Best Rooftop Bags Under $200 (Detailed Review)

A lot of roof bag users associate rooftop bags that cost just under $200 as one that will be packed with power and total value. I agree with this, and I hope you will too when you check our list of top rooftop bags under $200 out.

Having a rooftop bag is necessary for anyone who wants to travel, go for a road trip, picnic, or outdoor activities, but making a decision on the rooftop bag to buy could pose a little issue.

Rooftop bags vary depending on their sizes, shapes, method of installation, color, design, and prices. While some rooftop bags can be used on cars with or without racks, some can be used on cars that only have racks.

Some rooftop bags also come with extra features such as door hooks, buckles, and zipper covers. The materials they are made for could also differ.

While some are made with tarpaulins, some rooftop bags have additional interior coatings and all these are done to prevent them from damage and to ensure that they are totally water-resistant and will not allow water to get into your belongings.

In size, some of them are much sizeable and can hold up to 4 suitcases. Their dimensions vary as well as the amount of storage space they give you.

Before setting out to buy a rooftop bag, among all other factors to consider, the budget is necessary.

Having a budget in mind will help you eliminate some other options that will confuse you while helping you to make the right choice and get the best rooftop bag at your desired budget.

In this article, I have prepared a review of some of the best rooftop bags under $200.

These reviews are in no order but will serve as a guide for you when you want to buy rooftop bags. I have also simplified it by showing you where and how you can buy these rooftop bags.

Here is a sneak of our top 3 recommended rooftop bags under $200

Name Picture Features
Copscew Car Rooftop Bag Best Rooftop Bags Under $200
  • Made with ultra-high-quality materials
  • Resistant to water and other weather conditions
  • Can fit cars with or without roof racks
  • Resistant to tearing and abrasion
  • Cannot be destroyed by high temperatures of heat and cold
  • Has double seam design that keeps the interior of the bag dry
SUPAREE Car Rooftop Bag


  • Firm and can give you enough space for your luggage
  • 19 cubic feet of storage space and measures 48 inches long by 13 inches width by 18 inches height
  • Resistant to water and 100% waterproof
  • 7mm protective mat
RoofPax Car Roof Bag Best Rooftop Bags Under $200
  • 21 cubic feet of roof storage space
  •  PVC water-resistant double coating
  • 21 cubic rooftop cargo carrier fits for any Car, SUV, Vans
  • quickly and easily installed and folded up in minutes, no additional tools needed


Detailed Review Best Rooftop Bags Under $200

Copscew Car Rooftop Bag

Best Rooftop Bags Under $200


The Copsrew rooftop bag is different from other rooftop bags because it provides you with 20 cubic feet of extra space to store your luggage while traveling.

It can fit cars with racks and it is 100% water-resistant and not susceptible to harsh weather conditions. This rooftop bag is easy to use and install.

It is made from double-wall vinyl to ensure that it is of high quality. It comes in a dimension of 52 inches long by 39 inches width by 17.5 inches height.

This rooftop bag is designed to be resistant to wear and tear and it has an inner PVC coating to keep the inside of the bag protected from water. The zipper of this bag is 3 inches wide and it has a cover that protects it.

There is also a 5 inch long Velcro that prevents the zipper from blowing open while the car is at high speed.

Apart from the carrying capacity of this bag, it is necessary that it be made stable to prevent your luggage from getting damaged.

To do this, the bag comes with 10 tough straps that provide more security for your bag. The straps are used to fasten the bag to the roof.

The overall size of this roof bag makes it possible for you never to run out of space for carrying everything that you need for your road trip.

SUPAREE Car Rooftop Bag


If you need a rooftop bag that is firm and can as well give you enough space for your luggage, then you should try this Suparee rooftop bag. It is suitable for long trips, traveling, outdoor activities, and picnics.

With 19 cubic feet and 48 inches long by 38 inches width by 18 inches height of storage space, this bag will contain your belongings, giving you enough space in the car.

Unlike other rooftop bags, this one can contain up to four suitcases and is ideal for families traveling, people going for road trips, picnics, and outdoor activities.

It is water-resistant and can be used on cars that have racks, side rails, or crossbars.

The waterproof quality of this bag comes from its coating. Installing this rooftop bag is very simple. To do this, unfold the bag and place it between the side rails of the car rack.

This should be at least 8 inches away from the front edge of the roof. You can then go further to thread the front and back straps under the crossbars, and then close the buckles.

Also, remember to tighten the straps to ensure that the bag is secured and to prevent it from falling off the roof of the car.

On purchase of this rooftop bag, you get a 7mm protective mat. This mat helps to prevent the bag from sliding and slipping off the car roof, as well as protecting the car from scratch.

This is a rooftop bag you should buy.


RoofPax Car Roof Bag

Best Rooftop Bags Under $200


Because it is easy to install and use, roofpax car roof bag can fit any vehicle with or without a rack.

This is an excellent military car roof bag that provides you with an extra 19 cubic feet of storage space. It is 100% waterproof and is resistant to harsh weather conditions.

The beauty of getting this rooftop bag is that it is secure even if your car does not have a rack. It comes with 6 door hooks that can be used to hold this bag tight onto your car, instead of straps.

This makes it different from most rooftop bags. The bag is designed with a 1680-D PVC fabric, a water-repellant double coating, and dual seam technology that makes it waterproof.

This means that your belongings are properly secured and shielded from rain, wind, sun, and other weather conditions.

In addition to the benefits mentioned above, this bag comes with a 7mm mat that keeps it from slipping and also protects the car from scratch. It has a dimension of 47.2 inches length by 35.4 inches width by 19.8 inches height.

Scombi Military-Grade Waterproof Rooftop Bag

Best Rooftop Bags Under $200


Unlike some rooftop bags, this cargo carrier bag gives you an extra 19 cubic feet of storage space. It comes with four-door hooks, buckle closure, and an extra strap.

It is designed with heavy-duty materials that prevent it from wearing and tearing. It is anchor-shaped to enhance grasping and pulling.

This bag can withstand extreme temperatures of heat and cold and it is coated with polyester that protects it from ultraviolet rays.  Its thick heavy-duty tarpaulin also confers a water-resistant quality on it.

It can be used on all cars, with or without roof racks. With the door hooks, this bag can hold tightly to any car.

ZEPHBRA Car Rooftop Bag

Best Rooftop Bags Under $200


When it comes to using rooftop bags, one of the aims is to ensure the safety of your luggage while creating space in the car. The Zephbra has 8 adjustable straps that keep it in place.

The overall size of this rooftop bag is 44 inches length by 34 inches width by 17 inches height and it gives you an extra 15 cubic feet of storage space.

This bag is designed to be resistant to wear and tear. It is made with a PVC inner coating. The zipper has a waterproof coating.

The zipper cover measures 3 inches wide and it completely covers the zipper, shielding it from water.

There is also a 5 inches long Velcro that keeps the zipper cover from being blown open while the car us moving at high speed. There is triple protection that completely prevents water from entering into the zipper.

This bag is easy to set up and install and it is suitable for cars, vans, SUVs.

Car Top Carrier Roof Bag

Best Rooftop Bags Under $200


This rooftop bag features 20 cubic feet of storage space and a protective mat and can be used on cars with or without racks.

It is easy to install and it is made of heavy-duty coated tarpaulin and covers the zippers to ensure that it is 100% waterproof and safe for packing your luggage.

It also comes with a mat that protects the bag, prevents it from slipping, and also protects your car from damage.

This bag makes adventure easy and it is a “must-have” for anyone who wants to make his/her journey a memorable one.

Smashier Car Rooftop Cargo Bag

Best Rooftop Bags Under $200


You definitely would love an extra space like a trunk in your car while traveling. You will also want your belongings to be shielded from the rain and sun. This is why you should get this Smashier rooftop bag.

It is durable and very easy to fold up and store when not in use. Talk about space, this bag is enough to hold as much as two large pieces of luggage.

It is made of military-grade strong materials and has an advanced waterproof dual seam technology.

It has a part that folds over the zipper. You can fasten down this part to cover the zipper and provide extra security for the bag.

This bag comes with 5 straps that help to secure the bag on top of the car roof, preventing it from falling when the car is at high speed. There is also a grip mat that is made of high-quality materials.

This mat helps to grip the bag, preventing it from sliding as well as protecting your car from scratch. One of the advantages of this bag is that the straps do not flap, so there is no noise while driving.

This cargo bag provides you with 16 cubic feet of storage. It is a bag you must use if you want to have a smooth journey.

The anti-slippery mat measures 355.5 inches by 47m3 inches while the rooftop bag has a dimension of 17.7 inches by 44.5 inches by 34.3 inches.

This bag is strong, durable, and perfect for every holiday. It is easy to install and can be used on cars that have roof racks. With a one year warranty, you are assured of getting the maximum value for your money when you purchase this product.

LIMINK Car Rooftop Bag

Best Rooftop Bags Under $200


With 15 cubic feet of storage space, this rooftop bag is what you need to give yourself a comfortable ride while maintaining space in your car.

It is designed to be waterproof and its zipper is coated to prevent water from leaking into your luggage.

It has an anti-slip mat that prevents this bag from slipping off during driving. It also has 4 door hooks for attaching the bag tightly to the roof of the car and can be used on all cars with or without racks.

This rooftop bag was designed using high-frequency seaming technology. The seams are heat welded and they are all stitched to avoid tearing and leaking.

This cargo bag can allow you to hold up to 6 suitcases and it can be easily folded and stored when it is not in use.

In addition to the 4 door hooks, this bag also comes with 8 straps that are strong and can as well be used to hold it from falling off the car roof. It can fit any car, jeep, SUV.

The use of cargo bags is important for people who want to get extra space and to maintain their comfort in the car while keeping important items close and handy to them.

SureMart Car Rooftop Cargo Carrier Bag

This rooftop bag is worth your possession if you feel that you need extra space for your luggage while traveling.

It offers you a large space to put in whatever you need in it. It is made with ultra-high-quality materials that ensure the bag is waterproof and your belongings contained in it are safe.

This bag can fit all cars with or without racks

The Suremat rooftop bag is made with heavy-duty military materials that confer its waterproof qualities on it and protect it from UV rays.

This bag is resistant to tearing and abrasion cannot be destroyed by high temperatures and cold. It has a double seam design that keeps the interior of the bag dry and safe.

It can be easily installed and it is suitable for any car, SUV, or truck.

This rooftop bag is one that you would love to try.

Auxko Car Rooftop Bag

If you could get a two-year warranty for a product, to ensure that you get the maximum value from the use of your products, would you not take the offer?

When you buy this 19.5 cubic feet rooftop cargo bag, you will get to enjoy a 2-year warranty plus the other benefits which include:

  1. Extra space for packing your luggage while traveling.
  2. As set of 4 straps and a strong buckle. The straps are used to secure the bag when the car is on high way speed. These straps are designed to be 1.5 inches wide and 3,000 lbs strong.
  3. Protective mats that prevent your car from scratch as well as prevent your bag from slipping and falling off your car.

This bag is designed to be waterproof. With this, you are assured that whatever you put into it is safe. It can fit all vehicles, with or without racks. The bag is free of toxic chemicals.

It is made with a heavy-duty polyester liquid that is coated with vinyl on both sides. This coating is done to prevent the bag from abrasion and tear.

It also resists extreme conditions of heat and cold as well as the UV rays of the sun.

If you have difficulties when installing rooftop bags, then you should use this one. Its installation process is an easy one. All you have to do is to place it in between the rails for cars that have racks and then toe the straps around the rails.

For cars that do not have racks, you can tie the loops from the top of the carrier, and through the inside of the car. The car door can comfortably close over it with no interference with the door or windows.

This bag weighs 12.34 pounds and its dimension is 48.43 inches by 35.43 inches by 19.69 inches.


Some persons may feel skeptical about the use of cargo bags and questions such as “Are car rooftop bags safe” may come up.

The answer to this question is “Yes”.

Car rooftop bags are designed with special materials that make them 100% water-resistant. They are also made to be resistant to sun, snow, grit, and other harsh weather conditions. This keeps your luggage safe and free from damage.

Moreover, they also come with straps, door hooks, and anti-slip mats that secure these bags from slipping and falling off.

With these rooftop bags, you can always make your ride a sweet and memorable one.

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