Who Makes Caterpillar Oil and Oil Filters?

ExxonMobil makes Caterpillar Oil. The world’s leading manufacturer, ExxonMobil, has signed a multi-year agreement with Caterpillar. Under this partnership, they will manufacture and supply their branded lubricants to plants worldwide for use in both companies’ engines and dealers who sell these products too!

Who Makes Cat Oil Filters?

AFSI (Advanced Filtration Systems Inc) makes Caterpillar oil filters. AFSI is a joint venture of Caterpillar Inc and the Donaldson Company established in 1986.

The Donaldson Company is a global filtration company headquartered in Minnesota that manufactures and sells diesel filters, air filters, and oil filtration products.

Caterpillar is a major player in the global machine industry. They build and sell their heavy equipment to construction companies, military forces, mining organizations, etc. Caterpillars machines are known for their reliability and durability on the field during harsh conditions.

Caterpillar owns the Caterpillar oil filter brand.

Caterpillar Oil History

At the height of horse-powered infrastructure, Benjamin Holt and C.L. Best developed products that would change how their customers worked; from 1890 to gasoline technology in response to their needs as builders on wheels – tractors!

Is Caterpillar Engine Oil Worth It?

Yes. With a large section of engine oils and their reputation, it is worth buying it.

How does Caterpillar Engine Oil Warranty work?

Here is how their warranty works:

  • It Includes Engine Oil, Coolant, and Filter Replacement.
  • If any of these expensive items become contaminated during the failure of a covered component, we will replace them for you at no charge.

Some Caterpillar Oils:

Here are some Caterpillar Oils:

Diesel Engine Oils:

Diesel engine oils made for Cat machines are formulated to higher standards than other oils.


API CI -4 PLUS Diesel engine oil for North America (Canada, Mexico) SAE 15W-40 or 10W30 recommended use.

API SL Oils should be used in gasoline engines that require more substantial motive power to start without compression.


Designed to protect and perform well in high-performance engines.

In engines requiring after-treatment systems, DEO-ULS is uniquely formulated to offer the highest level of performance and protection.


  • Meets or exceeds API CK-4 requirements
  •  Compatibility with older API oil categories
  •  Provides the best performance, durability, and longevity
  •  You can use it on any diesel engine that needs API CK-4 or earlier (consult your OMM)


Cat DEO-ULS SYN is synthetic engine oil that offers many benefits to the customer. This product increases fuel economy and reduces friction on the internal parts of the engine.

At the same time, it contains an advanced additive package that improves the protection of your vehicle’s diesel particulate filter (DPF) in cold weather conditions without affecting critical components such as pistons or ring grooves during hot starts at temperatures above -22° F (-30° C).

Cat DEO Cold Weather

Cat DEO Cold Weather is a revolutionary engine cleaner that includes special anti-icing agents to improve performance in the cold. Reduced deposits, sludge, and varnish are also eliminated because of its high cleaning power at low temperatures – with regular use, S-O-SSM oil analysis can extend your car’s lifespan!

Cat DEO Monograde

Cat DEO Monograde is a coolant suitable for all Cat engines equipped with pre-combustion injection systems. It protects those that work better with higher sulfur diesel (3600 series) and low sulfur American Petroleum Institute grades CD or C.F., but can also be used with lower sulfur fuels such as 2% vegetable oils with no problems!

Natural Gas Engine Oils (NGEO)

Oils for natural gas engines are specifically designed for engines operating on gaseous fuel. They are designed to provide the optimum life for both engine and oil in natural gas applications.

Premium Eco Long Life Synthetic 5W-30

Designed for gaseous fuel engines. This oil is suitable for applications with exhaust catalysts where low phosphorus content is required. Low sulfur gaseous fuels provide the best engine performance. The number of sulfides in the fuel should be less than 0.43 mg of hydrogen sulfide per megajoule (0.35 mg of hydrogen sulfide per BTU).

Cat NGE0 EL350

High-performance gas engines require excellent lubrication.

This product can be used in applications requiring low phosphorus oil, such as exhaust gas catalysts.

Suitable for engines with low ash requirements, such as “lean burn” types

Ensures that engines and oil are maintained for the longest possible period when using low-sulfur gaseous fuels containing less than 0.43 mg of hydrogen per megajoule (0.35 mg of hydrogen sulfide per BTU).

The oil can be used in engines running on high-sulfur gas, provided the oil change interval is shortened.

NGEO Advanced 40

Cat NGEO Advanced 40 oil is specially formulated for engines that run on natural gas and require low-emission, high-performance lubrication. Cat NGEO Advanced 40 has undergone several tests to ensure it meets the same standards as the originals.

Abrasion, scoring, and wear are minimized with anti-oxidant and anti-nitration properties.

Extend the life of your spark plugs and valves. – Excellent cleaning and dispersant additives keep you clean.

Acid neutralizers protect parts from rust and copper corrosion.

When installed, the S-O-SSM Service Oil Analysis Program option provides extended oil change intervals matched to the life of the oil in the engine.

When your car needs an Oil Replacement?

Your car will run fine even if you do not change the oil too often. If your engine can take it, your vehicle will need between 5,000 and 6500 miles. Depending on how old its current condition is and how well it is cared for during operation with regular maintenance checks by professionals who know what they are doing every three months, at that!

Oil Replacement Indicator Light

An oil change indicator light is a warning that your car’s engine may be in danger. This can happen if you continue driving without taking care of this problem, which will cause severe damage over time if it is not fixed immediately.

Changed Oil Color

Oil changes are essential to keeping your car’s engine healthy. If you do not take care of it, dirty oil can turn into sludge that reduces performance and worsens friction in various parts due to deposits. This puts you at risk of seizing piston rings or bearings, which can eventually lead to an expensive repair if left unchecked for any length of time!

Engine Making Noise

Engine noise is a common problem with engines, but you may not have noticed that a lack of oil causes it. When there is not enough lubricant, the moving parts in the engine touch each other, and this can cause knocking noises!

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some questions and answers to help you more about these oils:

When was Caterpillar founded?

It was founded on April 15, 1925, in California, United States.

Where can you buy Caterpillar Oil?

It is available at Walmart.


So in this article, you learned about the Caterpillar Oil warranty, features, and more.

Here are some key takeaways from this article:

  • The Caterpillar has an extensive collection of oils for different vehicles.
  • Caterpillar has oils for:
  1. Diesel Engine
  2. Natural Gas Engine
  3. Transmission & Drive Train
  4. Final Drive & Axle
  5. Hydraulic & Speciality
  • It is essential to keep your vehicle in good condition by oil changing after every three months.


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