Who Makes NAPA Oil and Oil Filters? Is it Good?

Valvoline makes NAPA oil. Valvoline is an American company based in Lexington, Kentucky, which manufactures and distributes automotive oil, additives, and lubricants.

Their products include oil, gas, diesel engine oils for cars and trucks, commercial-grade motor oil, industrial lubricant, transmission fluid, brake fluid, hydraulic oil, and power steering fluid.

Valvoline also makes other types of automotive fluids such as antifreeze and windshield wiper solutions.

Dr. John Ellis founded the company in 1866. He invented an industrial cleaner that he sold to factories and industrial plants. He also found out that his formula worked well for cleaning automobiles too. So as car popularity grew, he decided to start selling Valvoline Motor Oil!

Valvoline sponsors many car races to market its motor oil. It is the official motor oil of NASCAR,  SCCA National Championship Runoffs, and Bommarito Automotive Group 500.

Who Makes NAPA Oil Fiters?

WIX Filters Company makes oil filters for NAPA. WIX is a North Carolina-based company that sells oil filters under several brands. The first WIX oil filter was produced in 1938.

They offer standard, high-performance, heavy-duty, and synthetic oil filters.

WIX currently has over 16,000 automobile products. WIX also produces fuel filters, air filters, urea filters, cabin air filters, air dryers, coolants, and hydraulic oil.

The company sells its products through various retailers, including AutoZone and Advance Auto Parts. The Wix Oil Filters are made in North Carolina US and other countries including Venezuela, Ukraine, Canada, Poland, Brazil, and China.

The oil filter is a small cylinder with an attached pump. The device’s primary function is to remove contaminant particles from engine oil before entering the engine’s moving parts, to keep running smoothly and efficiently.

NAPA Oil History

The automobile revolutionized America in the 1920s. The number of cars on the road increased, and we needed a way to keep up with the demand for automobile parts. For years, NAPA has been meeting those needs.

The company started when America needed an auto parts distribution system to meet its growing needs. Today NAPA has 7,000+ stores and 400 thousand in inventory, making them one of the largest retailers on Earth!

Is NAPA Engine Oil Worth It?

Yes. With a good collection of oils and quality of oil, this oil is worth buying.

How does the NAPA engine oil warranty work?

There are no specific details about the NAPA oil warranty.

Some NAPA Oils:

There are 3 Kinds of NAPA Oils. These are:

  • NAPA Full Synthetic
  • NAPA High Mileage
  • NAPA Full Synthetic High Mileage

NAPA Full Synthetic

Here are a few NAPA Full Synthetic Oils:

NAPA Motor Oil 5W30

NAPA Motor Oil 5W30 is a unique blend of premium synthetic and conventional base oils with advanced additive technology designed for severe operating conditions. This product provides better protection against sludge and varnish deposits, so your engine runs cleaner longer.

This oil resists oil degradation at high temperatures. That is good because oil can flow easier in cold weather. It also helps when parts might freeze during the winter on Earth.

NAPA Motor Oil 0W20

NAPA Motor Oil 0W20 is a fully synthetic motor oil that provides enhanced protection against heat and wears thanks to its high-quality chemistry. It also eliminates deposits like you never thought possible – even in cold weather! The unique formula of NAPA ensures that it will provide your car or truck with excellent protection, even under demanding driving conditions.

This means that with Napa on board, you’ll have plenty of power for long drives across the tundra. There will be no need to worry about running out of gas before you reach civilization again.

NAPA Motor Oil 5W20

NAPA Motor Oil 5W20 is fully compatible with all conventional and leading synthetic motor oils. It provides better protection against sludge and varnish deposits, so your engine will run cleaner longer!

NAPA also recommends 0W-20 for Dexos 1 Gen 2 requirements because of its more excellent resistance to oil degradation at high temperatures – great news if you need strong wear protection that will last in challenging track or street conditions.

NAPA High Mileage

Here are some NAPA High Mileage Oils:

NAPA Motor Oil 10W40

NAPA Motor Oil’s high-mileage engine oil for cars and light trucks combats engine damage and oil loss. NAPA 10W40 is a trusted brand that offers best-in-class seal conditioners to rejuvenate aging engines while preventing leaks early by removing sludge deposits for cleaner operation, which also prevents future wear so you can drive longer between oil changes!

NAPA Motor Oil 5W30

NAPA Motor Oil 5W30 is the best motor oil for cars and light commercial vehicles with high mileage, against wear due to friction. It helps stop leaks in older engines while rejuvenating aging seals to prevent future problems! This product also removes sludge and deposits that, if left untreated, can clog or damage the upper parts over time.

How NAPA Engine Oil differs from different Oils?

There are many ways it is a different oil. Here is how this oil is different than others:


The world of engine oils is ever-changing, with new formulations needed every time an environmental change or a particular set by the OEM requirements.

Price-quality Ratio

The NAPA Oils are reasonable for their prices.

When your car needs an Oil Replacement?

If your engine needs an oil change, it is best to change it when you first notice problems. If you change the oil before significant problems occur or exceed the set limit while on the road, it can cause damage from thermal expansion of the oil and other components, which causes increased wear on car parts such as belts.

Inspection stores like AutoZone also offer free inspections at regular intervals if motorists notice anything unusual about their car while driving!

Oil Replacement Indicator Light

The easiest way to check if your vehicle has low oil pressure is to put a little of the indicator near an opening in the system and see how long it takes to penetrate.

If nothing happens after 20 minutes, you should take care of it because it may be due to dirty engine parts and stubborn leaks that make driving dangerous!

Changed Oil Color

Over time, your engine oil will naturally darken from golden brown to black. The primary function of this life-saving fluid is to protect against friction and absorb some of the fluid so that it can keep itself warm enough.

This way, vital parts like bearings can work efficiently at high speeds and under extreme conditions like heat from burning gasoline!

Engine Making Noise

If you have a noisy engine, it may mean that there is not enough oil for the moving parts. This lack of lubrication will cause metal-to-metal contact and cause a knocking or thumping sound as your car drives down the road!

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some questions and answers to help you more about these oils:

Who owns the NAPA Engine Oil?

The Genuine Parts Company makes the NAPA Company.

Where are the NAPA Headquarters?

It is Headquartered in the Atlanta, Georgia, United States.


So in this article, you learned about the NAP Oil warranty, features and more.

Here are some key takeaways from this article:

  • The NAPA Auto Parts was founded in 1925.
  • There are 3 different NAPA Engine Oils.
  • It is suggested to change your car’s oil every 5k to 7k miles, to keep engine in the good shape.


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