Sailnovo Roof Bag Review in 2022

Reviewing the Sailnovo roof bag today and I am pretty much excited about the quality of this bag that I am sharing all I know. Whether you want to make that buying decision or not, check out this review.

There are so many roof bags out there, the one you choose depends on what and what you are looking for in the roof bag. When you want to travel, there are a lot of things you will want to travel with while going on your journey. You may want to go with a couple of luggage.

How else is the best way to do it without making use of a roof bag?

Making use of a roof bag to carry your luggage is the easiest way to carry load while you are traveling with your vehicle. There are a lot of roof bags out there, but I am going to review the Sailnovo roof bag, this is one of the best roof bags that you can find out there.

It will serve you a whole lot and you will not regret buying it for yourself. If you are not buying for yourself, you can as well buy for one of your friends who will need it.

From the review that I will give here, you will find it easier to make your decision on the exact roof bag that you want to go for. Take a look at the specifications of this roof bag.

Features of the Sailnovo roof bag


Great Water Resistant Ability

This roof bag has a very good water resistance ability. With this feature, you will be able to make use of this roof bag even under the rain. If you are driving with your roof bag on the roof and you notice that it starts to rain, because of the waterproof feature that this bag comes with.

You will not have to worry about the bag getting damaged at all. That is the good thing about this bag. It will not be damaged by rain at all.

You will be confident enough using it while it is raining. Not only will your roof bag be protected from rain, but also, it will also be protected from sun and heavy wind. Can’t you see that this is a very good advantage that this bag has.

Sailnovo Roof Bag Review
Sailnovo Weatherproof Carrier Bag


You do not need to worry too much about durability. From this feature, you can see that this roof bag is very durable and it is going to last you for a long time.

You can use this particular roof bag for an extended period of time and you are not going to have any problems with this bag at all.

It will last long for you as long as you keep taking good care of it. Imagine a roof bag that allows you to carry a whole lot of luggage while you travel.

20 Cubic feet roof bag

That is what this particular roof bag gives you. The capacity of this roof bag is a whooping 20 cubic feet. You can carry more load in this cargo bag more than you can carry in a 15 cubic feet roof bag. That is what is very interesting about this bag.

You are going to have enough space to carry more load while you still have space left in the vehicle where your passengers can sit during your journey and they will still be very comfortable.

This particular roof bag fulfills the aim of a roof bag. What is that aim? The aim is to be able to carry a lot of load and you will still have enough space in the vehicle where passengers can sit and feel very comfortable.

Tell me, who will not like a large capacity roof bag like this? Except you have a small vehicle for yourself and you are using the roof bag for your personal things, then you may need to go for a smaller roof bag.

As you are going through this review and you see that it is a 20 cubic feet capacity, you may be thinking that this bag will be very difficult to fold and store.

The good thing is that, it is not the case with this roof bag, this roof bag is large, but still, you can fold it and store it very easily when you are done using it and you want to keep it for future use.

Foldable when not in use

This roof bag is the perfect way that you can maximize space in your vehicle. Why this roof bag is able to fold after using it, despite the big size, it is because it has a foldable material.

The material is what allows it to be foldable despite the size. Why I am emphasizing this is because of storage. Storage is something that should be done with your roof bag, this is what helps to keep the roof bag safe and, storing it well is also a good way of making the roof bag to last longer for you.

Take a look at some of the pros and cons of this roof bag.

Sailnovo Long tied straps
Sailnovo short tied straps

Pros of the Sailnovo roof bag

  • 20 cubic feet capacity
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Water resistant
  • Easy to store
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to install
  • Durable
  • Very robust and safe

Cons of the Sailnovo roof bag

  • Too big for small vehicles

Things to consider before purchasing this roof bag

When you want to go out there to buy a roof bag, you do not just go out there and pick any roof bag you see. You have to put some things into consideration. The same thing applies to this sailnovo roof bag.

There are important things that you need to consider before purchasing, that is what this segment is about. You will be able to understand better what is being talked about.

Consider the weight limit of your roof rack

This is the first thing you need to consider; the weight limit of your roof rack will determine the weight of load you will be able to store in the roof bag when you are embarking on a journey.

You need to choose the weight limit that suits you and what you want to carry with the bag.  A lot of roof racks have weight limit. The essence of this weight limit is to control how much weight that you put on your vehicle in order to not put your vehicle and roof rack in jeopardy.

If you put something that is so heavy more than what your roof rack can carry, you may end up putting your roof rack at risk, to the extent of even breaking the roof rack. Imagine being on transit and then your roof rack breaks with a heavy load on it, imagine the danger that it could cause, not only to you but to other road users.

That is the purpose of considering the weight limit of your roof rack. It is a very important point that you should never neglect. It will save you a lot of stress and danger.

Consider your cross bars and roof rails

Why you need to do this is to confirm if your vehicle comes with a factory installed roof rack or not. Some vehicles come with a naked roof, while some come with a cross bar. If your vehicle comes with a factory installed cross bar which makes it easier for you to install the roof bag on the roof of your vehicle.

Take note that you can also put a roof bag on a roof without a roof rack. If your vehicle has a naked roof, you do not need to bother because this particular roof bag can still be installed on a naked rood, so you do not need to bother. This is also an important thing that you should not neglect.

Consider the roof bag capacity

This has to do with how much you can put in the roof bag. This particular roof bag has a capacity of 20 cubic feet, what this means is that you will be able to store a lot in this roof bag.

The capacity you will go for depends on what and what you are going to be putting in the roof bag, not just that, it also depends on if you are a family person, why I said so is because if you are a family person you will have kids that need to put their luggage in the roof bag, therefore you will need a larger roof bag.

The ones you are to go for are those that are 15 cubic feet and above, there is also one that is 20 cubic feet. This roof bag will be able to carry lots of stuff in it. You should take note of it.

If you are the type that travels with a smaller luggage and you want to get a cargo bag, you should go for a smaller one, something that is smaller than 15 cubic feet. Those ones smaller than 15 cubic feet are about 10 and 13 cubic feet.

This is going to serve in such a way that you will have so much space In the roof bag. It will fit fully in the bag and it will not have to bloat or have excess air in it. Size matters a lot.

If there is so much space in the cargo bag, when you are on a high speed the wind will start to make some flapping sound that is not sweet to the ears.

When the roof bag begins to make so much noise while you are on transit, it may cause you to pull over to see that is wrong, and that is not always cool because it delays your journey and slows you down. You should take good note of this point.

These points that have been listed here are very important and it will guide you when you want to buy purchase the Sailnovo roof bag. You should take them seriously so that you do not end up making a bad decision or making a decision that will make you regret.

If you make the wrong decision, you may have to spend more to get a better one, and that is not usually very good because it causes you to spend more.

To buy the Sailnovo roof bag or not

Sailnovo Roof Bag Review

This particular roof bag will be loved by those that prefer large capacity roof bags. These are people that have a large family and will always have to travel with a lot of load. If you are that kind of person you should go for this bag.

However, if you do not have a large home, or if you are using the roof bag for personal purpose and you do not have so much load to pack, you can as well go for a smaller roof bag size that will suit you and will suit what you want to use it for.

The lifetime warranty that this bag comes with is also a very good one, you will buy this bag with confidence because you know that if there is any fault with the bag you can always take it back without you having to pay for a replacement or for fixing.

The features of this roof bag are so good and you will definitely enjoy it when you get one for yourself. You should consider getting one if you need it.

If you do not really need it you can also get it for a friend or someone you know that will be needing this bag so much. With this bag, you can carry a lot at once and you will not feel it because all your passengers will be seated comfortably.


Final words on Sailnovo roof bag review

This cargo bag is a very good one, from the review above you should be able to make a decision on the exact one that you want to buy. You have also seen all the pros and the cons that this roof bag comes with.

It has more advantages than disadvantages, this means that you will have little or no problems with this roof bag when you purchase it. It will serve you a whole lot and if you purchase it, you are rest assured of durability and great efficiency.

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