Best Roof Bag For Honda Odyssey in 2022

When it comes to preserving and increasing cargo space in your Honda Odyssey, roof bags are simply ideal solutions for your car top. Let’s get into the details of you getting the best roof bag for your Odyssey.

The rooftop bags are easily attached to your roof rack and can be easily uninstalled for storage. I have written a similar article on rooftop bags, you can get the full information on this page.

Many car users have used rooftop bags for long road journeys; they love it and will still go back to rooftop bags again and again due to the solution they can give when it comes to expanding inner car space, meaning extra space is created for accommodating loads.

In this post, we would recommend to you the best of roof bags around that will be suitable for your Honda Odyssey.

But before we get into the full details and review, take a sneak peek at our quick recommendations.

Quick Recommendations

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Car Top Carrier Roof Bag
RoofPax Car Roof Bag
RoofBag Rooftop Bag

The Best Roof Bags for Honda Odyssey – Detailed Review

Let you and I look at the various roof bags available. I have purposely selected the ones of high quality for you to see for yourself and then make the right decision. Here are some of the best products that will surely meet your demands.

Car Top Carrier Roof Bag

If you need a rooftop bag that will last for you, don’t skip this very one at all. It is a product I can always recommend to you over and over and for this reason, you are going to like what you get.

Check out the features of the product and see.

Features of the product

  • There is no doubt about this product, it is a waterproof item unlike what other rack roof bags used to claim but not true.
  • It is a heavy-duty coated tarpaulin and fabric-guarded, coated zippers for 100% waterproof protection.
  • This will make your belongings stay safe all day long and you will enjoy the performance as expected.
  • This carrier roof bag does not fall apart on high way speed and doesn’t tear. The reason is that it is made of extra heavy-duty material that helps it to withstand the weather conditions on the road.
  • If your aim is to get a perfect car top carrier bag, your best choice is right here before you.
  • Roof to cargo bags that has strong zipper is hard to get and that’s why this product is uncommon and durable. You have found the best car roof bag ever.
  • The dimensions are well-engineered, and therefore the manufacturers ensured that the rooftop bag gives attention to details.
  • The cargo bag is perfect for everyone and as such you will actually enjoy the service as long as it lasts with you and it will surely last.
  • Do you need a long-lasting, cargo bag that doesn’t scratch? Don’t waste your money on cheap products either, go for this powerful product for the best. You need it for great performance.
  • There is a bonus protection mat that comes with the bag, it helps save your expensive car paint so you are good to go.
  • The bag is so firm that it forms strong resistance to wind, so you don’t need to worry about a tear-off in a heavy wind.
  • No matter how many times you go for a trip, you are always guaranteed to go with it as it lasts longer than you think.
  • The product enjoys a 2 years100% money bag policy.

I will always recommend products like this to you as for sure, it will satisfy your need, accommodate enough space, and also prevent your luggage from water attach.

It is a product known to resist wind influence so; purchasing it is not bad at all.

Pros of the Product

  • It comes with great customer care service, for any issue that may arise
  • It lasts for hours and wind and rain resistance.

The Cons of the Product

  • The product according to a customer flew off on the interstate at 70 mph

RoofPax Car Roof Bag & Rooftop Cargo Carrier

I have brought another great quality rooftop bag for you. It is quite expensive but worth the price and should be highly considered as one of the best in town.

It is engineered to last long for the user, which makes it a fantastic product for everyone. The rate is high, 716 an indication that you will be buying a product that will satisfy your need as well.

The Features of the Product

  • When it comes to safety and rest of mind, don’t ever doubt this item. It is produced to give your valuables maximum safety.
  • It is made of a patent registered 4+2 free door hook straps so there is no need hooking your bag from inside the car.
  • Remember, it is dangerous tying down your car with a strap that goes inside, now you have an item offering you the grace of hooking your straps from the top of the care. Would you still want to risk your life?
  • If you need the safest and most secure car roof cargo bag, this RoofPax bag is the best in the market currently.
  • The item is carefully made with military quality waterproof system, now you know that it is a premium quality bag.
  • The military-grade material makes the security of your of valuables stronger and greater. The waterproof double zippers and dual seam technology with water repellent double coating is a super master material for increased security.
  • It comes with a built-in protective mat and an elastic Velcro strap that can restraint in order to avoid flapping.
  • This product with or without roof rack or side-rails, this item is good to go. The product as claimed by the manufacturer can go with any size of car or SUV
  • It is made of raised side rails or crossbars, even if you don’t have the rails installed on your car roof, you can use the attached door hook straps that form a loop that enables you to strap down any car rooftop luggage.
  • This is an extra-large size of L43.3” x W31.5” x H19.8” and provides 15 cubic feet of car rooftop cargo storage which creates unlimited space for you to carry all you need on your car top for any trip.
  • The item can easily help hold 4-6 suitcases and even more if you desire. You can pack all you desire with confidence and your car top luggage will stay firmly no matter the high way speed.
  • With this fantastic product, you are safe and protected, no matter the weather condition; the cargo bag will go a long way to protect your valuables as you travel.
  • One beautiful thing about the bag is that it features a lifetime warranty on zippers and buckles in case they break or tear. You can always return the item if you are not satisfied with the performance but you should activate your warranty in the item website.

The product is worth the price. If you are ready to get a product of this functionality, you can purchase this very one and it will surely do the job for you. I guarantee you of a good experience if well managed as directed by the manufacturers.

The Pros of the Product

  • There is excellent customer service so if your product is faulty in any way, you can always find a quick solution.
  • It is worth buying due to the durability and long-lasting materials it is made of.
  • Spacious with great quality.

The cons of the product

  • A customer said it is not good for rain and snow.

RoofBag Rooftop Cargo Carrier Bag

This tiptop bag is carefully designed and will go a long way to help secure your luggage anytime, any moment.

The features of the product

  • This cargo bags fits cars with 58 inches or longer such as SUVs and medium to large sedans sizes.
  • The dimensions of the bag are cool and are 48 inches length, 38 inches width, 11 to 18 inches Height. This is exactly why it can accommodate a lot of your loads for travel.
  • This product is made in the USA.
  • It is 100 percent waterproof according to the manufacturer and heavy duty
  • The item is easy to install on any of your vehicles even Honda Odyssey with or without car rack.
  • The product is large enough to hold the luggage of 5 medium-sized suitcases and 2 years guarantee.
  • Talking of safety, it is just a superb experience that will never fly off your car meaning the straps are not seen to the cargo bag.
  • Seatbelt style straps of 3000 lbs strong, heavy-duty, 1.5 inches wide, secure carrier at any highway speed
  • This product is toxic-free because it is not made of any harmful chemical substance.
  • Construction is heavy-duty based made of abrasion-resistant fabric.
  • Rip resistant item that gives you complete peace of mind.
  • The shape is an aerodynamic shape, for quiet and fuel-efficient trips.
  • It is made of a specially formulated fabric that enables it to resist the extreme temperature of between ~40 to 120 degrees F.
  • Continuous harsh sun exposure.
  • The installation is done with a logo at the front of the vehicle at least 8” behind the front end of the car roof so that there will be quiet travel experience.
  • Straps are attached to side rails both sides to crossbars front to back.
  • You can use the bag on a bare roof and nothing will happen.
  • There are doors closed over straps which do not interfere with the door, window or door steal.
  • Fill this bag to capacity to keep flap pointing down and covering the zipper for more safety of the valuables.
  • The product comes with the following: 15 cubic foot, heavy-duty straps, non-slip roof mat.
  • Storage is large enough to make your car roof accommodative for extra loads for travel.

The product is amazing; from the features, you may begin to get the idea of how great the bag can be. You should go for this bag as it will satisfy the need due to its last long material.

The pros of the product

  • This is a product that is built with strong material and can withstand any weather condition.
  • The item is made of strong and long-lasting straps and can fit into any type of car.
  • The item has large dimensions that allow it to hold a lot of loads while you travel peacefully.

The cons of the product

A customer said it is functional but not great; this review shows the customer is still in doubt if it is not great because to me when something is functional, it is great too.

Copsrew Car Roof Bag

A roof bag that comes with great reviews will surely standouts among the rest and this is the case of this very item.

The Features of the Product

  • The first feature is that it comes with a 100 percent money-back guarantee, and this has given you peace of mind already.
  • The warranty is 2 years, highly reliable, and as well as the product with the highest customer rating that can fit all cars.
  • Despite it is a waterproof cargo bag, your valuables are safe in it due to the strong straps that come with it.
  • There is a wider seat belt of the style 300 lb. and it is strong and secure, this keeps it firm on your car roof for any high way speed.
  • You can press down the cargo bag against the roof without attaching it to the bag and it will be safe.
  • It helps to save fuel, protects your roof, and also helps you travel peacefully.
  • The product is made of a waterproof coated zipper plus zipper flap that helps to increase the security of your belongings in the cargo bag. This act alone, prevent the penetration of water into it.
  • The strap in another word is a water repellent that will never wick water into your car.
  • The product is also made of a protective mat that helps to protect the roof of your car and also prevents sliding of the cargo bag on the roof.
  • It is built with large storage capacity, to store your properties and accessories safely.
  • It is not containing any harmful chemicals and does not peel the roof of your car. This is better described as tear-resistant.

I will recommend the cargo bag since it appears to be the best in the market having the highest customer ratings. As you can now see, the bag promises a lot of great performance that has been verified from the reviews of verified customers. If you invest your money in this product, I am sure there is a monetary value attached to it.

The pros of the product

  • The product is super fantastic because it comes with strong straps that cannot be easily open by an intruder. This makes it a high securing agent for travellers who store their valuables in it.
  • The weight does not affect your vehicle and therefore enables your car to move with ease.

The Cons of the Product

  • The first complaint was that the item was not complete, so ensure you check well before accepting the product from the delivery man or boy.

How rooftop bags are made to fit your Honda Odyssey

Everyone loves anything that lasts long and still perfectly serves its purpose. This is the case of the ideal rooftop bags for a Honda Odyssey roof rack.

Apart from getting a suitable cargo bag that can fit into the rooftop, the bags must be made rugged so they withstand all conditions they are exposed to during a trip such as extremely hot sun, brutal cold, harsh wind, rain from a summer storm, and so on.

If your rooftop bag can stand up to these harsh weather conditions, you are good to go.

How I will select my Cargo Bags


This part of the article is more like a simple guide on how you are supposed to select your cargo bag so that in the end, you will pick a perfect rooftop bag.

When selecting your bags, ensure that you consider the options that can expand and contract so they can meet your storage need. This is what I call the Flexibility of the rooftop bags.


A rooftop bag must be rugged enough to withstand the harshest of weather conditions, so, are you going to buy the best qualities of cargo bags now?

A review will come shortly addressing the best of your needs.


There are some models that can be converted to rolling luggage and as a result, turns your journey to and fro into a breeze.

This conversion ability is another solution that should be considered while you plan to get a rooftop bag for yourself, are you already thinking of that? If yes, you are on your way to making a good decision, kudos to you.

The Price and Quality

If you are on a budget, I am sure you will not go beyond what your money can afford. Still, as a smart buyer, you are still considering the quality of the product you are intending to buy, what is your demand?

Is the rooftop bag you want to purchase already meeting your budget? The price and the quality should not disappoint you in the end, that’s our mission in this article.

Luckily, cargo bags are not that expensive compared to the counterparts that do the same job—the cargo boxes, larger, tougher, and more secure.

I recommend manufacturers that construct high-quality rooftop bags through high-quality materials and they include ROLA, Highland, Bully, and Lund Rhino-Rack, these guys will never fail you.

I cannot advise you to go and purchase rooftop bags without considering what your experience will look when it comes to using it with your Honda Odyssey.

Can you remember? Your Honda Odyssey is of course a minivan; therefore you should consider the size of the cargo bag that will fit the rooftop.

How much weight can the rooftop of a Honda odyssey carry?

I can remember a certain time one of my computer operators made an interesting statement. He said, “It is like when you place one bag of cement on a Laptop”.

My PC was not functioning well; it was working extremely slowly, so when I inquire for the reason, I discovered that the load it was carrying was bigger than its memory.

The same thing can happen to your Honda Odyssey. Honda Odyssey can carry about 165 pounds. This is a befitting number that most of the vehicles can carry, including SUVs, most cars you know, and trucks.


We have come to the end of the article and by now, you should know the best types of car roof cargo bags you should go for. Follow the guides I mentioned to purchase the best cargo bags and you will not regret it.

More information about Honda roof rack weight limit.

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