Who Makes Accelera Tires? And Tire Warranty

EpTires manufactures the Accelera Tires. Accelera tires are one of the brands of the Indonesian tire manufacturer Eptyres.

These tires can be found in 50 different countries.

Are Accelera Tires Worth Buying?

The Accelera Tires offer a 5 Year Tire Warranty, and it has an extensive collection of passenger tires. So yes, it is worth buying.

How Accelera Tires Warranty Works?

There is a 5-year Limited Warranty. This warranty is for all new radial tires bought after May 1, 2016, and delivered to you or through an authorized dealer. The license plates are on cars, vans, and light trucks. They were initially used on the same car they are now being used for.

This warranty applies to people who buy and use the tires in North America. It is limited to the United States, D.C., Alaska, Hawaii, and Canada.

What are some Different Types of Accelera Tires?

Different Accelera Tires are suitable for different vehicles, such as:

  • Passenger Car Tires
  • High-Performance Tires
  • Ultra-High Performance Tires
  • Light Truck Tires
  • All-Terrain Tires
  • Winter Tires

Passenger Car Tires

Here are some Passenger Car Tires:

1. Eco Plush

Accelera’s Eco Plush tire is a quality all-season option for your car. This four-wheel wonder has three main ribs with mini diagonal grooves and center grooves too! It also features adaptive sipes that reduce noise while maximizing ride comfort so that you can tackle any road condition without worry – it does everything but spins itself!!!

2. Epsilon

The Accelera Epsilon is a tire with a dynamic, directional design that provides a confident ride with its triple-dynamic tread blocks and V-shaped grooves. The unique shoulder blocks offer more traction on any surface while offering excellent handling at high speeds or sudden cornering!

3. Gamma

Accelera’s Gamma tire is the perfect choice for minivans. Its zigzag shoulder blocks and U-shaped stabilizer provide comfort, while the continuous center rib ensures an economical ride thanks to its low rolling resistance technology!

4. Sigma

The Sigma tire features a wide shoulder block, multiple cross grooves, and a V-shaped tread pattern. This provides a safe and stable ride so that you can maximize your performance!

5. X-Grip 4S

Accelera, a company known for its high-performance tires, now offers the X-Grip 4S. With this new winter and all-season tire, you can use one set of tires for any weather and any period of the year, which means no more changing your tires!

Ultra-High Performance

Here are some Ultra-High Performance Tires:

6. Alpha

The Accelera Alpha is a high-performance tire with the sporty looks you need. Key features include inter-combined side grooves and straight center grooves for a sleek yet confident ride in any situation!

7. PHI

These new Accelera PHI tires combine a versatile combination of performance and affordability. These high-performance, all-season tires offer excellent handling on dry and rainy days, thanks to their dynamic center groove that provides grip at any angle and speed!

And with the Accelera warranty on these tires, you can rest assured that the company will stand behind your purchase if anything goes wrong during use – even after 400 kilometers of driving!

8. PHI 2

The Accelera PHI 2 is a high-performance, all-season tire that offers outstanding handling and stability. It features an active lateral center groove with an excellent steering response when needed most or in fast corners.

However, thanks to its smooth, dry ribs on the outer edges of each wheel well, it also has adequate understeer protection, so braking can be more cautious than expected. Plus, these tires come with our mile-long warranty, so you can be sure they’ll last as long, if not longer, than your vehicle!


Accelera PHI NPM tire is designed to maintain the stability of your car in case of air loss. With it, you can continue your journey without interruption and maintain better control without punctures. The pressure does not cause damage or destructive forces on the wheel components as in other tires without emergency running!


The Accelera PHI-R NPM is a run-apartment tire with Non-Pressure Mobility Technology (NPM) that allows you to keep driving even when you run out of air. Unlike conventional tires, this tire maintains better control. It supports vehicle weight without interruptions while you keep your cool in uncontrollable situations – making it the ideal choice for drivers who want it all!

Winter Tires:

Here are some Winter Tires:

11. X-Grip N

The Accelera X-Grip N is a studless winter tire designed for snow and ice, making it perfect for use in treacherous conditions. Key features include an asymmetrical design with four longitudinal grooves that reduce hydroplaning and sinusoidal sipes that provide optimal traction in icy conditions without compromising ride comfort or performance!

12. Iota ST68

The Iota ST68 is a modern evolution of the original SUV tire, designed for a comfortable ride and longer life. This all-season tire offers excellent wet traction. Its three interlocking block tracks provide quick steering response and exclamation point sipes that provide stability when driving through puddles or standing water on your daily commute!

4 x 4 Tires:

Here are some 4 x 4 Tires:

13. Badak X-Treme

The Accelera Badak X-Treme is a rugged all-terrain tire for adventures on any terrain. The open primary tread blocks provide traction in wet conditions, and the secondary blocks provide grip in dry conditions. At the same time, the reinforced shoulder prevents punctures that could end your ride prematurely.

14. Omikron AT

Accelera’s new Omikron AT tire is designed to tackle any terrain with ease. Key features include interlocking blocks and stepped edges for unparalleled handling in all conditions. It also features two main grooves that are notched, so you can make sure your traction stays strong on any surface! The metric versions of Accelera LT are perfect if you are not entirely comfortable with commercial use or if you are a frequent off-roader yourself.

Light Truck / Commercial:

Here are some Light Truck or Commercial Tires:

15. Ultra 3

The Accelera Ultra 3 is a tire for your truck that will take whatever you throw at it. It features dual wide grooves, double ribs, and sipes to improve traction on the road and notched shoulder blocks designed for stability, so it’s always there when you need it most!

All-Terrain Vehicle Tires:

Here are some All-Terrain Vehicle Tires:


ATV riders looking for extra grip and traction will find the Accelera X- TRA GRIPPER the perfect tire. With its contoured tread, aggressively designed blocks with gaps in between, and lateral grooves for extra grip on all types of terrain, this ATV tire will not disappoint even the toughest challenges!

The Tire Life (How long do Tires Last)

The answer varies by type, quality, and conditions. A good quality all-season tire will generally last between three and five years if properly maintained, and the average mileage per year is 12000 miles or 15K+.

However, this also depends heavily on driving style. So it’s essential to look at your mileage and take temperature variations into account when estimating the life of each set of tires!

What Makes Tires to Wear Down?

If you notice that your tires are wearing quickly in the center of the tread, it could be a sign of overinflation. When tires are over-inflated and driven from only one side or corner instead of being evenly distributed across all four corners, these areas wear out faster than other areas because weight is not transferred enough. At the same time, driving, which brings us back to: it’s time for a replacement sooner!

How to Extend the Tire’s Life?

To extend the life of your tires, make sure you inflate them properly and keep your car’s tires clean. Underinflated tires tend to wear out faster!

Frequently Asked Questions about Accelera Tires:

Here are some questions and answers to help you more about these tires:

When was Accelera Tires founded?

These tires were founded in 1996.

Who owns the Accelera Tires?

EpTires owns the Accelera Tires.


So in this article, you learned about the Accelera Tires warranty, features, extending tire life, and different kinds of tires.

Here are some key takeaways from this article:

  • The Accelera offers a 5 Year Limited warranty.
  • The Accelera Tires has the most passenger tires.
  • These tires can last longer if you take care such as proper maintenance and rotation of the tires.


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