Roofpax Car Roof Bags Review: Everything You Need to Know

Roofpax cargo carrier bag is a product of the brand Roofpax, and the focus is to delve into what makes this brand tick and also to share the exciting features that you’ll love.

Here we go.

15 Cubic Feet Roofpax bag

Roofpax Car Roof Bags Review


This is a 15 cubic feet bag, with extra space for luggage. It is a heavy-duty storage device made from high-grade military material.

It can be mounted on all cars, no wonder it is called a universal cargo bag that works with or without a car rack. It can be easily installed and stored without any stress.

The Category of the Bag

The bag is a carrier – a cargo bag for a rooftop.

The Features of the Product

  • It comes Lock that complies with TSA rules
  • It is made of 4 door hooks that can be fixed into the door frame so, there will be no need for a roof rack.
  • There is a light-reflecting load that shines at night for your security that is attached to it.
  • The size is made to fit all types of cars including SUVs.
  • It is completely protected from rain, sunshine, snow, and wind. It is waterproof, dustproof, and watertight.
  • It can be easily and speedily installed.
  • It comes with a car roof mat to prevent sliding that could scratch your car paint.
  • It doesn’t damage car doors and window seals.

If you give a good consideration of this bag, you will definitely enjoy its service. The military-grade material it is made of is not easily found with other brands. It will be an advantage grabbing this opportunity as it presents itself.

The Pros of the Product

  • The customer service is very good.
  • It carries a lot of items for family trips
  • It is an excellent investment worth going into.

The Cons of the Product

  • The door hook is defective—a review from a customer.

Roofpax 19 Cubic Feet Car roof Bag

Roofpax Car Roof Bags Review


The size of the item is made in such a way that it can work well with a car without a roof rack. The rooftop car bag is the only one that comes with a safety hook instead of using the illegal-based straps that pass through the car to endanger the life of the passengers.

The product is waterproof based too. The fabric used for making it is a high grade of 1218d PVC fabric, the zipper is Waterproof SBS, and the rooftop bag is double-coated using a repellent substance.

The Features of the Product

  • It offers a lot of storage space that gives it an extra advantage over the rest of the brand, with this bag; you will hardly find a limited space to pack your belongings for a trip.
  • The bag body is made of military-grade material with heavy-duty ability. This makes the bag serves the owner for many years without tear or wear.
  • The built-in protective mat will ensure that your bag does not destroy your car paint or slide around the rooftop causing a lot of noise.
  • The included lock complies with TSA scientific rules
  • It possesses four hooks to hold it down to the door frame creating more security for the driver and passengers.
  • It also comes with a light reflection logo to secure your luggage at night.
  • It fits all car sizes including SUVs
  • It is a waterproof based system and is completely protected from rainwater, water, slit, and wind.
  • It can be installed quickly, stored easily by folding it.
  • It comes with a protective mat to form friction preventing sliding of the bag.

I recommend the 19 cubic Roofpax bag to you. It does its job as advertised until you may purchase the wrong product.

The Pros of the Product

  • It is of great quality and very spacious when used.
  • The product customer service is excellent.
  • The safety approach is superb.

The Cons of the Product

  • A customer got disappointed and made a review that it is not good for rain and snow.

Roofpax Tie-Down Hooks


They are used in tying down the bag to the roof of your car to hold it down without sliding or scratching your car paint. It is equally dangerous when you pass straps through your car, having a device that enables hook fixing is an ideal discovery.

You can save more money by patronizing Roofpax hooks 4 plus 2 car door frame hooks. This will enable you to strap any of the luggage mounted on your roof without a rack. It works with almost all types of vehicles.

The Roofpax hooks guarantee a waterproof solution. If you attach hooks on your door frame, there is an assurance that it will prevent water from penetrating into it. because the Roofpax hooks are double-coated with a substance called silicon to prevent damage to your car paint.

The Roofpax hooks are made to fit any vehicle accurately, so there is great intelligence applied here.

Why is the Roofpax Cargo Bag better?

The safety hook with which it comes

It is often emphasized that using a rooftop bag that allows you to pass straps through the car is extremely dangerous. In some countries or states, it is a big offense.

The case is not common with this very cargo bag as it comes with 6 hooks through which the door framed is hooked to firmly hold down the bag to the rooftop.

This is a maximum security act for every family, having a Roofpax bag in possession is a great idea for that matter.

Waterproof Upgraded

There are some products that use polyester that easily tears and leak all because they are cheap. Roofpax, on the other hand, is a premium product made with high-quality 1680 PVC fabric material that never easily tear or wear.

It doesn’t Leak or allow water to penetrate your bag body. This is the kind of item a family should consider. Go for expensive items that will last you for a lifetime.

Apart from this item being a good material, it is also tough enough that it is made of water repellent coating done twice for extra security.

It comes also with double seam technology so that your car top bag will become absolutely protected from all weather conditions.

Extra Size with Bridge Height Consideration

Unlike the other cargo bags that have over large capacity popularly called ultra or extra-large, without considering the height 8f bridges that may be ahead,

Roofpax cargo bag didn’t make such a mistake, it is made of a moderately large capacity of 15 and 19 cubic feet that is good enough to help hold everything you may need for your next trip.

Heavy-Duty Endowed

Getting a cheap product can be easy but the consequence of it falling apart o tearing off after one use is the gain. Don’t waste your investment in extra cheap products; rather get yourself a product that will last long with you.

Protection Mat Inbuilt

It is common with other manufacturers to sell their protective mats separately, but Roofpax bags always come with an inbuilt 7mm protection mat.

This is done in other to protect your car from scratching and to prevent the bag from sliding around your car roof while you are driving at high speed.

The Installation is Easy

  • Install includes the ease of mounting the car roof bag to your car top, it can be easily mounted on various vehicles such as a truck, car, or SUV whether there is a roof rack or not, it is good to go. Side raise or crossbar must not be attached to your car before this item can work on your car top. With this fact, I will conclude that this Roofpax bag is versatile.
  • The installation of the product is not more than a few minutes without the risk of damage to your car as well. The car door and window seals will be protected during installation because the construction of the bag is done to automatically prevent such damage.
  • Most other producers of rooftop bags only include mostly 6 straps with their bags, but Roofpax bag comes with 10 strong straps that increase the safety of the valuables of the items contained in the bag. The straps are heavy-duty materials used to tie down the hooks or can be attached to the roof rack, crossbars, or side rails of your car.

How to Install the Roofpax Bag?

This method is general for all rooftop bags. I want you to carefully study the installation process so that you may pack your load accurately for a safe and peaceful journey.

The steps you must follow for Installation

  • If the raised rails are adjustable, adjust them to a level if possible in which the rooftop bag will fit in completely. Then, place the rooftop cargo carrier in the middle of the rails.
  • If your rails are not adjustable, place the bag on them and gently spread it out to place your loads.
  • Start the loading with the heaviest items placing them in the middle.
  • Spread the load wisely to keep it balanced.
  • Ensure that the zipper is completely closed, ending in the rear point.
  • The zipper flap should be folded down against the zipper.
  • Close all buckles of the strap to reduce noise during the journey at high speed.
  • After following these steps correctly, you can zoom off for your journey without any worry.

Online reviews of Roofpax Cargo Bags?

I have done my part of the reviews of what I personally know about Roofpax, so let me rephrase the various reviews of people as collected from different forums to further broaden your knowledge of the cargo bag.

There are some customers who have used this product for about 6,000 miles traveling and have bought the item over 6 months ago, they took their first trip in winter middle and while coming back home, there was heavy-rain that dropped for hours, yet this product survived the condition

Another customer is excited about using this Roofpax bag. He was reluctant to buy other products including this but later decided to give it a try. He bought it for a trip flex from Ohio to Missouri, that was to and fro trip although. The weather was initially friendly until it ended up with a snowstorm.

However, an amazing thing happened. This product protected everything inside of it as promised in the advertisement. It didn’t come loose throughout the journey.

The plastic latch clips would have been another major worry for this customer, but to his surprise, they all survive the harsh weather. He highly recommended this bag.

It is well-constructed and performed exactly as expected. it was taken for a 2 days trip to Disney World while it was raining but the entire luggage stayed dry without a single scratch on the car roof. There was little noise and the clip system was great. This is a testimony from another verified review.

So far, some set of customers confessed that they have been enjoying this product so far. They used it four times for two roundtrips and it held the entire valuables as expected, and there was a lot of storage space to create more space in the car. The customers said they are yet to test the waterproof power.

There was a time a customer went on a family vacation and it happened to be in Florida. He drove from Northern Michigan up to Dayton Beach FI. He had 1500 Ram so there was a need for more space for storage.

He purchased this product and mounted it on the roof of his truck. The family traveled through very bad weather during the winter storm, under 24 hours rainfall and then the temperature was 80 degrees.  The entire luggage was safe, secure, and stayed dry throughout the journey.

As if it was over, this customer got more impressed during the trip back home, the load storage capacity was enough to hold the entire cargo for the back home trip. He didn’t hesitate to recommend this product.

Special Reviews on the Product

Storage Based Reviews

  • It helps hold a lot of items in it due to the 19 cubic capacities it is.
  • It is sturdy and spacious, which makes it a great choice for the family.
  • it created more space in the car for the family member’s comfort.
  • It can accommodate large suitcases and other bags easily on top of an SUV.
  • It is very easy to manage when it comes to arranging your loads inside of it.

 Fitness Based Reviews

  • The rooftop bag holds luggage and also stayed very stable on the rooftop.
  • It worked like magic keeping all the belongings secure.
  • Luggage fit perfectly on the roof of the car while using this bag for carrier purpose.
  • Item was great enough for the Subaru outback and also fits the van as expected.

Quality-Based Reviews

  • This item is a solid strapping system based as it gives the kind of durability expected of an expensive product as it is.
  • The rigidity of the product cannot be easily emphasized. It is as tough as rock or better put as nails. The security is very high.
  • It comes with a free TSA lock as an attachment for extra protection.
  • The straps are so tough because they are made of Velcro wraps which guarantee the total security of your loads.

Size Based Reviews

  • It takes a lot of odd-shaped items, so there will be room in the car if you are traveling with your pets as well.
  • It creates more travel space for the family in the car.
  • Despite the size, the simple ability to fold the bag is really great.
  • It can handle large cargo without any stress.
  • It is a heavy-duty item that can take a large number of valuables for any trip.

Water Resistant based Reviews

  • It is actually the 100% waterproof as claimed by the manufacturers, anything different from this claim means you have purchased the default item.
  • Despite driving through downpours, water will never get into your belongings.
  • There was no leaking despite the heavy amount of rain during the trip.
  • The durability of the waterproof system is always great even when you drive in rain or snow.
  • The material it is made of is tough, prevents water seriously, and also easy to store.
  • It is water-resistant based, durable, and has large storage capacity.

Easy to use Based Reviews

  • It is highly easy to set up.
  • It is made of premium quality, as well as easy to install in a matter of minutes.
  • It can be easily folded up and store when you don’t want to use it.

FAQs on the RoofPax Cargo Bags

Can the Straps be easily cut with Razor or they are wire reinforced

This is a very good question. Roofpax straps are the tough types that are built to hold your bag tightly on the roof of your car without sliding even at high speed.

This is an indication that they are made to be sturdy but they are not wire reinforced, but made in such a way a sharp knife or razor will hardly cut them.

Will this Item work on Tesla Model 3

This question may not be given a direct answer because I haven’t used it on Tesla Model 3 before but it works well on KIA Sorento.

Will this rooftop bag fit for a 2014 Mazda CX5 that has no Roof Rack

The item should fit your car. The Roofpax cargo bag is versatile so your car having no roof rack is not a problem since the bag comes with 4 hooks that can be pinned to the door frame so that you will have a safe journey throughout.

There is no dare need for a Roof rack for this product to work with your car at all.

Can this product be tied down to the rack of Toyota 4runner?

There are up to 3 methods of installing the Roofpax car top bag, it can either be installed attaching the strap to the raised rails, or crossbars or the roof rack.

If you don’t want to use any of the methods above, you can return to the hook method holding down your bag to your car door frame. If done well, your luggage will be intact no matter the weather condition.


The toughness of the material it is made of is a superb and the original expected of an expensive item like this one.

The straps are also super fantastic, with the specially made hooks that can be attached to the door frame to hold the bag down throughout the journey.

Considering the waterproof level of the product, many reviews showed that it is very durable, and as such a proudly accepted cargo bag by everyone.

Don’t hesitate to get this bag anytime soon, if you are planning to go on a trip soon.

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