What Can You Put in a Roof Bag

What Can You Really Put in a Roof Bag: If you are very familiar with a roof bag of a car, I am sure you must know it is limited to carrying some things in the roof bag. You cannot just put anyhow stuff in the roof bag and expect it to be fine with protocol; it is not even possible because not all material will fit into the roof bag.

The roof bag of a car varies in size and also limited, they mostly vary from the measurement of 17 inches by 18 inches to 38 inches by 48 inches, all with respect to the size of type of the car and also the size of the roof rack placed on your car.

If you are not familiar with a roof rack,  roof racks are designed set of bars that are been placed on the roof of a car. It is an object where the roof bag sits on to prevent the car from being scratched.

If you will be putting an item in a roof bag, there are some factors you should try to observe, these factors will help in determining whether a particular substance can be placed in the roof bag or not.

Imagine how ideal it will not be if everyone starts putting a bull in the roof bag, like a very big animal that ought to have followed another media of transportation, yet not everyone will speak against it because the repercussions are not pronounced.

You have to know that these factors will help you not only to prevent an accident but adding value to your financial life. Yea, you will not go to the store always to purchase a roof bag after you have used it roughly and it got spoilt.

The roof bag production company will love you to come back since it will be adding a lot of money to their purse, they want you to come back and buy another one and hereby generating revenue for them.

Sorry friend if I am too specific, as this also applies to all production companies, we don’t care if you have just purchased the product you come to get a week ago, we just want to make more profit.


If I have to sell a roof bag for a living, I will not be mad at you if you come and purchase another one the following week, not that my products are bad but as a result of you mismanaging the product, you got it damaged.

I will only smile with you when the purchase is been made, obviously not on credits. One of the only means I can help you is by giving you some discount for your patronage and also tell you to keep an eye on the product manual.

This article will be talking more about those things you can put in a roof bag for easy transportation. You cannot just fix anyhow thing in the back to avoid police disturbance.

Things you can put in a roof bag

What Can You Put in a Roof Bag

Examples of items that can be placed in the roof bag are:

Travel Bags

Freeing up spaces inside your vehicle to allow for more convenience whenever you intend to go on a journey is important and that’s what a roof bag helps you to achieve.

Space in the roof bag allows you to place travel bags conveniently and go about your journey smoothly.

Christmas tree

Some Christmas trees are way bigger than they cannot contain the boot of a car, it is safer to be placed on the roof of a car in the roof bag because it is more durable and has lesser weight.

Unlike some of the other items that are very dense and could cause harm to the car, road, roof bag, and all other things that will possibly be affecting.


It is safe to fit a dry wooden material in a roof bag but must be according to their sizes.


Plastics are also safe to put on the roof bag; most of them are not really dense, unlike the heavy iron and bricks. It also ensures safety on the road.

Peradventure accidents occur while carrying plastic on the roof of your car, most people around may not be seriously harmed.

Of course, you can’t compare the brutality people tend to face around a motor accident carrying plastic to that which is carrying iron or bricks

Roofing materials

This is much more advisable for the bigger vehicles, a roof bag placed on a car will not be able to contain a roofing material.

So if you own a car, get it off your mind to put a roofing sheet in a roof bag which will be placed on the roof of your car while transporting.

Not that you can not carry a roofing material on the car, but it is not a good idea all for safety purposes.


Books are commonly packed in the roof bag, so the best method to transport a lot of books is to put them in a roof bag.

Although you can put them in the car, it is more preferable to be placed in the roof bag to allow for more space in the car.

Delivery products

You will see most delivery companies making use of the roof bag to carry their delivery products. They feel better with that than using the interior of the car.

So if you run a delivery package, I mean you deliver larger products like book and co, you can use a roof bag for it.

Electronics appliances

Appliances like televisions, laptops, and other bigger electric equipment can be conveyed using a roof bag.


This is very easy and safer to move with a roof bag, a mattress is mostly made with foam, so there is no way it can pierce the roof bag or scratch the car.

If you have a mattress you want to move to a particular place, then it is advisable you use a roof bag

Carton of bread

A carton of bread can also be moved in a roof bag since it is less dense and it does not contain dust or dirt.

Cartons of table water

Unlike the sachet of water, the sachet could easily burst and this will make everything messed up excluding the fact that it may not result in an accident.

Things you cannot put in a roof bag

If we know the type of item you can put in the roof bag, it is also important you know those that are not suitable to be transported with a roof bag on the car, examples are sachets of water, crates of egg and all other perishable product

Factors to consider when choosing what can be put in a roof bag

What Can You Put in a Roof Bag

All these factors are not the type whereby you have to observe one and leave the rest, all factors must be duly observed in other to make sure your car and roof bag are both in proper condition.

This will help your car body surface and also the roof bag from premature damages, and one thing you should know that these factors should not be under-rated, they are practical factors been critically looked into before publishing this article.

I guess you don’t want to waste a lot of money on new roof bags, new roof racks, and also giving your car a new paint since the paint was disfigured by what you chose to put in a roof bag.

The size of the item

Let talk about the size of the item that should be put in a roof bag, you must be careful about putting something that does not free fit the roof bag to prevent it from tearing.

So, be conscious while putting items of bigger irregular shapes and sizes, as there are some shapes that seem irregular. You cannot even tell if it is a hexagon or nonagon, their edges alone are even capable of piercing the roof bag.

Apart from the shape, make sure while putting any material in your roof bag, the material is not the same as the size of the roof bag.

You must ensure the roof bag has free space left so as to prevent the material from been stuffy and hereby expanding the roof bag.

The size of the roof rack

The size of a roof rack also matters. We remember that a roof rack is what sits on the roof of the car, and it can be practically referred to as the intermediary between the roof of the car and the roof bag.

So whenever you are putting an item in the roof bag, make sure it also complies with the size of the roof rack on your car.

Just before I forgot to share this short story with you, a friend of mine who is an uber driver has a roof rack that suit his car, so he got one customer whose load cannot contain the boot of the car alone. Under pressure he had to place the load on the roof rack, whereas the load dimension is larger than the roof rack.

On their way, the whole load fell off the car roof. It caused a lot of damage to the driver because it fell on the front mirror of the car and got it broken.

Not only damaging the driver asset alone, the passenger was in loss cause all the goods fell down and got destroyed and this also put a lot of road users at risk at that moment.

The size of the roof bag

This will matter in other to know which item suit it, you cannot just place an item anyhow in the roof bag if it does not fit into it.

The type of vehicle

I wonder how small cars will carry a larger load on the roof of their car without been penalized by the law or not causing an accident.

If you have a bigger vehicle, then it is safer to carry a bigger item with respect to the size of the car. And if you possess a smaller automobile, you should never attempt to carry a large item on the roof of your car.

The nature of the item

If you place a perishable item on the car roof, you may end up regretting it. Items like eggs and the likes are not appropriate to be placed on the roof of a car.

There are lots of delicate items too, such as sharp edge metal substance. It will damage the car and also cause harm to the road.

So take note of this important information before placing an item on the roof of a car, you may get arrested in some countries for placing some certain things on the roof of your car.

Importance of knowing proper things to be put in a roof bag

One of the importance of knowing what to put on the roof of a car is to prevent an accident on the road, knowing the proper things to be placed on the roof of a car will enable you to avoid road accidents.

Apart from preventing road accidents, it will also help in proper maintenance of your car, heavy and irregular items can compress the shape of a car hereby scratching the body of a car.

If you are conscious of the materials you fit in your roof bag, you will prevent the car from being scratched.

How is this possible?

Imagine you place a material that you have to force to fit the roof bag, it will get to a point that the item will expand since it was been stuff into it. It expands and in most case damage the roof bag by piercing it.

The item has its way out of the roof bag and gets in direct contact with the body of the car, this can result in scratches if proper precautions are not taken.

But if it is being placed on the roof of a van or an industrial vehicle, it safer as the industrial vehicle is capable of containing larger objects in their respective sizes.

Knowing the right things to be placed in a roof bag will enable a long life span of the roof bag; you get to fit in what the roof bag can contain and no issues, unlike when you forcefully insert a lot of things that could not size the bag.

Final Words

I hope you find this article useful.

We talked about factors to consider while choosing what to be transported by a roof bag, a few of those factors are the sizes of the roof rack, roof bag, types of automobile you are using.

Make sure you keep things safe by not putting what is not supposed to be fixed in the roof bag, this will really help you a lot in managing your car and your roof bag.

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