Motorcycle Floorboards: Ride with Confidence and Balance

Motorcycles have footpegs, so why use floorboards? Because of two things. Confidence and Balance. Footpegs are small, even when these are common but can be unreliable at times. Whereas footboards or floorboards keep you comfortable whenever riding your motorcycle.

Different types of Motorcycle Floorboards:

There are different kinds of motorcycle floorboards, including materials and durability:

1. Rubber Motorcycle Footboards:

These can be found on the majority of bikes. It’s cheap, and they are easy to install. The rubber floorboard is all black with a metal bar that goes in between your feet.

2. Plastic Motorcycle Floorboards:

These types do not come installed on every motorcycle, so you will have to buy a pair and install them. They are not as expensive, but they offer more protection from the bike’s metal touching your feet than rubber does.

3. Boardwalk Motorcycle Floorboards:

Boardwalk is made out of an aluminum diamond plate with an ergonomic design for comfortability and stability. These boards can be challenging to find but are worth the price.

What to look for in the Motorcycle Floorboards:

Before you decide to buy the motorcycle floorboards, here are a few things you should consider:


Size is important; you should make sure the size of these floorboards is right for your motorcycle.


There are three types of motorcycle floorboards, rubber footboard or aluminum diamond plate. Either one will work, but it is important to choose the right type for your bike and riding style.


Another thing to consider is the floorboard should also match the model of your motorcycle. For example, there are different floorboards for Harley Davidson, which might not fit your Kawasaki Motorcycle.


The material also matters depending on your specific needs, such as metal, rubber, plastic, or any other.

Here are some Best Floorboards for Motorcycles:

1. Motorcycle Tomahawk floorboards Fit for Harley street glide special

Motorcycle tomahawk floorboards, designed to give your bike the right look while adding comfort and style at the same time. Made of high-quality billet aluminum, these boards are designed with a see-through design for that modern custom look. With high machined accents in a cutting edge design on its top, bottom and side, you can be sure your motorcycle will stand out from the rest.

Motorcycle Tomahawks add style and comfort to your Harley Street Glide Special motorcycle as well – try it today!

2. Kuryakyn Ribbed Floorboards

These heavy-duty folding boards are designed to provide you with a stable, padded foot platform that can be folded up and tucked away during long rides.

The Ribbed feature ensures stability on soft surfaces while still allowing flexing for easy use. Achieves the right level of firmness. Ideal for riders or passengers!

3. Orange Cycle Parts Riot Floorboards for Harley Softail

These sleek, minimalistic, contoured floorboards are designed for riders that want to tear up the streets and find creative lines through every turn.

The Riot has a tapered design from front to back, which gives you a ton of clearance when slamming on the brakes or cornering aggressively, plus ample room for your feet when you’re shifting around at high speed. With a serrated tooth at the top surface, it provides no-slip traction while giving you control.

It comes in two finishes, too – blasted Silver or blasted Satin Black textured finish!

Difference Between motorcycle floorboards vs pegs:

Here is how the Floorboards are better than the motorcycle pegs:

  • Motorcycle pegs are small and can be unreliable, whereas footboards keep you comfortable.
  • Floorboards have a tapered design from front to back, giving the rider ample room for their feet when shifting around at high speeds while also providing no-slip traction.
  • Pegs often don’t provide enough clearance on brakes and corners; they’re too close together or not far enough away, depending on the motorcycle model.

DIY Floorboards for motorcycle:

There are different ways you can make your floorboards for the motorcycle. But the question is, are these easy to make?

It depends on what kinds of floorboards you want to make. Here is a tutorial if you want to DIY custom your floorboards:

What are the pros and cons of using motorcycle floorboards?

Motorcycle footboards can be advantageous for various reasons. Firstly, they provide better grip and stability when riding your motorcycle because of the increased surface area that extends to both sides of your feet. Secondly, there is a higher level of control on turns due to the rider being able to use their toes and soles as leverage points.

When it comes to drawbacks, the two most common are taking up more space on narrow motorcycles and interfering with shifting. So it is better to use the floorboards which are suitable depending on your bike.

Are floorboards suitable for new riders?

It is essential to be aware that floorboards are not for everyone. For beginners, it would make sense to start on footpegs so as you learn how to ride a motorcycle before switching over when the time comes. Some people find them more difficult than others, especially if they are unfamiliar with motorcycles or have weak ankles.

How to Keep the motorcycle floorboards in good condition?

  • Cleaning up the floorboards will help to keep these in good condition
  • Take good care of your motorcycle floorboard for longevity


So what did you learn from this article about motorcycle floorboards? If you’re looking for an easy way to ride your bike, using a set of these boards will make it so much easier. They provide grip and stability while also giving the rider more control over the bike. Let us know if you have any questions – we love hearing from our readers!

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