Best Tire Steps for SUV in 2022

Over time, we have had and heard lots of people talk about how they struggle to get their roof bag to the top of their SUV without tire steps. Most times it is because of the height of the concerned individual.

You know, people who are short in height drive cars too, and they sometimes need to use roof bags like some other car users to cater for their extra luggage, hence, the need for a Tire Step.

There are a lot of Tire steps, but in this article, we will be bringing to you, 5 Best Tire Steps, strictly for SUV.

In a hurry? See our top 3 tire steps that are suitable for you.

Name of Tire StepsGrade
Wgwioo Folding Adjustable Tire StepA+
Wgwioo Truck Tire Service StepA+
Chelhead Folding Heavy Duty TireA

In case you are wondering what a Tire step is, as the name suggests, it is a car accessory with step(s), and is hung/fixed on the Tire of the car which helps one get closer to the roof of the car, or other spots of the car by simply climbing on it, although there are several other versions of it; there’s the hitch step, there is the one that looks just like a ladder, etc.

There are various Tire steps which one could easily get access to, and of course, make their choice of which one to get. However, we have made it easier for you by putting together a number of Tire Steps you might be interested in and sure will make a choice from. Take a quick look at these.

Top 5 Best Tire Steps for SUV

See our top 5 tire steps that are suitable for you.

#1. Wgwioo Folding Adjustable Tire Step For SUV Truck




This particular Tire Step is a heavy-duty folding adjustable one, it is tough, and with heavy-duty steel construction. It is designed to wrap over your vehicle’s tire, thus, creating a more convenient, sturdy, and non-slip step for maintenance, cleaning, and loading of your roof bag.

Also, it has an easily adjustable tire depth and step height.


  • It helps you easily reach every high or hard to get places on your car.
  • It allows for an easy installation and folds for storage
  • It has a tough, heavy-duty steel construction. That is to say that it is coated for rust and weather protection.
  • It fits all standard diameter tires with up to a 15inch wide tread area
  • It has an easily adjustable tire depth and step height
  • It has a durable non-slip surface


  • Its weight limit is 150kg. For persons whose weight is close to this, and still have to load their roof bag which would as well add its weight, this is a limitation.

Final Verdict

With all of the features mentioned above, there is absolutely no reason for you to rethink purchasing this accessory. It promises to serve you at its best with its easy installation and storage process, its durability, its sturdiness, and most importantly, its ability to help you step up for maintenance, cleaning, and loading.

For the one disadvantage it has; the weight limit, that is sure no problem. You’ll barely find people who weigh up to that. However, this does not rule out the fact that they do exist. Let’s just say 1 out of every 50 users of the tire step will weigh up to 150kg.

All you need to do is have good and proper maintenance of the product. At this, it will last longer, causing you to get value for your money; extra value at that.

#2. Wgwioo Truck Tire Service Step


This is another very good Tire Step which will serve you well; it all depends on your choice of course. It is no different from the other ones, but definitely, there is a glaring dissimilarity; the color.

For persons who like it colorful, they could actually go for this. Like others, it is tough and heavy-duty, thus, giving you a sturdy and convenient stance.

It also prevents the user from falling off. It is as well adjustable to different heights, and when not in use, could be folded and kept safe.


  • It helps you easily reach every high or hard to get places on your car.
  • It allows for an easy installation and folds for storage
  • It has a tough, heavy-duty steel construction. That is to say that it is coated for rust and weather protection.
  • It has an easily adjustable tire depth and step height
  • It has a durable non-slip surface


  • The product has absolutely no disadvantage. Except that you will be carefree to let it scratch your car.

Final verdict:

One exciting thing about this product is the fact it is colored. Well, you might not find it exciting, but for persons who like keeping their stuff colorful, this is no doubt exciting for them.

Coupled with its other features examined above, you are sure to use the product seamlessly – No falling off.

#3. Chelhead Folding Heavy Duty Tire


The Chelhead Tire Step is a perfect accessory for car users who need to gain quick and stable access to elevated spots on their car/vehicle. The unique feature of this Tire step has is the rubber stops. The rubber stops help in preventing friction between the metal bodies.


  • The black coats on the step also help in preventing any rust to form, hence, leaving the product shiny at all times.
  • The anti-slip feature prevents anyone from climbing on it from slipping off, thus, hurting themselves.
  • The product is not without its sturdiness


  • It could easily get rust if it comes in contact with water very frequently. Hence, you should make efforts to ensure that it doesn’t come in contact with water.

Final verdict

Of all the Tire Steps reviewed in this article, this particular one has the least cost, thus, very affordable. This is an added advantage, together with the other expected features which the other products also have.

In your bid to cut cost, you could as well go for this product. It doesn’t give you any less satisfaction compared to the other products. Instead, it gives you the utmost satisfaction like the others.

#4. GFYWZZ Tire Wheel Step Service Step Up


This Heavy Duty Tire Step is Sturdy, Portable, and a Durable tire-mounted auto step designed for use with SUVs, RVs, and light trucks. It is recommended for working on engines, changing wiper blades, cleaning inaccessible spots, and packing roof bags on vehicles whose rooftop seem hard to get to.

The tire step can support a load of 400lbs, thereby making car users get to spots without fretting or stress.

Made basically to suit SUVs, the sturdy metal Tire Step could be used on either front or rear tires, depending on the area you intend to reach – it could also be adjusted to fit tires up to 10 – 14” in width which is adjustable to three separate heights.

The Heavy Duty Tire Step is handy, compatible, and as well easy to use. It is not only used by Car owners, it is also used by Vulcanizers / Mechanics and allows work in their shop or garage very easily. It allows packing for camping trips and routine car washing chores to go just smoother and easier.

When not in use, the product could be folded flat in its included soft storage bag which can be stored in your trunk, cab, hatch, or trailer.


  • The adjustable Tire Step allows easy access to the under hood and rooftop of your SUV
  • It makes working under your hood easier through easy access.
  • It is perfect for washing and reaching SUV rooftops, should you need to place your roof bag on it
  • It is foldable for easy storage when not in use; it also has a Steel Construction and Powder Coated Finish


  • Apparently, this product has no particular disadvantage, or perhaps, it has yet to be discovered.

Final Verdict

When purchasing Tire Steps, buyers are usually deliberate about its features, they also like to check if the product really suits their craving. The features of this Tire Step are all you want; No more, no less!

Or is there something else you look out for? I guess not. The usage of this product will surely satisfy you – It’s just an order away. You can carry on with placing an order if this product is the one you show a preference for.

#5. GFYWZZ Tire Step


This Tire Step is slightly different from the previous ones we have shown to you, in that it has a special feature. It features a rubber pad that protects your rims from possible scratches while in use.

It as well has an adjustable height and tire mount. Like the other Tire Steps mentioned above, this Tire step is sturdy, portable, and durable.

Another similarity it has with the previous ones is that it is great for cleaning inaccessible spots, packing roof bags and racks, working on engines and changing wiper blades, etc.


  • Using the Tire Step, you can easily reach the height you were formerly not able to reach without the Tire Step.
  • Doing whatever you desire to do such as cleaning, loading, and lots more becomes easier and more convenient with the use of the tire step.
  • The height of the Tire Step is easy to adjust such that you are able to use it more conveniently, provided that you have a balanced carriage.
  • When not in use, you are able to fold and store wherever you please or deem fit, as far as it will always be within your reach whenever you desire to make use of it.


  • Not necessarily a disadvantage, depending on how you place / position the tire step. It is possible that you end up with a scratch on your car, solely depending on your handling of the product and how careful you are.

Therefore, it is very important to pay close attention when you’ll be positioning the Tire Step.

Final verdict

All you need to do is handle your tire step with care, such that it doesn’t scratch your car. If this condition is met, then there is no need to worry.

You only have to enjoy the use of your Tire Step; it is out to satisfy you to the fullest. You’re provided with durability, sturdiness portability, and a host of other benefits.

Conclusion on the Best Tire Steps

I have witnessed situations whereby car users, in a bid to wash their windscreen; place their roof bag on their car, or do other stuff on their car, etc. climb on their car’s tire. You might just have been happy that you’ve got a good option… Of course not! it is in no way a good option. Climbing on any of your car’s tires doesn’t pay off at all.

For one, it does not leave you comfortable doing what you intended doing. It will only keep you falling off the tire countless times. In fact, you just might end up angry at the fact that you keep falling, and decide not to do anything again.

Meanwhile, you probably have a deadline/timeline to meet up with.

Second, it does not only leave you falling off. It also leaves you uncomfortable, and by extension, you could end up with body pains at some particular locations on your body. Hence, the need to ensure that you have a Tire Step.

You might be wondering if these Tire Steps were designed only for SUVs. Well, they were designed for SUVs, but that does not rule out the fact that persons who use Vehicles other than SUVs can use them. Just ensure it’s something that will be fit for your car/vehicle.

Many find it hard to make their choices as to which Tire Step will actually pay off. But with this article, I bet you’re no longer left clueless.

Having met all the expectations of end-users, the Tire Steps listed above are undeniably topnotch, and will definitely serve you well. Perhaps you were brooding over which Tire Step to purchase; Look no further! Simply make your choice from the products listed above and place an order.

After the product must have been delivered to you, and upon its usage, do not forget to drop your wonderful reviews in the comments section.

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