Keeper 07203-1 Cargo Bag Detailed Review

The keeper 07203-1 cargo bag is not a regular cargo bag that you do see in other stores. This is a very good and strong cargo bag that is going to serve you so well when you purchase it.

A lot of people travel from one destination to another each day. Many of them travel with vehicles, while some do not. Those that travel with vehicles will prefer to carry more luggage because they have enough space in their vehicle.

One way to make sure that you carry enough luggage in a very safe place is by making use of a cargo bag. What this cargo bag does is that it helps you to store all your luggage in a safe bag when you are traveling.

It is usually kept on the roof of your vehicle, tied to the roof rack. It will also help to create space in your vehicle where more passengers can sit. This is one of the many reasons why you should get yourself a cargo bag, preferably, this one.

When we give a detailed review of this cargo bag you will be more convinced that it is a good one and you should buy it.

This cargo bag comes with a waterproof feature that makes it possible for you to make use of the cargo bag even while it is raining. This Is one feature that a lot of people would so much love.

The reason being that some cargo bags out there are not really waterproof, while driving and it starts to rain, you will be very worried if the rain is going to damage your cargo bag.

But with this Keeper Cargo bag, you have the waterproof feature so you do not have to get worried when you have the cargo bag on your vehicle and it is raining. This is a very big advantage that will make buyers prefer this cargo bag over the others.

No matter the kind of roof rack that you have on your vehicle, this cargo bag will still fit in it. This is an advantage that this bag has. Whether your vehicle is an SUV, a car, etc.

It is going to fit whatever vehicle and roof rack you have on your vehicle. It also has 15 cubic feet of space, with this, you will be able to store a lot in this cargo bag. Take note that you are not to store anything sharp in this bag so that you do not tear the bag causing it to be less effective.

You have to remove any form of sharp object in this bag in order to keep the bag working well and fine. When you keep all your luggage in this cargo bag, you will rest assured that you will have enough space for passengers to sit in the vehicle.

That is one thing a lot of people do look out for when putting luggage in their cargo bag. We have said it earlier that one of the main purposes of cargo bags is to help create space for passengers in the vehicle.

You will notice one thing that when you have a cargo bag on the roof of your vehicle with your luggage in it, you will have an extra space in the vehicle where passengers can either stay, or you can make use of that space to store a lot of thing inside the vehicle.

Take a look at some of the pros and cons of this cargo bag, it is going to help you to make your choice whether to buy it or not.

Pros of using the Keeper 07203-1 Cargo Bag

  • Easy to install
  • Large 15cubic feet capacity
  • Quiet usage
  • Waterproof
  • Durability

Cons of using the Keeper 07203-1 Cargo Bag

  • Wear and tear
  • Small zippers


What makes the Keeper 07203-1 Cargo Bag a great bag

This cargo bag has some specific features that make it good. These features are the:

The waterproof feature

Just as we have mentioned at the beginning of this article the waterproof feature of the cargo bag will make a lot of buyers prefer it to other bags that do not have this waterproof feature.

With this waterproof feature, you can make use of this bag in bad weather conditions. Whether it is heavy rain, very hot sun, or strong wind, the cargo bag will not be affected at all.

The 15 cubic feet space

This is another reason why buyers will love to get this cargo bag. It has a 15 cubic feet space which allows you to store a lot of things inside it. This will allow you to carry a lot of luggage while you are embarking on a journey, and you do not even have to bother if this cargo bag will fit all your luggage, it sure will.

That is the purpose of the 15 cubic feet space that this cargo bag has Not only will it store all your luggage; it will also create space in your vehicle for passengers. I have talked about this a whole lot.

The Durability

This is another feature that always attracts buyers to this particular cargo bag. The durability is so good that you can make use of this cargo bag for so long and you will still have it so strong and it will still be serving you so well. It will not easily tear when you are using it.

But this does not mean that you should allow sharp objects in this bag. You should not by any means put sharp objects in this cargo bag because it is harmful to it. You should keep it safe at all times, you should keep all form of sharp objects far away from this cargo bag when you are traveling.

Because of the ability of this cargo bag to last long, people will prefer to go for it. Nevertheless, this bag is a very good one and you will not regret getting one for yourself.

When you want to travel with your luggage, a roof bag is very essential. But before you buy your roof bag, there are a lot of things that you need to consider before selecting one for yourself.

If you do not check out these important things, it may result in you buying the wrong one or buying one that you may end up regretting after some time. In order to not make any mistake in choosing your cargo bag, you need to take note of all these points that will be listed here.

Things to consider before choosing the Keeper 07203-1 Cargo Bag

There are cargo bags out there that get so affected by the wind when the vehicle is in transit. That is why you really need to look out for these things we are about to list here before you choose your cargo bag.

The kind of cargo bag you choose will make a huge difference when you are going on a long journey.

Consider your crossbars and roof rails

The reason for doing this is to confirm if your vehicle comes with a factory-installed crossbar or not. Some vehicles come with a naked roof, while some come with a crossbar.

If your vehicle comes with a crossbar you need to check the manual for the best way that you can fix and install the roof rack on it. Take note that you can also put a roof rack on a roof without a roof rack.

There are different kinds of cargo bags that can be installed on a naked roof that does not have any roof rack. This is one thing that you need to look out for while choosing your cargo bag for your vehicle.

Consider the weight limit of your vehicle

A lot of roof racks have a weight limit. The essence of this weight limit is to control how much weight you put on your vehicle in order to not put your vehicle and roof rack in jeopardy. You know it is a very bad thing for your cargo carrier or roof rack to break while you are on transit.

If you are not careful it is going to put yourself and other road users in danger if you overload your roof rack. That is the purpose of considering the weight limit of your roof rack. You should not forget this at all, it is very important.

Consider the cargo bag capacity

This has to do with how much load you are going to be putting in your cargo bag. There are cargo bags that are 15 cubic feet. This one is able to store a whole lot of stuff in it.

The kind of cargo bag you choose depends on the kind of load you are going to be putting in it. If you are the kind of person that travels a lot with large luggage, then you should know that what you need to go for is the large cargo bags, preferable the ones that are 15 cubic feet.

This one will be able to carry a whole lot of stuff in it. You should take note of it. If you are the type that travels with smaller luggage and you want to get a cargo bag, you should go for a smaller one, something that is smaller than 15 cubic feet.

This will serve you so well because you will not have so much extra space in the cargo bag. It will fitfully in the bag and it will not have to bloat or have excess air in it.

Size really matters a lot. If there is so much space in the cargo bag, when you are at a high speed the wind will start to make some flapping sound that is not sweet to the ears. This will make you pull over and adjust your bag in a way that it does not have to make noise.

These are the things that you need to really consider before buying this cargo bag. Taking your time to look out for each of these points will save you a lot of stress and probably it could save you from unseen danger.


Final thoughts

Keeper 07203-1 Cargo Bag Detailed Review

For those that are getting this cargo bag for the first time, you are not going to find it difficult in the installation process of this cargo bag. The manufacturers of this bag have made it so easy for first-timers to get this bag installed.

So, if you are getting this bag for the first time you should not bother about the installation process. For this bag to be able to fit in loads that have odds shapes, the cargo bag comes with soft sides flex which enables it to able to adjust to any shape that you want it to when you have your load in your cargo bag.

This is also good because there are cargo bags out there that do not have this same feature. Those ones that do not have this feature will have an irregular shape when you put loads that also have an irregular shape. But because this particular cargo bag has soft sides that flex to fit odd-shaped loads, you will prefer to go for this one.


Keeper 07203-1 Cargo Bag Detailed Review

This bag is a very good one that I personally will recommend for you to get for your vehicle. The heavy-duty feature will make it possible for you to be able to travel long distances and you will still have your bag intact and safe.

It is durable so It can withstand rough handling. The fact that it can withstand rough handling, it does not mean that you should put sharp objects in the bag. You should not keep sharp objects far from this cargo bag.

You are only making it last longer when you keep sharp objects far away from it. In a nutshell, this cargo bag will serve you a lot as long as you are using it for the right purposes.

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