Can Off-Road Tires Be Used for Daily Driving?

pros and cons off-road tires for daily driving

Enthusiast drivers who love off-road driving will likely think of using their off-road tires for daily driving. Is this a good choice? Can off-road tires be used for daily driving? Yessir! You can use your SUV’s off-road tire for daily driving. However, it has some disadvantages, such as increased noise level, decreased fuel efficiency, sacrificed comfortability, …

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Touring Tires vs. Performance Tires: Know The Difference

Touring Tires vs. Performance Tires

Sometimes it becomes confusing on which tire to get because of various tire categories in the market. Touring tires and performance tires are among the most popular types of tires. What are the differences between these tires? Touring tires generally provide a comfortable ride during long drives. In contrast, performance tires ensure easy maneuverability and …

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