Who Makes PACCAR Engines

Paccar Inc makes PACCAR truck engines. Paccar Incorporated, founded in 1905, is a company that produces high-quality vehicles. It is known for its design, production, and customer service for trucks under Kenworth and Peterbilt’s brands.

PACCAR History

Here is the Paccar history:

  • Seattle Car Mfg. Co. was founded in 1905 and merged with Twohy Brothers of Portland to become Pacific Car and Foundry Company in 1924.
  • PACCAR has been around since the 1930s and has been developing new products that have become a success.
  • The Company entered the heavy-duty truck market in 1945 with its first major acquisition, Kenworth Motor Truck Company of Seattle.
  • The Company has made products used in some of the world’s most well-known constructions.
  • PACCAR was split into two subsidiaries in 1973. One subsidiary focused on foreign business, and the other served aftermarket parts.
  • PACCAR has merged with Trico Industries, Inc. in 1986 and became a recognized world leader in manufacturing oil field pumps and accessories.
  • PACCAR expanded its global operations in 2013 with the opening of a new DAF factory.

Who Makes PACCAR trucks?

In October 1999, PACCAR Automotive was bought by CSK Auto, Inc. So the CSK Auto makes these trucks.

Are PACCAR Engines Any Good?

The PACCAR MX engine is perfect for fleets looking to get the most out of their money. It offers high performance with fuel economy, durability, and smooth operation that will last you through many miles on one tank!

Some PACCAR Engines:

When it comes to engines, you can’t have too much power or efficiency. That’s why every PACCAR Engine is carefully designed by the experts who know what they’re doing so that your truck will be able to go as fast with less fuel than any other vehicle on the road!


Fuel System

The engine’s fuel system is designed to create a better combustion process, making the car more fuel-efficient while reducing noise and emissions.

Lubricant Module

The machine’s Lubricant Module filters and cools the engine, and monitors its temperature. This makes servicing much easier for professionals who work on trucks as their job!


The most powerful and efficient engine in its class, the Torque Mx-13 produces 1.55 to 2 tons per liter of torque with peak values at low RPM for better acceleration response when you need it most!


Fuel Injection System

When it comes to fuel efficiency, the MX-11 has you covered. With its 36k PSI Fuel Injection System and high-pressure sensors for accurate delivery of each drop of gas within this rubber fueled engine’s chamber, there are no worries about getting stranded on track or out the road!

Compacted Graphite Iron

They say that the key to happiness is balance, and for these guys. The engine of their vehicles is built with 75% stronger CGI, which makes them 20% lighter than gray cast iron!


Electronic Control Module

As the brain of the PX-9, the ECM accurately controls all engine functions for optimum performance and fuel economy.

Heavy-Duty Design

The PX-9’s heavy-duty design extends engine life and protects engine components by lowering internal temperatures with targeted piston cooling and a bypass oil filtration system.

PACCAR Engines Reliability

The PACCAR engine is durable and reliable. PACCAR’s engines are designed to be rugged and durable. The engine in these trucks is so durable that they can withstand a million miles without major maintenance or overhauling. This makes them perfect for long-haul truckers who need their vehicles to stay running smoothly even when faced with tough terrains such as deserts!

How does PACCAR Engine Warranty work?

With a wide selection of Extended Warranty Plans for PACCAR Engines to meet your business and application needs, you can feel confident in knowing that key engine components will be covered with peace of mind.

Here is how its warranty works:



Comprehensive: 2 years/250,000 miles (400,000 KM)

Engine Aftertreatment: 2 years/250,000 miles (400,000 KM)

Major Components: 5 years/500,000 miles (800,000 KM)

How PACCAR Engine differs from other engines?

The powerful and efficient 12.9-liter PACCAR MX-13 engine offers a perfect balance of power with the economy, making it the ideal choice for many applications! It is a much better engine. There are many great advantages to having a PACCAR engine in your vehicle.

When your truck engine needs a Replacement?

If your car has engine trouble, you need to decide whether to repair the engine or replace it.

Engine failure is often due to a cracked engine block and must be replaced rather than repaired.


Keeping your car’s engine cool is critical for protecting it, so follow all manufacturer guidelines on required maintenance.

Improper Engine Lubrication

Lubrication protects the engine’s moving parts from damage and wear. If there’s low oil pressure or contaminated fuel, the car will fail because of it!

Knocking noises

When your engine knocks, the sound is typically caused by an air-fuel mixture that has not been fixed or can be a sign of major damage.

Loss of performance

If your car doesn’t accelerate when you drive it, there is not enough fuel in the tank, or the engine isn’t working.

Here are a few reasons the engine loses its performance:

  • Low compression will lead to a sluggish engine. Diagnosing the problem is usually the next step before getting a repair.
  • If there is a malfunction with the camshaft position sensor, the car will not function properly.

Car Exhaust Smoke Colors

You might be able to pinpoint the problem with your car by looking at what comes out of its tailpipe. If you see colorful smoke, that means there’s some issue and probably not just an oil change!

Does Smoke Color Identifies Car’s Health?

Knowing the colors of smoke can help you diagnose your car’s issue quickly and get it repaired faster.

White Smoke (It is Normal)

The water vapor in your car’s exhaust is what makes white smoke when it starts to warm up. It can be seen most clearly on a cold day, but you might also notice this if there are light clouds during sunset or sunrise because condensation builds up inside an engine compartment!

Blue Or Gray Exhaust Smoke (Isn’t Considered Normal)

The color of your exhaust smoke is telling you something. There’s a good chance it has an oil leak, and the engine is burning fat with excessive consumption! You may need professional help for this problem- different causes like broken valve seals or damaged piston rings can cause these types of issues as well…

Black Exhaust Smoke (Something Serious)

The car may be giving off black exhaust smoke, which could mean it has an issue with its fuel system. A clogged air filter can harm your gas mileage and reduce performance, so make sure to have any problems inspected by a professional before they worsen!

Persistent, Milky White/gray Exhaust Smoke (Serious)

If you see thick white/gray exhaust smoke pouring from your car’s tailpipe, this could be an indication that there is a cracked block or cylinder head. Both of these problems are highly detrimental and must be addressed immediately!

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some questions and answers to help you more about the PACCAR Engines:

Who owns PACCAR?

CSK Auto, Inc. owns PACCAR Incorporated. However, PACCAR Incorporated manufactures products for the PACCAR Group.

Where is PACCAR based?

It is based in Bellevue, Washington.


This article provides information on Paccar engines, their advantages, and what to do when they need to be replaced. Here is what it explains:

  • PACCAR engines are a great choice for many applications.
  • If your car has engine trouble, you may need to replace the engine rather than repairing it.
  • Overheating can be a problem and lead to damage if not addressed properly.
  • Lubrication protects the engine’s moving parts and low oil pressure can be a sign of damage.
  • Knocking noises can be a sign of major damage.
  • Loss of performance can be due to low compression or a malfunction with the camshaft position sensor.


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  1. I have a 2012 mx13 455hp epa 10 . It is the worst engine an back up iv ever had. Paccar refuse to update problems an software never again will I buy a paccar


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