doors and these hooks will attach and hold the bag safely on the roof of the car.

For cars that have side rails or cross bars, you can use the straps to attach these bags to them and hold them in place. This rooftop bag is made with high-quality 600D oxford fabric.

Its inner layer is coated with PVC to prevent water from seeping into the bag as this could damage your luggage. This is bag is made with an ultra-durable double seam welding technology and this makes it resistant to tearing and abrasion under harsh conditions.

It also has a protective mat that helps cushion and quiets the contact between the bag and the car top. This mat also prevents your luggage from sliding and falling off the roof as well as protecting your car roof paint.

This bag has 10 Elastic Velcro strap restrainers that prevent the strap from flapping during driving. It also makes it more stable and reduces noise.


  1. This rooftop bag has an ultra-large capacity that can be extended. With this, it provides enough room for family members who are camping or traveling to pack their belongings.
  2. Installing this bag is a simple one. It is compatible with both cars that have roof racks and cars that do not have roof racks. S
  3. This bag comes with an anti-slip mat that prevents the bag from sliding off the car roof. The bag is also made with 600D Oxford Fiber that is perfect for protecting the cars from scratch.
  4. It is waterproof and resistant to leakage, tearing, and noise. With this bag, you can carry whatever you want to carry while traveling.

Aaaspark Rooftop Cargo Carrier Bag


This bag will give you an additional space of 15 cubic feet and will fit cars, SUVs, or trucks that either have or do not have racks.

This bag comes in two colors of blue and black, therefore you can select the color that will best suit you.

It is durable and made with 600D Oxford fabric that is resistant to tear. It is also dustproof and waterproof and has a sunscreen effect too, all to ensure that your things contained in it are kept safe.

When installing this bag, always ensure that the part without the zipper faces the front of the car to prevent the curtain of this bag not to be blown away by the wind.

The zipper is protected from the rain with a flip cover. The outer casting of this bag is soft and due to this, it can hold odd-shaped items in it. This bag is easy to carry and can be used to store items when you are traveling.


  1. This bag is durable and comes in two colors, giving you an opportunity to choose the color that suits you best.
  2. It gives you an additional 15 cubic feet of space for your luggage.
  3. It is waterproof and dustproof.
  4. This bag also has a sunscreen effect and is resistant to tear.
  5. The bag has soft sides that allow it to store odd-shaped items.

CURT 18221 Extended Rooftop Cargo Bag


This rooftop bag will add storage space to your vehicle while maintaining your comfort in the car. It is strong and light in weight and it provides secure storage for your luggage.

It has 4 inches tall sides that keep your items secure during travel. This bag comes with mounting brackets and it is durable.

This bag has a windshield at the front that helps to protect it from wind damage. The brackets of this bag are universal and can be easily mounted onto most types of roof racks and side rails.

The storage area of this bag can be expanded and increased. The bag is available in different sizes and provides additional security for your luggage from harsh weather conditions.

This bag is made from 500 denier ultraviolet resistant vinyl and has welded seams that work to ensure that this bag is waterproof.

The zip closure also has a flap that keeps the inside of the bag dry by preventing water from seeping into it.

This bag comes with a number of straps that have looped ends to secure the bag to the car. The straps can also be adjusted to accommodate anything that has been put inside the bag.

These bags do not only provide a means for you to store your luggage, but it also provides an easy means to store itself. When it is not in use, it can be carefully folded and stored properly to minimize space.


  1. This bag will help you to keep your belongings well protected from water, dirt, and dust, and wind damage.
  2. It is easy to install and use.
  3. This bag is made from a thick ultraviolet resistant vinyl and its welded seams make it highly waterproof.
  4. This bag has a thick 1-inch strap that keeps it attached to the car.
  5. The zipper is also covered with a flap that prevents water from entering into the bag through the zipper. The zippers can be joined together and have large holes that can accept padlocks. This is for extra security too.
  6. This bag can be easily folded up and stored when it is not in use

BougeRV Rooftop Cargo Bag


This bag is specially made with an additional protective cargo roof mat and eight reinforced buckles and straps that help to secure your bag and prevent it from falling off while driving.

It provides you with 15 cubic feet of storage and it is easy to install. Its 1000D nylon texture and the extended flap that covers the zippers make it possible for this bag to keep your luggage dry even when you are driving under the rain.

This bag has a large capacity and can be used by families traveling. It has a protective roof mat that minimizes scratches on the car’s roof and secures your bag in the right position even when you are driving at a high speed.

This bag comes in a dimension of 38 inches long by 38 wide by 18 inches high.

This bag is fit for vehicles that have roof racks. Its 8 straps are adjustable so that you can have more rooms for your belongings. It is fit for vehicles that have roof racks or crossbars. These crossbars enable the bag to install perfectly.


  1. Because it is made of rainproof 1000D polyester material and waterproof zippers with an extended flap, this bag will protect your things from rain keeping them dry and safe throughout the journey.
  2. This bag will satisfy your storage needs with its 15 cubic feet capacity. This provides enough room to hold two medium suitcases, one cooler, two camping tents, and sleeping bags and also, other smaller items that you will need for your trip.
  3. It is easy to install and use.

On purchase of this product, you get a 12 months warranty which gives you the opportunity to have the maximum value for your money.

Roofmax Solid Waterproof RoofTop Cargo Bag


With its storage capacity of 15 cubic feet, you can utilize this bag when you are traveling or camping to pack everything that you need. It is suitable for people that are traveling or going on a road trip.

It also has a protective mat that prevents the bag from falling off the car when you are driving. This bag is waterproof.

It is resistant to extreme temperatures and it has a dimension of 48 inches by 38 inches by 18 inches.


  1. This bag is free of toxic chemicals
  2. It is fireproof and waterproof.
  3. Its 3000lbs straps ensure that the bag is tightly secured to the roof of your car.



There are times when you will need extra space to carry your belongings. This rooftop bag will give you 16 cubic feet of storage space to do that. It is unique and can fit cars with or without roof racks.

This bag is safe, durable, and easy to use. It is made with a unique design and several manufacturing techniques.

This bag comes with door hooks with which you can use to attach it to cars that do not have roof racks or side rails. This special bag allows you to carry as many luggage as you want on the same journey without having to be discomforted.

Its premium features make this bag a “must-have” for anyone going on a journey. This bag is fitted with a high-quality zipper that is watertight.

This zipper prevents water from seeping into the bag. It is also stitched Kevlar thread that is super strong and the seams are heat welded in order to ensure that they are completely watertight.

This bag is also made with a nylon fabric that is resistant to wear. The material is superior to the high-grade PVC (polyester) fabric. This ensures that this bag does not wear out.

This bag has 1.5 inches of straps and buckles that are much stronger than the standard plastic buckles that are used in some rooftop bags.

This bag is stable at extreme temperatures and can retain its strength can also retain strength at lower temperatures.

It also comes with a protective mat that protects the car paint from scratching as well as preventing the bag from slipping off.


  1. This bag doubles your trunk space by giving you 16 cubic feet of space. You can carry this bag safely and securely on any journey that you are making.
  2. It can be fitted on any roof with or without roof racks.
  3. It has a protective mat that is used to hold the bag in place. The straps too are extra wide and the buckles are strong enough to hold the bag tightly on the car.
  4. This bag is durable and can last long. It is waterproof and resistant to wear.

This bag is easy to use and is a bag you should have.

Whistler Car Rooftop Bag


This bag can be used both on cars that have roof racks and cars which do not have roof racks. It can fit any car, van, or SUV and has two straps with metal buckles.

Unlike some rooftop bags, this bag has an anti-scratch pad and one storage bag that is used to store the bag when it is not in use.

This bag gives you 15 cubic feet of storage space to pack your luggage while traveling. It is made with a heavy-duty tarpaulin. It is durable and waterproof. You can pack your things comfortably in this bag with the assurance that it is safe.

The anti-scratch pad keeps the bag secured in place, without slipping or sliding off the car roof.

Housewives Rooftop Cargo Bag


This bag will help you solve the issue of space by providing you with 20 cubic feet of storage space on the roof of your car. This bag is water-resistant and can be used on cars that have roof racks.

With its large storage capacity, it can solve problems of limited space while traveling. This product package comes with one roof bag, six strong wide straps, and one storage bag.

This bag is made of 1000D waterproof high-quality materials that have strong stitching. It can be folded for compact storage.

When it is in use, it has a dimension of 130cm by 100cm by 45cm and when it is folded; its dimension is 38cm by 25cm by 12cm. Its ability to fold is enhanced by the soft material that the bag is made of.

This bag has an oversized zipper with flaps that also repels water and prevents it from entering the bag. The zipper is also resistant to light and it keeps your things dry and protected from dirt, rain, sun, wind, and snow.

This bag is easy to install. It comes with two fastening straps and 6 additional straps that have buckles and this helps the bag to attach properly to the roof of your car.

This bag is fit for anyone who is looking for additional space while traveling.


  1. This bag comes with an oversized zipper that has a flap and prevents water and light from entering into it.
  2. It gives you 20 cubic feet of storage space. This is enough to pack all that you need for your journey while maintaining your comfort in the car
  3. This bag is resistant to harsh weather conditions and can keep your luggage clean and dry throughout the entire journey.

Factors you should consider before buying a roof bag

Before buying a rooftop bag, there are some factors that you have to consider. Putting these factors into consideration will help you to make the right choice of rooftop bags, without having to waste your money on bags that will not serve the purpose they are intended for.

These factors include;

Your budget

The first thing you need to consider before even attempting to look for a roof bag is your budget? How much do you have to buy that roof bag you are interested in?

Having a budget in mind will help you to buy the best rooftop bag at that particular budget.

The material the bag is made of

Rooftop bags are made with various materials. For a rooftop bag to be durable and long-lasting, it must be made with a material that is durable and resistant to wear and tear.

You have to consider the material that the rooftop bag is made of before proceeding to buy.

Waterproof ability

You have to check if the rooftop bag is waterproof. Some rooftop bags are made with PVC materials that are waterproof.

Some also have inner coatings too that prevent water from seeping into the bag. There are other rooftop bags too that come with a flap that covers the zipper to also prevent water from moving into the bag.

You should put this into consideration when you want to buy a rooftop bag.

Roof Rack or not

Some rooftop bags are made to fit only cars that have roof racks while some can fit both cars that have roof racks and cars that do not have roof racks.

If your car has a roof rack, you can decide to go for bags that fit cars that have roof racks and if your car does not have a roof rack or a side rail, then you can buy the bag that fits both cars that have roof racks and cars that do not have roof racks.

The durability of the bag

When buying rooftop bags, you should check the type of luggage that you have. Some rooftop bags have soft sides that allow them to accommodate odd-shaped items.

If your luggage is odd-shaped, then you should consider buying this type of rooftop bag.

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