Best Weatherproof Roof Bag for Camping in 2022

Best Weatherproof Roof Bag for Camping: If you are going for an outdoor activity such as camping, a picnic, or a road trip, you will need a bag to pack your luggage.

Of all qualities that the bag should possess, such as large space, durability, and ease of use, being weatherproof is important and is one of the qualities that the bag should have.

Different rooftop bags are made with different materials that can confer a weatherproof quality on it. Some of them are made with tarpaulin materials, PVC coatings, and dual seam technologies.

Some rooftop bags also have zippers that are designed to be waterproof and resistant to harsh weather conditions.

These properties make a rooftop bag fit for camping as your belongings need to be protected from the weather conditions.

Below is a review of some of the best weatherproof roof bag for camping.

Quick Recommendations.

Quickly go through our top recommended roof bags before we take a dive into the detailed review.

Name of Roof Bag Where to Buy
SUNER POWER Cargo Bag More Info
MICTUNING Rooftop Cargo Bag More Info
MARKSIGN Cargo Carrier Bag More Info

Now, we get into the detailed review. Check them out.

SUNER POWER Rooftop Cargo Bag

Best Weatherproof Roof Bag for Camping


You can create some cargo storage space for your car by using this bag to store your luggage. With its storage, it increases the overall carrying capacity of your car and makes it possible to bring for you to bring whatever you want along with you.

It frees up space inside your car so that you can have a more comfortable journey and it is perfect for traveling, going on road trips, picnics, outdoor activities, and weekend adventures.

This bag offers you 19 cubic feet of storage space and has a two-way zipper that makes it easy for you to have access to your belongings.

It has extra double protections which include a protective mat and ten reinforced straps that hold the bags on the car roof firmly.

It is made with materials that make it totally resistant to water, sun, wind, snow, and other harsh weather conditions.

This cargo bag provides enough storage for you, in total a 545-liter capacity. It can fit both cars that have roof racks and cars which do not have roof racks.

Unlike some cargo bags that have an illegal and dangerous way to tie down luggage by involving straps going through the car, this bag has 6 metal door hooks with which you can fasten the cargo bag through the car door and this makes it to be the safest and most secure cargo bag.

This bag can be directly fastened with the ten reinforced adjustable straps, and it is easy to use. There is a built-in anti-slip mat that keeps the bag in place, prevents it from slipping, and protects the car from scratch.

This bag is made with superior materials that are durable. It is designed to be waterproof and does not let the water come into it, thereby keeping your cargo clean and dry. It is easy to install and remove too.

To install it in cars without roof racks, pull back the rubber seal of the door frame gently and attach the grip door hook directly to the door frame. You can then pull up the straps and push the door frame rubber seal back and close the door.

This bag is equipped with 10 reinforced adjustable straps to mount the cargo on the rack firmly and make it strong.

The material this bag is made of is five times more durable than nylon and also works much better than nylon in having waterproof and ultraviolet proof qualities.

There is a Velcro strap restrainer that helps to fasten the straps and this Velcro strap ensures that the straps would not flap when you are driving at a high speed.

This bag comes with a storage bag that provides an elegant way for you to pack the rooftop cargo bag and store it. It is convenient and easy to carry.


  1. It is 100% waterproof and made with military-grade heavy duty PVC. This material is more durable than nylon and with this bag, you are assured of the safety of your luggage.
  2. It is safe and secure. It has 10 straps that hold it firmly to the roof of the car.
  3. The oversized zipper works as a means of extra protection for your luggage against harsh weather conditions. It protects your luggage against rain, grit, snow, wind, and sun, and it also ensures that your cargo is kept dry and clean.

The anti-slip mat also adds protection by keeping the bag in place so that they do not slip off or scratch the car paint.

  1. This bag creates excess storage capacity by giving you 15 cubic feet of cargo storage space that can help you to free up the inside of your vehicle space to enhance your comfort on the way. When it is not in use, it can be folded and properly stored.

On purchase of this bag, you get a 3-year warranty. You can try out this bag by clicking on the link below.

MICTUNING Rooftop Cargo Bag

Best Weatherproof Roof Bag for Camping


If you plan to have a driving tour or camp with friends on a weekend or you plan to travel or go on an outing and you have a big problem wondering how to carry too many things, then this roof bag will be your lifesaver because it will provide you enough space for your things.

It has a large 15 cubic feet capacity that makes you never run out of space and ensures that you carry all you need to carry on your adventure or trip.

This bag has built-in straps that are strong and wide and these straps ensure that the bag and all that is contained in it stays in place even when you are driving on a road that is rough and bumpy.

This bag has a waterproof layer that protects it against the sun, wind, and rain and this helps you to put anything that you want to put into the bag go without fear of getting messed up by the weather conditions.

The bag is ideal for families, adventure seekers, or anyone who needs an additional space while traveling.

With its capacity, you can increase your vehicle cargo space. The bag is big enough for every family member that is camping and on a road trip.

It can hold two big travel luggage case, camping tents, camping sleeping bags, camping chairs, a hammock, and even a folding table.

Installing this bag is an easy one. For cars that have side rails, you can simply attach the straps to the side rails from left to right and if there are crossbars, you can attach the straps on the bars from front to back.

For cars that have no roof racks, you can attach straps by passing them through the inside of the car and through the door frame. You have to ensure that the doors close over straps to hold them properly.

This bag is made with a 500D oxford fabric and measures 44 inches by 34 inches by 17 inches. There is also a carry bag that is provided for free and you can store this cargo bag in it after a pleasant journey.

This bag has a double zipper that allows for easy opening and closing and provides added protection for your luggage against rainy weather by ensuring that water does not get inside the bag.


  1. This bag has a durable construction. The bag is made from a material that is 100% waterproof and also has a dual seam welding technology.

This makes the bag weatherproof, as well as making it resistant to wear and tear.

The welded seams of this bag also come with penetration resistant coating and a sticking tape flap that covers the zipper. This flap also prevents water from passing through the zipper and getting into the bag.

  1. This bag has four reinforced straps for cars that have roof racks and two durable ratchet straps for cars that do not have roof racks. These straps help to secure your bag and make them stay in place even when you are driving on a road that is rough.
  2. It provides enough room for your luggage. With the 15 cubic feet capacity, it can hold a lot of your belongings which can maximize your car’s space while protecting your belongings from being exposed to the weather.
  3. It is easy to install and it is perfect for any car, truck, van, or SUV with or without a roof rack.

MARKSIGN Cargo Carrier Bag

Best Weatherproof Roof Bag for Camping


This bag has dimensions of 58 inches long, 19 inches wide, and 23 inches high, and this gives you 15 cubic feet of storage space for you to pack your belongings while traveling or camping.

Unlike some cargo bags that use plastic buckles and low-grade straps, this bag comes with six 1 inch nylon UV proof straps that are much more durable and easier to use. This bag is 100% rainproof.

It is electrically welded with ultraviolet proof 500 denier tarpaulin fabrics. This is a nylon mesh that has double side vinyl coatings. This means that there are no needle holes for rain to seep through and enter into the bag.

There is also a flap with Velcro patches that runs along the bag and this seals the zippers firmly. All this makes this bag waterproof so that it can last for years.

This bag has two durable handles that allow for easy transporting of the bag. With this bag, you get a 5-year warranty.

Cleaning and maintaining this bag is an easy one. You can always wipe it clean with a wet cloth or a sponge after each use. Do not use detergents to wash this bag.

Ensure that you dry the surface of the bag before you store it into the carrying bag. When it is not in use, do not keep the bag under sunlight.

JUSTINCASE Rooftop Cargo Carrier Bag

Best Weatherproof Roof Bag for Camping


This rooftop bag is designed to withstand rough handling and also severe weather conditions including conditions of extreme temperatures, wind, snow, and sand conditions, and continuous exposure to sunlight.

It has a flexible design. It is well-engineered and easy to mount. This bag can withstand emergency stops with up to 290-pound loads; limit loads to 130-200 pounds for maximum performance.

It has a protective built-in mat that prevents the luggage from sliding as well as protects your car roof paint. This bag provides 19 cubic feet of storage space, which means that you do not have to worry about space.

Unlike other cargo bags, this bag allows you to have a dual packing mode of 15 cubic feet compact mode that can be expanded to 19 cubic feet jumbo size.

When it is in compact mode, there is less wind resistance and this can help save your gas. This bag measures 47.2 inches by 35.4 inches by 19.9 inches.

Because it provides you with large storage capacity, this bag can hold up to 6 to 7 medium suitcases or boxes in it. Most car rooftop bags are smaller and do not have enough room for all that you want.

This rooftop bag can fit any car, truck, or SUV with or without a roof rack or side rails. It has zippers with large pulls, three double strap covers, and eight Velcro fasteners that prevent this rooftop bag from flapping when you are driving at highway speeds.

This ensures that there is no noise from the bag as well as saving your fuel during your journey. It is made with materials that include a 600D PVC fabric, with an ultra-durable dual seam welding technology that eliminates rips, tears, and wear under rugged conditions.

This bag is designed for high performance and long life.

It is easy to install and store and it comes with a bag that can be used to store it when it is not in use.

This bag uses four safety hooks to attach to the top of your vehicle. With the hooks, it creates a strong, safe, and reliable mount to your vehicle, whether your car has a roof rack, side rails, or crossbars, or if you do not have any.

To install this bag, gently pull back the door frame rubber seal and attach the grip hook directly onto the door frame. With the seal pulled back, you can then place one of the door hooks on the metal door frame.

Pull the looped strap upward and then, push the door frame rubber seal back and close the door.

After doing this, your bag is perfectly fixed. You can use the same method to attach the hooks on the doors and then carefully mount your rooftop bag.

You can apply this same procedure to the other doors. These hooks will safely hold the rooftop cargo bag. This bag makes traveling more convenient and comfortable.


  1. This is an Extra Large 2 in 1 car rooftop bag that allows you to have a dual packing size opportunity. It has 15 cubic feet of storage that can be expanded to 19 cubic feet. This means that you can pack whatever you want into this bag while camping or traveling.
  2. This rooftop bag also has an advanced design that is simple to use, spacious and durable. Its design also allows you to save on gas and its weatherproof qualities help you to tackle weather challenges that may show up during your camping, road trips, and travel.
  3. It is safe and convenient and can be used on cars with or without roof racks. This bag uses four safety door hooks, instead of straps that go inside the car. Using straps that go inside the car can interfere with airbag function as well as damage your window and door seals, and tear your fabric upholstery. They are also illegal in some jurisdictions. This rooftop bag is safer and better for your car.
  4. Thus bag is made from high quality, 100% waterproof 600D PVC fabrics, with a dual seam welding technology that us ultra-durable to eliminate rips, tears, and wear under rugged conditions.
  5. It also has a built-in protective mat and advanced design with military quality components which include four high strength safety hooks, side release buckles, SBS zippers with large pulls, three double strap covers, and eight Velcro fasteners that help to keep everything you store in this bag safely. This rooftop bag is designed for high performance and long life.
  6. This bag can be used on any car, with or without roof racks, and is a bag that can make your camping memorable.

Thule Interstate Cargo Rooftop Bag

Best Weatherproof Roof Bag for Camping


This durable and highly weather-resistant cargo bag will give you enough space for your family’s properties. It has ultra-high protection against the weather as a result of its IP-X3 test certified weather resistance.

It also has a coated three-sided zipper that has a generous storm flap.

This bag is designed to be securely positioned with less friction and noise when you are driving. This is brought about by its twin compression straps.

The bag can be attached to the roof rack crossbars or side rails of the car using its heavy-duty double-stitched webbing straps. It has a padded base that protects the vehicle from abrasion.


  1. Unlike some cargo bags where you hope for good weather while using them for camping, this bag is totally weatherproof and has been tested to be waterproof too. It has a sealed seam and a generous storm flap over its three-sided zipper.
  2. This bag is ideal for those that need lots of extra space for their camping because it offers you 16 cubic feet of storage space.
  3. It has a twin compression strap that keeps the cargo securely positioned, even when there is a heavy downpour of rain or wind.
  4. Unlike some bags, this rooftop bag comes with a padded base and protects your vehicle from abrasion when you are taking this bag on and off.
  5. This bag can be folded when it is not in use and can be properly stored, which helps to conserve space.

It is made with materials that are not harmful to the environment. If you want to make the best from your camping, then you need to use this rooftop bag


Using a rooftop bag has several benefits that cannot be overlooked. These benefits make them the perfect companion for you whenever you are traveling or camping and looking for additional space to pack your things. These benefits include;

  1. Rooftop bags help you create an additional and extra space for your things. If you are the type that is always worried about where to stack your belongings then you need to get a rooftop bag.
  2. Rooftop bags can be used to transport items that are bulky. If you have large and bulky items and you want to transport them, it will be easier to use a rooftop bag to get them to the destination that you intend. Some rooftop bags are large and can hold large items, these bulky items can be transported using such rooftop bags
  3. If you are camping and there is no place to dump dirt, your rooftop bag can serve as a temporal waste bin for you to put this dirt so that you can take them to where they will be disposed off later.
  4. Rooftop bags are easy to load and offload. If you have your belongings packed in them, then you can offload them easily without stress. If you are a constant traveler, then you need something that will be very easy to use, therefore you should get a rooftop bag.

Have you ever used a rooftop bag while camping or traveling, you can share your experience with me in the comments section?

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