How Much Weight Can A Sunroof Hold? 

The sunroof is now constantly reflecting in the purchase decision of many. To an extent, it is now considered some kind of disadvantage if you don’t have a sunroof. For those who want to transport items that their car space can not contain, the usual recommendation is that you should make use of cargo carriers.

So this post is going to show you how much weight a sunroof can hold. Read on to get more facts.

How much weight can a car roof support? A sunroof can hold around 120 and 200 pounds, and that is even for those insane panoramic sunroofs. A normal sedan’s glass panel sunroof should hold a weight between 50 and 80 pounds.

It is important to put the dynamic capacity of the car into consideration when driving, and usually, the sunroof of a sedan can hold averagely, 160 pounds if dynamic capacity is considered.

When it comes to the sunroof, anything too firm or heavy could break the glass. To be straightforward, there is no specified weight limit as to how much can be placed on a sunroof (cargo carriers, kayaks, and all).

However, it is safer to use the crossbars for main support because once you are able to lift it up on your rooftop, then it is probably safe.

If you plan to place cargo on a sunroof and want to know how much it can hold, it is advised to consider using a hard shell roof carrier to eliminate all the concerns. Plus, equipment also can take the weather beating also.

Personally, I do not think it is a good idea to put your soft top bag on the glass roof, this is why it is strongly recommended to use the crossbars and buy a base for it.

The glass of a sunroof sure tampers, but you don’t want to put anything on the glass. So the practical way to go about it is to use crossbars and attach your load to them.

By doing this, the weight of the cargo is transferred to the side-rails that are mounted to the steel portion of the roof. Not the glass anymore.

However, if the item you are transporting includes items like a Kayak, you should be more focused on the wind than the weight. You can get more information on this HERE where I wrote about transporting a Kayak on the rooftop.

This is important to note when it comes to the use of cargo rooftop carriers. Most people do not have a straight jacket answer on how much weight can be put on the Sunroof.

While we can continue listing the advantages of having sunroof car features (when used properly), there are some very serious dangers when it is used improperly. One of these cautions includes overloading the rooftop.

Things to consider before placing a weighty object on the sunroof

Like I mentioned earlier, sunroof, with all its benefits, can pose serious danger when used improperly. I am going to show you the important factors you need to consider before placing any weighty cargo on the sunroof.

Now that you have understood in the previous section that the use of crossbars and roof bags can be a safer option, here are other things to consider when hauling stuff on your sunroof.

Do not overestimate the capacity of your car

While some cars with a sunroof can handle much larger loads than others, it is important that you do not overestimate the capacity.

I do not know the type of car you have so I may not be able to be too precise on this. But one important piece of advice from experts is that you shouldn’t transport anything on the roof if you own a convertible.

Consider the weight of your cargo

You need to check the weight of your car so that it can correspond with how much cargo it will hold. The weight of the cargo should also be dependent on this.

In this case, Your owner’s manual is where you can check what the product says on how much your vehicle’s roof can support. When it comes to sunroof, anything too firm or heavy could break the glass.

Consider tying your roof bag down

No matter the type of car, starting with all the windows down is a better approach to safely tying an item to your car sunroof. These windows should however not include the driver’s window.

When tying roof bags on your sunroof, do not forget to secure them both lengthwise and widthwise.

Invest in roof rack

Now, I understand that sunroof is the main focus here. But ideally, investing in custom-built roof equipment when transporting sporting goods is worthwhile.

This is because you are buying a dedicated rack for that particular item and you will be able to know whether it falls within the weight capacity of the sunroof, such as bicycles, snowboards, kayaks, or surfboards.

Roofbags suitable for Sunroof

Just before we conclude, I will show you some ideal cargo rooftop roof bags that are ideal for sunroof cars. If you want an extra storage option for blankets, luggage, and all, there are some roof bags that have been designed with the right materials and weight capacity for a sunroof

A good example of these ideal cargo carriers that are suitable for sunroof is this 15 Cubic Feet, waterproof RoofBag Rooftop Cargo Carrier.

It is made in the USA and ideal for sunroof Cars with Racks or Without Racks. It is a good choice because it comes with a Roof Protective Mat, Storage Bag, and Straps for tying it down.

How Much Weight Can A Sunroof Hold
RoofBag Rooftop Cargo Carrier

This USA-made RoofBag cargo carrier is recommended because it comes with the strongest straps, it is 100% waterproof, and Saves fuel, protects your roof. Plus, the Mat that comes with it is what you really need for your sunroof as it protects the sunroof and prevents shifting of the car roof bag. You can check it out HERE

Another example of a roof bag cargo carrier that is ideally suitable for sunroof is this impressive Keeper 07203-1 Waterproof Roof Top Cargo Bag.

This one is also 15 Cubic Feet and of course a waterproof Rooftop Cargo Bag, it is spacious and fits all roof racks. It allows you to increase the space of standard vehicles and smaller SUVs too.

How Much Weight Can A Sunroof Hold
Keeper 07203-1 Waterproof Roof Top Cargo Bag.

It has been specially designed to fit all roof racks with attachment capabilities on all four sides, making it great for sunroofs.

Kudos to the heavy-duty construction and how it is able to fold compact for easy storage. You can check it out HERE

One other great roof bag ideal for a sunroof that I must not fail to mention is this 100% Waterproof Heavy Duty Copsrew Upgrade 20 Cubic ft Car Roof Bag, which is also considered a Rooftop Cargo Carrier RoofBag for sunroof as it fits All sunroof vehicle with or without Rack.

Copsrew Upgrade 20 Cubic ft Car Roof Bag

It features pvc + water repellent double coating waterproof AND durable, 20 cubic feet large capacity, 10 tough straps FOR more security, it is easy to set up on sunroofs and features a unique storage design, above all it is versatile and will fit any vehicle.

Is a sunroof different from a moonroof?

While they may not have a striking difference, a sunroof is any kind of panel on the roof of a car that allows light and air to come into the vehicle.  Most are usually square-shaped. A moonroof on the other hand can be seen as a type of sunroof, but in the case of a moon roof, the glass of the panel is usually tinted.

How Much Weight Can A Sunroof Hold

The sunroof in cars permits lights, air, or even both to get into the car from the rooftop. So we can say that a moonroof is much like an extra window on top of the car.

For us to know the real difference between a sunroof and a moonroof, we will need to define them separately, know when they stand for and then conclude on the differences.

So, what is a sunroof?

Most experts call sunroof an opaque panel that matches the body color of the car. The sunroof can be tilted open or removed, in order to bring in natural light and fresh air into the car space.

Some sunroof car designs feature metal panel that will retract into the roof, while some, just above it

What is a Moonroof then?

Moonroof can be categorized under a type of sunroof, moonroof can not be removed from the vehicle, making it permanent and it is made with glass. Moonroof can however be slide or tilt open.

As you will see with most moonroofs, they have an interior sliding panel that matches your car’s interior. It is true that sunroofs are not as common as moonroofs these days anymore.

Most modern cars feature a moonroof than a sunroof. Both can be used interchangeably though.

What people call a sunroof when shopping may actually be a moonroof when shopping. But when you have their meaning and how they function, you will be able to know the difference.

What makes a sedan sunroof different from a panoramic sunroof?

Like I have explained in the previous section, a sunroof is a panel on the roof of a car that usually has electronic motors that allow it to open at the touch of a button.

The sunroof can be made from steel or from a glass. The ideal sunroof will be able to either slide back to let in lots of natural light and air or tilt upwards to give you fresh air.

A panoramic roof, on the other hand, is one that is made from laminated glass and tends to span both the front and rear seats to give the car interior a light, airy feeling.

The striking difference between a sedan sunroof and a panoramic sunroof will cut across their price difference, features, functions, advantages, and disadvantages.

There is a cost difference between these two, but how much you’ll need to pay varies from car to car and can depend on whether the roof can be opened or not.

Buyers of either the sedan sunroof or the panoramic sunroof usually have different things to look out for before making a decision.

If you are planning to add a sunroof as an extra when buying a brand new car, there are features varying that should be considered.

For panoramic sunroof, it is the anti-trap system that saves your finger by detecting when there’s something in the way and prevent the roof from closing.

Sedan and panoramic sunroof can be said to have a number of similarities especially when their downside is being discussed.

Panoramic sunroof could add weight to the top of the car which may, in turn, change the way it feels to drive. Such a disadvantage goes with sedan sunroof as well. Both of them also have this extra drag they cause while opening which could mean it doesn’t save fuel.

With all thee, we may have a solid say that irrespective of their difference, installing a sedan sunroof or panoramic roof have some downsides, especially when they are not used properly.

Final words

The purpose of writing this post was to show you how much weight a sunroof can hold and other important factors to consider when placing heavy items on a sunroof.

We have also been able to examine the difference between a normal sunroof and a panoramic sunroof. Plus, the ideal roof bags to use for a sunroof.

In a nutshell, When it comes to the sunroof, anything too firm or heavy could break the glass. I have mentioned this earlier.

So, whenever you plan to haul things on your sunroof, make sure you don’t overestimate the capacity and work within the weight range.

If you have any problem with cargo carrying with your sunroof, or any contributions in relation to all we have reviewed, kindly drop them in the comment section.

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