Can a Roofbag Be Repaired or Replaced?

Can a Roofbag be Repaired or Replaced? Of course, you can replace a roof bag, but what if a roof bag cannot be repaired? It is really going to be challenging when it comes to managing your finance.

Let me tell you what led me to write this article, my friend picked me up after dropping one of his uber passengers, and we drove off.

After 10km while driving, we saw a delivery van carry some material in a torn roof bag. I was really concerned, not about the fact that the bag was torn, but majorly about the safety of the people.

So I asked my friend, “Does the driver need to register his roof bag before using”? For the sense that the roof bag was torn and the driver keep using it, is it that it takes a long process to replace a roof bag?

Maybe you have to pay dues, and also register for the new roof bag you are changing. The main reason I thought of this was that “if changing a roof bag isn’t a problem, then why is the driver moving around with an unkempt roof bag?”

This was what my friend and I discussed till the journey finally came to an end. I have got a lot of information, so get ready to learn.

There is this common saying I agree with “prevention is better than cure” I truly concur with that. The fact is, a roof bag is not overly expensive, so why will someone allow his roof bag to get so messed up?

So it is now safe to maintain your roof bag, this will prevent it from damages and also help to prolong its life span.

In this article, you will be learning if you can repair a roof bag, if it is easy to replace a roof bag, and also how to maintain a roof bag from damage.

But I need to interrogate you with a question first, I should tell you to drop your reply to this question in the comment box. I feel it is not necessary; you can give yourself a genuine answer to this question.

Ok, the question goes thus, “which will be better, buying a new roof bag worth $360, repairing a roof bag for just $30 or maintaining a roof bag for as much as 0$”, which one do you prefer?

An average man will wait for the right time so he or she can repair his roof bag for $30, he or she feels $30 I still affordable, meanwhile $30 in 9 places will get you a new roof bag.

So tell me what is affordable about repairing a roof bag, nevertheless, you are still going to get information if you feel repairing your roof bag is the best thing you can do.

Although some do not love to repair their roof bag, so they chose to buy another one, most of these people are not rich, but all that they wanted is to keep this new by getting another one.

So pumping about $150 to $300 into buying a new roof bag is not a problem for them even though they passed through a lot of things before they got the money.

While few want to maintain their roof bag, they know when they maintain it; they have avoided repairing it and also enable it to look nice. So that means about $390 was gotten for just $0.

Can a roof bag be repaired or replaced?

Can a Roofbag be Repaired or Replaced

From the above, it can be easily deduced that a roof bag can be repaired and replaced.

If it can, how?

You can get a roof bag repaired regarding the faulty part in it. You can either fix the faulty parts yourself if you’ve got decent sewing knowledge and if the fault is minor or allow a professional to help you repair.

Also, some roof bag manufacturers have a warranty period, and if your roof bags got damaged within this period, then you can as well replace them. Else, you’ll need to put your hands in your pockets and acquire a new roof bag.

If you want to fix yourself, you may start with a school bag first. In most cases, a roof bag is made with thicker materials when you compare it to the school bag. So learning simple sewing skills will help you better, although you can also learn it from a professional as time goes on in other to become an expert.

  • If the zip of your roof bag is faulty, all that you need to do is to buy a new zip of the same size and maybe you can choose the same color.
  • Use a needle and thread to sew it professionally and you are good to go, in most cases make sure you turned the bag to the other side when you want to stitch it.
  • Turning the bag to the other side will prevent the stitches from not showing when the bag is been turned to the real side, people who see it do not have to know it has been stitched one way or the other.

If you don’t want to repair it, of course, you can replace it with a new one, I think that is the easiest thing to do if you have the money.

In a lot of countries, you don’t need to register the new roof bag you have bought, no stress of registration and debt of payment of dues before you change the roof bag of your car.

Just visit a store nearest to you and get yourself a good roof bag, although e-commerce has made it a kind of fun to buy goods online, it will be more convenient if you order your roof bag online.

If you are a kind that finds it more stressful going out to buy things, then you can order them online. The issue here is not going out to buy it; some of us don’t like carrying loads and taking a cab from one place to the other.

The solution has come; you just need to order whatever you are buying. This will tend to reduce stress as these companies you order from will take it as their duty to deliver the product to your doorstep.

What can cause a defect in a roof bag?

Can a Roofbag be Repaired or Replaced

A lot of things can result in damaging a roof bag, this is the reason you have to be careful while handling your roof bag.

Sometimes there are things we do that cause harm to our roof back, yet most of us don’t know this!

Should I say it is a result of ignorance, we should not take ignorance as an excuse because we all know that this is never a justifiable excuse to give.

Well not really the whole blame, we have come to share a bit of the blame with you. So do yourself good by reading this article till the end.

Here is a list of what may possibly cause damage to your roof bag.

Things you keep in the roof bag

The things contained in a roof bag have the highest percentage of damaging the roof bag.

For a roof bag that has a long life span, there is no doubt that it was not worried about items that can damage it; the item placed in such a roof bag should be the type that is compatible with the bag.

Placing that roof bag around items that can cause damage

Metallic Substances with sharp edges

It is not only dangerous to the roof bag, but it is also harmful to the car.

But let discuss why it will damage a roof bag, I have a lot of practical examples but I hope one will convince you.

Now, suppose a car which is carrying a roof bag that contains sharp edge metal and moving at the speed of 100km/hour, let imagine something happened and he was to hit the footbrake, he hit the car brake forcefully and it stopped.

The force at which the car stopped at that point will jerk the driver, not only the driver will observe jerking. The sharp edge metals will also jerk, in this case, the jerk goes forward and pierce the roof bag.

Ok, let us assume it was not pierced, but if this scenario repeats itself 5 times more, I am sure the roof bag will have come up with holes in it.

So metallic substances have a high tendency to damage a roof bag.


If a science student is sitting close to you while you are reading this article, ask the person this question. What is a chemical? According to your dictionary, it will tell you a chemical is an artificial substance that is not commonly found in nature.

This means a synthesized material; you have to combine two or more things to form a particular substance, meanwhile, some of the chemicals produced are very dangerous. Chemicals like acid is corrosive and if it is been placed in the roof bag; it will not only destroy the roof bag but also rust the body of your car.

Heavy and irregular shaped substance

Especially if this heavy and irregular substance is a metal, they will damage the roof bag on the car.

As explained, when the brake is been applied on the car, it jerks, and this jerking will result In piercing of the roof bag.

Even though it is not a metallic object, it is still dangerous to carry a heavy and irregular shaped item inside a roof bag.

Forcefully placing stuff in the roof bag

When you fix a material in the roof bag forcefully, it will get to time the material will expand the roof bag and it will get loose, this is a major factor that the defect a roof bag

The roof rack can also cause rood bag defect

If the roof rack (a metallic tray-like object place on the roof of a car, it is where the roof bag sits) is not of the same size as the roof bag. Maybe the roof rack is smaller than the bag, one way or the other the roof rack will damage the roof bag.

Nature of the roof bag

Whether thick or thin, this will determine how long your roof bag will last. A roof bag that is made from a thin material will definitely not last long if proper precaution is not taken.

The same thing applies to a roof bag which is thick, but a thin bag is more delicate to handle.

Poor maintenance of the roof bag

If you want to maintain your roof bag well, it is more advisable you read the product manual. The manual has the best guide for you to maintain its product, so make sure you make use of the manual to avoiding maintaining your roof bag poorly.

Poor maintenance will affect your financial plan, so I put it to you that prevention is better than cure

Regular usage of the roof bag

If you use it regularly, then be prepared to get a new one. Your roof bag should not be used all the time. If you run a delivery firm, then I advise you to make use of the interior part of the car also, so as to prolong the life span of the delivery roof bag.

Lack of proper cleaning

It is wise you remember always that when you convey some material with a roof bag, there are some particles that maintain their position in the roof bag, even the body of the roof bag may be dusty.

If you do not clean them properly, this may produce organisms that will damage your roof bag.

Cleaning is one step to make them look new, so when you clean them, do not forget to sun dry the roof bag.

I feel you don’t need to replace your roof bag if you adhere to these instructions.

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