9 Best Roof Baskets for SUV in 2022

You can not talk about practical methods of transporting luggage and sporting goods using a car without mentioning cargo carriers and their varying capacity.

These carriers are installed on roof racks or hitches and they come in different shapes and sizes. They come in handy when you think of expanding the load capacity of your SUV car for items that might not fit inside.

Cargo carriers are not all the same and each type works best for the size of your load and the type of car in question.

If your plan is to carry larger equipment that can be secured with bungee cords, then you need a very sturdy and durable rooftop basket.

In this post, I have reviewed some of the best roof baskets that are suitably ideal for SUV cars and other vehicle types. Each of the products listed here all have their own strengths.

In a hurry? Take a sneak peek at our top 3 recommendations in the table below.

Product NameGrade
ROLA 59504 V-TexA
CargoLoc 32531A

While they are all mounted on a roof rack or roof rails, they feature unique specifications that make them among the best roof baskets you can buy.

This Buying guide will also help you pick the right one for your specific needs.

Top 9 roof baskets for SUV

You are here to find a very good roof basket for your SUV car. You must have realized that cargo baskets are the perfect addition to any off-road vehicle.

With these buying options presented in this post, you can now easily store your dirty gear, spare tire, jack, shovel, and more.

You have seen our top three, read on to pick the best size and style of cargo basket from the products below.

1. MaxxHaul


About product

Durable rugged steel is what this MaxxHaul roof rack is constructed from. It features a weather-resistant finish that will surely resist corrosion. It does not give problems when installing on a crossbar.

This one comes with a rubber gasket that will prevent internal rusting.

It has instant cargo space for vehicles with crossbars and it is also easy to assemble and install.

There is an assembly and mounting hardware included and this product attaches to most cross bars with easy to use U-bolts for simple installation. It is a perfect roof basket for your SUV car.

You will like the way this roof basket is designed to provide instant cargo space. While the rooftop basket has overall dimensions of 46″ x 36″ x 4-1/2″ high, it comes with a universal U-bolt mounting system that helps in installation.

The frame is all-steel construction and features powder-coated to resist rust.


  • Easy-to-install
  • Possesses a universal u-bolt mounting system that helps with the vehicular installation with crossbars.
  • Universal Mounting System
  • Will work on crossbars from .60″ thin to 1.50″ thick.
  • Versatile
  • Has rubber caps that protect the U-bolts and the cargo
  • Rust-resistant finish to resist corrosion


  • NOT Assembled 70115 Steel Roof Rack-150 lb
  • Some users complain about rusting, but after a thorough examination, I noticed that they did not install the rubber sleeves which cover the screws and the joints. Water will get in there if you leave them. All in all, this product is a great bargain for its price.

2. ROLA 59504 Cargo Basket


About product

This is a very versatile rooftop cargo basket that will fit full-size cars, sport utility vehicles, and vans that have existing roof bars.

With this one, you will be able to secure various items to the rooftop of your SUV or any vehicle. So you don’t have to sacrifice that valuable interior cargo space. The capacity is 130 pounds and it assures comfortable travel.

It features a sporty 2 piece construction and Rough-coat finish that protects against the elements and scratch-resistant.

It can also be easily mounted on both round and square and even most factory OEM racks. It comes with mounting hardware and the assembled dimension is 48 x 37.5 x 5 inches.


  • Includes easy to fit custom air deflector
  • Long-lasting durability
  • Heavy-duty steel construction
  • Adjustable brackets fit most crossbars.


  • The basket is a bit heavy. Most people also love the color and the texture. The only thing that brings concern is how hard it may be to make the rubber pieces that connect the two pieces fit.

3. CargoLoc 32531 Rooftop Cargo Basket (Black)


About product

CargoLoc – Rooftop Cargo Basket looks perfect on vehicles with raised crossbars. It is a good choice as it is durable, and features weather-resistant steel construction.

This one has been designed for reduced wind resistance and noise.

Since it is Lightweight, you will not have a problem installing or removing the cargo basket. It holds up to 15 Cubit Feet of cargo. In my opinion, it is a great value and very sturdy.

This CargoLoc – Rooftop Cargo Basket may not be different from others on this list but it is sure sturdy and easy to install. It is indeed a great product at this amazing price!


  • Lightweight
  • Easy to install and remove
  • Holds up to 15 Cubit Feet of cargo
  • 150lbs Load Capacity


  • If you do not paint the hardware, it may rust!

4. Auto Dynasty Roof Basket


About product

When you think of carrying bulky items which may include luggage, bicycles, canoes, kayaks, or skis, then you can rely on this durable product.

You no longer have to reduce interior space for occupants as this roof cargo basket goes one step further by providing you with a boxed frame for even more added reinforcement.

This means that you can secure cargo large and small. This product comes with two Roof Rack Bars, four Mounting Brackets, and one cargo box.


  • Crafted from High-Quality Light Weight Aluminum
  • Features Adjustable Clamps to Fit a Variety of Vehicles
  • Noise at highway speed is very very low
  • Zero rattles or squeaks


  • Fits Vehicles with OEM Rain Gutters Only
  • It would be great if you have some DIY in you because most users say the instructions are poor.

5. Reese Explore 1040900 Steel Rooftop Basket


About product

Are you looking for a durable steel construction roof basket? This may just be a godsent for you. You will also want to consider because it has a rust resistant finish.

In connection, there will be no internal rusting since the sleek aerodynamic design features rubber gaskets.

This Reese Explore rooftop basket mounts to most factory and aftermarket Crossbars. The rack is 44″ X 33″ X 4.25″ and has a load capacity of up to 125 Pounds.

It is an ideal cargo basket for transporting cargo, this rack fits most full size and compact Sport utility vehicles and cars with roof racks such as your SUV.

It has been designed to meet the demands of high quality automotive and recreational product solutions.

If you choose to buy this product, you have chosen to purchase a durable cargo management solutions to get you where you’re going.

With this, you have been able to increase your vehicles storage capacity that will allow you to carry cargo outside your vehicle, on the roof, using this long-lasting and durable rooftop cargo basket.


  • Easy to assemble
  • The adjustable brackets fit most Crossbar styles
  • Sleek aerodynamic design
  • Load capacity up to 125 pounds
  • Quality durable Steel Construction
  • Rust-resistant finish


  • You may find the assembling directions a little confusing especially if it is your first time, but this is really a great product!

6. Reese 1391300 Explore Rooftop Cargo Basket


About product

Yes, another one from Reese. This is a better alternative that is easy to assemble and features adjustable mounting to most round, square, aero, and factory-installed crossbars on a variety of cars, trucks, SUVs, vans, and other large vehicles using U-bolts.

Use this long-lasting Reese rooftop cargo basket to free up space in your vehicle with a 125 lb. Capacity. This is a very good choice for packing luggage, gear, and equipment.

People who look for rooftop baskets to buy are always on the lookout for ones that are not just high quality but also made from strong, heavy-duty steel. If you are like that, then this is your pick.

You will want to consider it also because it has a durable black powder coating to disallow it from rusting and scratching.

It is indeed built to last.

Thanks to the sleek, angled front windshield that resists drag and makes for an aerodynamic fit. This cargo basket for your SUVs is a smart storage solution for camping, road trips, outdoor activities, and other excursions whenever you think of embarking on an adventure.

It is a roof rack cargo basket that safely and securely holds up to 125 lbs. of cargo, gear, and equipment.


  • Easy Assembly
  • 125 Lb. Capacity
  • Built to last
  • Sleek aerodynamic
  • Adjustable fit


  • There is no disadvantage that comes with this particular REESE Explore Rooftop Cargo Basket, it appears most of its users are pretty much satisfied with its overall performance. Only that it is a light-duty roof rack that should not be overloaded. Highly recommended.

7. HTTMT MT371-029-M 43


About product

This practical roof rack with roof cargo basket utilizes your vehicle’s crossbars, it is designed with an easy mounting with four universal U-bolts.

Accommodating square crossbars up to 3.25″ wide and 1.375″ thick or round bars up to 1.375″ in diameter.

HTTMT MT371-029-M 43 Inches Universal Black Roof Cargo Carrier w/Luggage Hold Basket SUV is suitable for most vehicles including SUVs and it is a great choice for hauling extra cargo bags, camping equipment, luggage, and more.

If you are looking for a perfect rooftop cargo basket for a long road trip with a large group of people or friends, then this is the right one. It features heavy-duty sturdy steel construction and a black powder-coated finish.

There is a steel wind fairing included making sure wind noise is reduced, the same function to the resistance.

Thanks to the bottom metal bars and side rails that keep loads and cargos in place while providing plenty of tie-down points. In my opinion, this is a great product that should be valued above the price it sells for.

With the roof basket in this product, you will be able to make everything fit nicely.


  • Your cargo will be kept in place while you drive with the 5.5″ tall height. And 1″ diameter side rails 
  • Heavy-duty bottom metal bars
  • Steel wind fairing decreases wind resistance and noise
  • Easy to assemble
  • Extra Large size and capacity compared to others

Specifications of product HTTMT MT371-029-M 43 Inches Universal Black Roof Cargo Carrier w/Luggage Hold Basket SUV

  • Weight Capacity: 220LB
  • Overall dimensions: 43″(L) x 38.5″(W) x 6-1/2′(H)
  • Wind Fairing dimension: 33.5″ x 7″
  • U-Bolt spacing: 3.25″ wide x 1.375
  • Weight Capacity: 220LB
  • Overall dimensions: 43″(L) x 38.5″(W) x 6-1/2′(H)
  • Wind Fairing dimension: 33.5″ x 7″
  • U-Bolt spacing: 3.25″ wide x 1.375


  • I frown at the fact that paint comes off easy. But since you can simply pick up a can of black textured Rustoleum spay paint (an identical match) this should not be considered a huge problem.

8. DNA Motoring RRC-T113-BK


About product

Storing hauled extra luggage, camping equipment, cargo bags and more has never been easier with this brand new rooftop cargo basket that has been designed for the outdoor adventurer’s lifestyle.

It is truly very easy to install a rooftop basket with 4 universal U-bolts.

There is also plenty of tie-down points on the bottom metal bars and side rails. It features a steel wind fairing and can be used to carry big loads.

Plus, you can mount accessories directly to the crossbars or straight bars of this roof rack cargo basket.


  • Sturdy and Weather-Resistant
  • Heavy-Duty Steel Construction
  • Black coating
  • The dimensions: 48″ Long x 40″ Wide x 7″ Tall
  • 150 Lbs Weight Capacity
  • Plastic Wind Fairing reducing Wind Noise and Vibration


  • It is a brand new item but there is no Instruction Included, same goes for Crossbars.

9. Rhino-Rack Roof Mount Cargo Basket


About product

Lastly on this list of the best roof baskets for SUVs and other vehicles is this durable Rhino-Rack Roof Mount Cargo Basket. It is XTray luggage carrying accessory that will definitely have people staring at it in admiration as you drive.

The black powder-coated steel construction and a sleek design that makes it easily matchable, coupled with the quality manufacturing and perfect styling is all you need to transport your cargo with your SUV.

Trust me, it does not make a noise like other fewer quality ones because this one features a sleek, aerodynamic wind deflector that is positioned at the front of the tray.

It is rated one of the best rooftop cargo baskets you will ever find on the internet, and reading the product description and reviews from verified users, it is convincing that this product is worth your shot.


  • Strong and Durable
  • Steel 2 piece construction
  • Fits all Vortex bars
  • Fits Euro bars
  • Includes sleek, front wind deflector
  • Powder-coated to avoid rusting and color fading
  • Suitable for off-road use
  • Sleek, stylish, and rugged aesthetic


  • This is, in fact, a perfect product and that is why it has been reserved for the last. It has a dynamic load rating of 75kg/165lbs and it is suitable for all vehicles. However, some people say it does produce noticeable wind noise that is not terrible at all.
  • This is not something I can agree to because it can be caused by the improper loading of cargo. But the only little disadvantage is that this roof basket will only work great with an appropriately sized net.

We have come to the end of the best rooftop cargo baskets to buy for SUVs and other vehicle types. If you are looking for a very high-quality one, and you still want to buy within a certain budget, then the best choice is not far from this list at all.

Before I conclude this post, it is important that you know more about the product you are buying. This brings us to explaining the general pros and cons of rooftop baskets for SUVs and how you can utilize them.

The benefit of using rooftop Baskets for SUV

Right from the 1970s when car rooftop baskets were introduced, it has not taken any large difference or innovation.

They usually are made with their metal profile and good versatility for different objects. Using a rooftop basket as cargo for your load on an SUV comes with the following advantage:

  • The rooftop basket are usually easy to install on any type of roof rack or roof rails, they also have to introduce increased load capacity because you will observe that most of them are made from a mental profile.
  • Unlike roof bags, they have a large carrying capacity for large and heavy objects that can be secured with straps or cords. If you use a roof bag for your SUV, you may find it difficult to load and unload, but it is the total opposite for when a roof basket is involved.
  • Rooftop baskets are also easy to mount and unmount on most cars including SUVs. If you have oddly shaped objects to transport with your car, then roof baskets are the best option.
  • Lastly, they have this cool, retro look that adds to the appearance of your SUV car.

Downsides of using Roof Baskets on SUVs

Just as with other types of cargo carriers for cars, rooftop baskets have some disadvantages since they are among the most exposed when it comes to cargo safety while traveling at high speeds. Personally, I am quick to think of possible theft upon hearing the use of roof baskets.

While they are very practical, here are the few downsides that come with the use of roof baskets.

  • Your loads can easily go wrong when there is poor lockdown while at high speeds. It is also obvious that there is no anti-theft protection whatsoever compared to roof bags that usually feature lock.
  • When using any of these rooftops on any vehicle, you will definitely need a cargo net or special straps while it brings in the need to reduce top speed for most cars, rooftop baskets are not made for large sporting equipment.

Conclusion on using roof baskets for SUV

Let me also mention that there is an involvement of proper adaptation to your driving style when using roof baskets for your car.

Let it be known that top driving speed is reduced with each type of carrier such as roof baskets. I hope you have been able to choose a very good rooftop basket for your car among this list that contains nothing but the best options for you.

If you have any problem hauling or fixing your roof basket or any type of cargo on your vehicle, do not hesitate to share in the comment section and I and my team will be willing to help.

Thanks for reading.

Do not forget, sharing is caring. Someone may need a very good roof basket for his car but afraid of picking a less quality one. This is the right post for such a person.

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