Best Cargo Basket For Subaru Crosstrek in 2022

For you to be here, means you understand the importance and benefits of having cargo baskets or roof rack baskets. Morden vehicles which include the Subaru Crosstrek should have them as they offer some storage options that cannot be found in normal storage.

With the aid of durable cargo baskets, you can transport your belongings no matter their sizes or shapes without having your vehicle overloaded nor becoming obstructed as the driver.

Best Cargo Basket For Subaru Crosstrek Features
MaxxHaul Easy to install with a weather-resistant finish
Rola Very durable with long-lasting capabilities
Midabao Easy mounting and storage design
Tyger Heavy Duty Mounts to any existing vehicle roof rail crossbars
Reese Versatile for a variety of cars
N-FAB Cargo Basket Easy to install with full aluminum construction

You need any of these roof racks baskets in this post because they make sure your cars can carry extra luggage in any situation.

Where normal storage cannot get the best form, the use of any of these hight quality cargo baskets for Subaru Crosstrek becomes the savior of the day.

If you are looking for a very good cargo basket for Subaru crosstalk, then you don’t need to look any further! Below is a detailed review of the best ones on the market so far.

Top cargo baskets for Subaru crosstrek

MaxxHaul Capacity Steel Roof Rack


About product

The Frame of this MaxxHaul 46″ x 36″ x 4-1/2″ – 150 lb. Capacity Steel Roof Rack is all-steel construction and features 150 lb. maximum distributed load capacity.

Since it is powder-coated to resist rust, and it includes a universal u-bolt mounting system to install on vehicles with crossbars, then this appears to be a very good option.

I am certain you will love it, not just because it is easy to install but also because it has a universal mounting system that allows it to be used on any kind of vehicle that has crossbars, but note that it will work for only vehicles with crossbars from 60″ thick to 1.50″ thick.

Lastly and most significant is that this MaxxHaul roof rack is constructed from durable rugged steel with a weather-resistant finish to resist corrosion.

Product specification for MaxxHaul

  • MaxxHaul 70115- 46″ x 36″ x 4- 1/2″- 150lb capacity
  • Manufacturer MaxxHaul
  • Brand MAXXHAUL
  • Model MaxxHaul 70115 Steel Roof Rack-150 lb Capacity


  • Easy-to-install
  • Universal Mounting System
  • Versatile
  • Provide instant cargo space


  • This is a very easy to assemble roof rack basket. But I have noticed that the numerous reviews on this product about rusting gives doubts.

If you examine these reviews and their pictures, the rusting they experience is usually due to improper installation of the rubber sleeves which cover the screws and the joints.

When assembling, do not leave them off so that there is no water in there.

ROLA 59504 V-Tex Rooftop Cargo Basket


About product

ROLA 59504 V-Tex Rooftop Cargo Basket is a peculiar product because it has been designed to fit full-size cars, sport utility vehicles, and vans that have existing roof bars.

With this rooftop cargo basket, you will be able to secure various items to the rooftop of the vehicle, freeing up valuable interior cargo space to ensure a comfortable travel experience.

The capacity of this ROLA 59504 V-Tex Rooftop Cargo Basket is 130 pounds and it has a sporty 2 piece construction.

I love the rough-coat finish which avoids any elements and resists scratches. It will affect the be mounted to round, square, and most factory OEM racks.


  • Mounting hardware included
  • Includes easy to fit custom air deflector
  • Long-lasting durability. Heavy-duty steel construction


  • This is a decent basket. I do not expect you to be hesitant to purchase. However, I understand that people have complained about the issue of rusting and workmanship. From my examination, the workmanship good, but issues like screw hole misalignment and inconsistencies in the powder coating are concerning and need improvement.

MIDABAO Car Roof Top basket/bag


About product

If the main reason why you want a cargo basket is to provide additional cargo room (which it should be, actually), then why not buy the one that is big enough and make more point just as this one whose roof bag overall size is 51.1” x 39” x 17”, Carry 20 cubic feet.

You will notice that its capacity is quite larger than some other brands. I always tell people that the best cartop basket is the one that satisfies their specific needs.

This one however Is offering an all-around value and is likely to satisfy you as a consumer. The manufacturer provides a larger capacity ( 20 Cubic ), top PVC material, convenient design, and more security.

I specifically love the design of this product with 6 short tie straps and 2long straps, they do not just add top the special follow come of the product but they also function as one that is easy to attach in only a matter of minutes.

Above all, it is a waterproof cargo bang and with a basket.


  • 20 Cubic Feet – Carrying capacity
  • Soft Car Top Carrier
  • Easy Mounting and storage Design
  • Waterproof – PVC Materials
  • 6 Tough Straps


  • The description of this amazing product says fits all cars. But after I have read the recount of a reviewer on how he tried with its parent 2018 Ford Escape and his partners 2020 Jeep Cherokee, we have seen that it will not work for these types of cars unless they have side rails with a gap (ie the straps can go under the rail) then this will not work.

Tyger Heavy Duty Roof Mounted Cargo Basket Rack

Best Cargo Basket For Subaru Crosstrek


Tyger Heavy Duty Roof Mounted Cargo Basket Rack is among the most preferred rooftop cargo basket not just for Subaru Crosstrek but also a lot of vehicles as it is versatile and features wind Fairing.

If you are looking for that perfect family-friendly bike storage solution, this one may just be the perfect answer. The racks fit up to 4 bikes equipped with a tilt and folding adjustments.

In the same manner, the rack fits either 1.25″ or 2″ hitch receivers. You don’t even want to think twice before choosing this product for winter sports.

It is a unique cargo basket and creates additional storage and fits up to 6 pairs of skis or 4 snowboards. As mentioned earlier, this one is compatible with either 1.25″ or 2″ hitch receivers.

Specification of product for Tyger Heavy Duty Roof Mounted Cargo Basket Rack

  • Frame Dimension: L47.25″ x W36.6″ x H5.9″
  • Stylish design makes
  • Mounts to any existing vehicle roof rail crossbars
  • Heavy-duty 1-inch steel frame tube with black E-Coating
  • Easy two-piece assembly.
  • All mounting hardware included
  • TYGER 3 years no-hassle quality warranty
  • Hitch Ski Rack TG-RK1B707B
  • Hitch-Mounted Ski Rack
  • SKU: TG-RK1B707B


  • Tyger Heavy Duty Roof Mounted Cargo Basket Rackmount will fit any existing vehicle roof rail crossbars
  • It features a heavy-duty 1-inch steel frame tube
  • Easy two-piece assembly
  • All mounting hardware included


This is a very amazing cargo basket and it was hard to identify the areas of functionality of which the product may be lagging but as it appears, most people who have used this Tyger Heavy Duty Roof Mounted Cargo Basket Rack is pretty much satisfied with its overall performance.

The only thing not to like about this Tyger Heavy Duty Roof Mounted Cargo Basket Rack is that the lower bracket that attaches to the roof rack hits the moon roof when one tries to open it.

Reese 1391300 Explore Rooftop Cargo Basket

Best Cargo Basket For Subaru Crosstrek


About product

Reese 1391300 Explore Rooftop Cargo Basket with 125 Lb. Capacity is very easy to assemble, as a primary function, it frees up space in your vehicle with a 125 lb. capacity ideal for packing luggage, gear, and equipment.

Thanks to the high-quality carrier are made from strong, heavy-duty steel with a durable black powder coating making it built to last, that is, it will be protected from the elements and will resist rust and scratches.

I love the sleek, angled front windshield of this cargo baskets because it resists drag and makes for an aerodynamic fit.

I will tag this one as an impressive car top accessory because it attaches to most round, square, aero, and factory-installed crossbars on a variety of cars, trucks, SUVs, vans, and other large vehicles using U-bolts. So you can see it is not limited to Subaru Crosstrek alone.

I consider this product a smart storage solution for anyone ready for adventures, road trips, outdoor activities, and other excursions.

So as you buy this product, have it in mind that you will be freeing up space in your vehicle with a roof rack cargo basket that safely and securely holds up to 125 lbs. of cargo, gear, and equipment.

It is indeed strong, high-quality, and made with heavy-duty steel construction with a durable black powder coating such that there will be no rust and scratches.

Other thanks to the easy assembly and adjustable mounting feature, making it versatile for most round, square, aero, and factory-installed crossbars on a variety of cars, trucks, SUVs, vans, and other large vehicles using U-bolts.


  • 125 lb. capacity
  • Built to last
  • Sleek, aerodynamic
  • Adjustable fit

N-Fab T102MRF Aluminum Modular Rooftop cargo basket

Best Cargo Basket For Subaru Crosstrek


About product

Fab T102MRF Aluminum Modular Rooftop cargo basket comes to adding a unique and stylish look to your Subaru Crosstrek with the N-FAB aluminum roof rack.

You will love the modern style and lightweight design, as it has been tested to hold up to 150lbs. ! better than the previous one we just reviewed.

Added to these is that it is strong and made of durable aluminum construction which has been designed to hold up in any conditions.

It is very easy to install because you will be able to do this yourself but I will suggest that two people join you so it would be easier when sitting it on the vehicle.

Most users are in love with the look and profile that this product brings.


  • Full aluminum construction for durability
  • Holds up to 150lbs
  • Easy to install no factory crossbars needed.


As I said, it is very easy to assemble and install, but you want to make sure you have a buddy or something to protect your roof as you install. 

While it has minimal wind noise at highway speeds, you will need the specific tools to unmount and all.

Final words on the best cargo baskets for Subaru Crosstrek

There is no doubt that rooftop cargo baskets are beneficial and important to young drivers if one has to consider a young adults’ style.

I am pretty sure that in one’s early thirties or twenties, you would love it to move houses more than age-advanced drivers.

These best rooftop cargo baskets provided in this post will surely prevent the necessity to hire moving vans always which saves money.

Is your family getting away for some time? You all will surely need every space that can be gotten in your roof cargo baskets especially since there are kids, spouse, and all.

It is needless to say that your car’s boot cannot carry everything that is needed for the family that is going to be away for a week or so.

So if you want safe travel for the luggage and the persons, these rooftop cargo baskets are essential, making you all travel in the same car.

I hope you have been able to see the best rooftop cargo baskets on this list that suits not just your taste, but also your budget.

If you know or have used any cargo baskets for Subaru Crosstrek and you think if included it would make this list, feel free to let us know in the comment section.

Thanks for reading.

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