What Happens If You Put Too Much Weight On A Car?

One of the things you need to do before you use that roof bag on your car is for you to know what happens if you put too much weight on your car roof. You need to find out. It is important.

I know you would love to squeeze in extra luggage when going on a trip or carry everything in one go when moving something, thinking it won’t make a difference if it just happens once.

You should know that overloading your car can cause a lot of damage and this can be very dangerous,

Do you know what happens when you put too much weight on your car? When you overload your car and put too much weight on it, this reduces the stability capacity, affects the critical working parts of your car making it to a longer time to react to emergencies, which can of course lead to a fatal crash.

You should know what happens when you as a human being carry too weight. It affects your back and legs, yea? So is the same with cars, having too much weight on your car can lead to very terrible defects on the car braking system, suspensions, and even the car exhaust.

Things that can happen if too much weight is put on a car

Puts strain on car and tires

Too much strain and pressure on the tire can lead to wear and tear of the tires very quickly or cause the tires to overheat and this could cause massive fallout of the tires inviting huge disaster

It damages the road and is uncomfortable for other vehicle owners

Overloading a car can cause some serious damage to road surfaces. The more loads you carry, The increase in the possibility of road damage, and this will affect the safety of other road users who would have to deal with the portholes and cracks on the road surface.

So to keep the road smooth and give yourself and other a ride devoid of bumps, avoid overloading your vehicle

This might be uncomfortable to other vehicle owners on the road because it can obstruct their views when they are driving

It slows the acceleration of the car and impairs the brake

Carrying too much load on your car shouldn’t leave you surprised when your vehicle doesn’t go as fast as it does when you were driving without any.

This also goes for the brake, you wouldn’t expect a car with too much load to brake faster because that is a lot of energy to dissipate.

This makes the vehicle brake slower overloading your vehicle also makes it consume more fuel than it usually would.

Makes the ride uncomfortable and it’s not safe

If you have a passenger/passengers in your car, then the ride will be very uncomfortable for them throughout transit.

Overloading your vehicle is in no way safe because so many issues can resolve from your vehicle like overheating of brakes, stress to the vehicles suspension system, etc leading to disasters.

Insurance companies will ignore you

When you put too much weight in your car thereby overloading it, this can cause your vehicle insurance to be useless because overloading vehicles is illegal in the United States, UK, and other countries.

If your vehicles experience any damage, the insurance companies will ignore you because the insurance will be void so as much as you would like to play smart and carrying everything by yourself or in one go.

Always remember that it will cost a lot for repairs when there is damage to the vehicle

How do know if your car is overloaded?

The obvious way to know is by simply looking at your vehicle.

Another way to know is by checking your vehicle’s manual to know the maximum load capacity and determine the weight of the cargo you’re putting on your car

Types of equipment/materials great for putting weight on car

Keep in mind that these types of equipment listed below don’t mean that you won’t still be able to overload your vehicle but it is a good means to an end when trying to avoid putting too much weight on your car.

Also, know that when determining your vehicle’s maximum load limit to know how much weight that can be put on it to avoid overloading it, you want to make sure that if you’re going to be carrying passengers to add it to the overall weights when calculating your vehicle and cargo weight.

Roof bags

Roof bags are good when it comes to controlling overloading. When you have a roof bag it prevents the idea of trying to fit every single thing on your vehicle and it frees up space making it comfortable for passengers.

When you have a roof bag, the weight of your cargo can easily be distributed across the roof of your vehicle. Some roof bags that are universal and will do the job quite well

MIDABAO 20 cubic waterproof roof bag


This roof bag is created in such a way to stay on all types of roof racks. Packages that come with the roof bag are a storage bag, 2 long straps, and 6 tough wide straps.

The roof made is constructed from nylon that is rubber laminated and has a size of 51x40x17. Very good for families on the lookout for an extra piece of store place when on a journey or trip.

This bag is very waterproof and it is also constructed such that your luggage is protected from all type of adverse weather conditions.

It is very soft that when you are not using it, you can decide to fold it and keep it away in a safe place.

Details and Features

  • Has a convenient design and provides more security
  • You can mount it easily within minutes with 6 short straps and 2 long straps that help with the needed stability.
  • Unlike some brands that are only water-resistant, this roof bag is coated with PVC inside and outside that is sure to keep it water-resistant throughout transit.

How to install

this is very easy to install, you just need to connect the straps through the roof bag and then securely fasten it to the roof rack of your car


  • Roof bag weight; 10.13 pounds
  • Roof bag dimension; 14.5*13.31*7.4 inches

SANHIMA roof bag


The compatibility of this roof bag is just perfect for sedans, SUVs, crossovers, etc. It can also be leveraged to move huge luggage from one location to another.

So, you do not have to show too much concern if you are embarking on a journey as this bag will serve you well.

With a volume of 15 cubic feet, the roof bag is very easy to mount. its mesh is coated with PVC making it very durable than most cargo carriers.

This roof bag offers resistance against harsh conditions, corrosion, UV, etc while keeping your cargo safe and dry.

It contains a protective mat that protects the roof from scratches and prevents the roof bag from slipping.

The SANHIMA cargo carrier includes an antislip mat with eight adjustable straps and it is very easy to fold when not in use due to its frameless structure and construction.

Details and Features

  • The cargo bag is made with a PVC coated fabric and as stated earlier, this makes it a bit more strong and durable than many cargo carriers.
  • The seams are advanced and with a volume of 15 cubic feet. This gives it more storage space that will be enough for all your luggage and cargo
  • Even though it is not 100% waterproof during rainstorm weather, it offers excellent resistance against water, corrosion, UV, harsh weather.

How to install

when you want to install the cargo bag, you would want to make sure the side of the bag with the zipper is facing backward toward the rear of your car. make sure you’re not using the straps of the roof bags as pull tapes.

The good and sweet thing about this roof bag is that it can be used on cars that have roof racks as well as cars that don’t have roof racks.


  • Roof bag weight; 7.5 pounds
  • Roof bag dimension; 111.76cm*86.36cm*43.18cm

FIVKLEMNZ roof bag


Clearly designed for anyone with the intention to increase vehicular space on a journey, the FIVKLEMNZ roof bag is just perfect for you. A bag that is constructed to defy all forms of weather conditions, creating cargo space and ensure travelers enjoy their journey, this is the right bag for you.

This roof bag also can be used on vehicles with roof racks as well as vehicles that do not have roof racks. note that included with the roof bag is an antislip mat, storage bag, door hooks(four), and eight straps.

The anti-slip/ protective mat is very handy and good when it comes to protecting the roof of your vehicle from scratches. It also makes sure your cargo bag stays firmly in place and doesn’t slide off during transit.

It can also resist the sun’s UV rays.  This roof bags double-stitched seem design plus its tear-proof and waterproof design keep water from coming in while keeping your luggage’s/cargo dry, clean and secure.

Designed clearly with the harsh weather in mind, this cargo bag is able to stay through harsh weather conditions and resist tears and abrasions.

Details and Features

  • The reinforced straps that come included with the roof bag are adjustable and it is what keeps your cargo bag securely in place securely at all times. The mat is there to do the work of making sure there are no scratches on the roof of your vehicle and also prevent it from sliding off the roof
  • A roof bag with a volume of 15 cubic feet is great when carrying plenty of cargo, carrying up to four to six suitcases, sleeping bags, and other cargo thereby making extra room for passengers to sit comfortably int the car.
  • Compatible with any car or SUV.
  • Whether your vehicle has a roof rack or not, just know that this roof bag will it in perfectly.
  • It is a Waterproof roof bag with zipper protected with a double flap that can be used in extreme weather conditions

How to install

  1. This can be installed using to door hooks. expose the rubber molding which is located on the door of your vehicles (this can be seen when the car is opened). You would find the door frame behind it
  2. Insert the door hooks as expected and then let the straps be pulled upward to secure the roof bag on the car roof. You can then cover back the rubber molding.
  3. Close the door to confirm the rigidity of the door against the rubber molding.
  4. Make sure to securely attach the hook straps to your cargo bag straps and tie the extra steps to prevent flapping during transit. The hooks will ensure the security of the cargo bag throughout the period of your journey.


  • Roof bag weight; 6.6 pounds
  • Roof bag dimension; 13.3*11.9*5.6 inches

Cargo box

This is another alternative when you’re looking for what to carry all kinds of gears but it is important to keep in mind that cargo boxes are not cheap and your vehicle needs to have roof racks with crossbars to be able to mount one.

These cargo boxes range from 10 cubic ft to 20 cubic ft

YAKIMA skybox aerodynamic rooftop cargo box


This is very versatile and sleek and it is aerodynamically designed to reduce wind noise. This cargo box can carry just about anything preventing overloading of your vehicle


  • Safety comes first. Its super latch security ensures the lid is secured to its base. The keys don’t release from the latch until the lid is properly closed
  • You don’t need to assemble it and the box can be opened from any side of the car
  • The cargo box is a multiple purpose hauler and It is very perfect for carrying gears like snowboards and other heavy cargo and it comes in multiple shapes, size, and color

How to install

  • Simply open the lid of the cargo box, release the levers and loosen the thumbwheels
  • Lift the cargo box on top of your crossbars and gently slide until the clamps engage the bars
  • When the cargo box is securely in place, tighten the thumbwheels and close the levers to firmly secure the levers to the crossbars.


  • Cargo box dimension; 94*29*18 inches
  • Item weight; 54 pounds

Roof basket

Roof baskets are another ideal option when you don’t want to spend money on a cargo box but bear in mind that they won’t secure your cargo from rain

Maxxhaul steel roof rack


This is very easy to install on vehicles with crossbars. This is constructed from durable steel with weather-resistant and it includes a rubber gasket to prevent internal rusting.


  • Leaves you with instant cargo space
  • This roof rack is very easy to install and it comes with the mounting hardware
  • Contains rush resistant to prevent and resist corrosion


  • 3815*18.3*10.4 inches

Item weight; 25 pounds

Cargo net

This is sometimes bought together with the cargo basket because it helps tie down those loose items to your cargo basket

EZYKOO cargo net


Although it is not compatible with full-size truck beds, it fits almost all other vehicles. This cargo net is made of high quality thick 6mm rubber cord making it very tough and durable.

This cargo net comes with 12 abs hook plus additional 6 hooks. It is also very easy to install.


10.83*9.72*4.72 inches

Item weight: 2.12 pounds

The overall summary is to avoid overloading and putting too much vehicle on a car because the same way you would be exhausted and maybe give up after carrying a huge load is the same way your vehicle will be exhausted and worn out.

Because when that is done it can not only lead to wear or tear of your vehicle but it can lead to some disaster and safety always comes first no matter how to tell if your car is overloaded

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