Who Makes Rural King Batteries? and Battery Warranty

Exide Technologies LLC makes Rural King Batteries. These batteries are very popular because they have a good reputation for being dependable.

Exide Technologies LLC is based in Milton, Georgia. Exide Technologies manufactures several types of batteries, including car batteries, motorcycle batteries, marine batteries, RV batteries, lawn & garden, and more. It also recycles old batteries.

Exide Technologies received a new contract to make batteries for the United States military. The company will be producing and recycling these batteries over the next six years.

Batteries can be recycled at any Exide facility, no matter where they were made. This is true of both Rural King Batteries and other brands like Exide Batteries (which Exide also makes).

Other battery brands made by Exide

How Rural King Battery Warranty Works?

The Rural King offers a 30-day defect and damage warranty, which can be too generous a kind of warranty.

The Rural King Batteries have different warranty periods for different battery types, which is explained here:

Rural King Automotive Battery

The Rural King Automotive Batteries warranty works like this:

  • If you claim a warranty within 24 months, you get a free replacement.
  • If the warranty is claimed within 25 to 72 months, it would be a limited warranty.

Rural King Classic Battery

The Classic Battery has:

  • 24 Months Free replacement warranty.
  • 60 Months Limited Warranty.

Rural King Commercial Series Battery:

This is the Commercial Battery with:

  • 12 Months Free Replacement Warranty.
  • 24 Months Limited Warranty.

Rural King Select Performance Battery:

This battery has different features, which you will learn in this article, but here is how its warranty works:

  • This battery has 12 months free replacement warranty.
  • It has 24 months limited warranty.

Rural King Golf Cart Battery:

  • This battery has 12 months free replacement warranty and 24 months limited warranty similar to the Select Performance Batteries.

Rural King Lawn & Garden Battery:

  • This battery has 3 months free replacement warranty.
  • If you claim after 3 months, it would be a limited warranty within 12 months.

Rural King Marine Battery:

  • Like the Lawn & Garden, the Marine Battery also has 3 months free replacement and 12 months limited warranty.

What are Some Rural King Batteries for Different Vehicles?

There are different Rural King Batteries with great performance. Here are some of these batteries:

Automotive Battery:

The large capacity of the Rural King Automotive Battery means it can handle heavy electrical demands. This battery is vibration-resistant, maintenance-free, and has a 24-month replacement policy! With these features, you’re sure to get your money’s worth out of this high-quality product for years down the line at an unbeatable price point that won’t break your budget either!

Classic Battery:

The Rural King Classic Battery is a great way to get your battery charged up! It comes with an impressive 650 CCA and will provide you with free replacement for the first 12 months or 60 months if under normal operating conditions.

Commercial Series Battery:

The Rural King 821 CCA Commercial Series Battery offers superior vibration resistance, reduced acid washing, and case distortion for the long haul. This battery is built to last with a 12-month free replacement policy as well as 24 months limited warranty on top!

Select Performance Battery:

The Rural King Select Performance Battery is a maintenance-free battery with features to protect your vehicle’s starter from vibration damage, reduce acid washing and case distortion during installation.

The reinforced ribbed case helps unify component stability, while the suitcase handle makes for an easy install process that folds down when not in use or if you need room on board!

This battery has maximum performance under normal operating conditions for up to 24 months on the warranty or at least 12 if its replacements come complimentary of charge!

Golf Cart Battery:

The Rural King Golf Cart Battery has a capacity of 186Ah and can provide up to 20 hours’ worth of power when fully charged.

It’s made with an RC terminal type that allows it to handle high amperages, though you’ll want the GC-2 group size since most portable devices only need around 25A at best (390W).

The dimensions are 10 inches long by 7/8th inch wide, making this one powerful little device perfect for all your needs!

Lawn & Garden Battery:

The Rural King Lawn & Garden Battery is a sleek, new flat-top design for easy installation.

It has a power you can count on. It is not like other products that break or lose battery acid. The calcium construction makes it not corrode in wet conditions, which also makes it maintenance-free!

The polypropylene container increases space between plates to produce more initial energy before activating while reducing vibration protection allows you to use your equipment without fear of causing damage.

Rural King Nautilus Marine Battery:

The Rural King Nautilus Marine Battery is a powerful, long-lasting device used in various settings such as homes or businesses.

Its 27 deep cycle cells offer outstanding performance and will provide you with up to three months of use before replacing them!

Plus, it comes standard with free replacement for 12 full months after the purchase date.

How to Choose the Right Rural King Battery for Your Vehicle:

There are many steps to choose the right battery, but you have to learn how to. Without knowing these steps, you can sometimes go wrong when selecting a battery for a vehicle.

What is Battery Type:

First, you should know what type of battery you want to use. The Rural King has AGM Batteries that feature SureLife Graphite Technology to maximize the energy capacity.

Cranking amps and cold cranking amps:

Another thing you should know about how much CCA the battery has. Such as more than 700 or more CCA are considered good.

Reserve capacity:

The Reserve Capacity rating is an important and straightforward measure of battery power. The number indicates how long it will take your fully charged 12-volt vehicle battery to discharge at 25 amp-hours per hour, maintaining 10 volts for as long as possible under normal temperature conditions (80 º F or 26 ° C).

Discharge Capacity:

Discharge capacity is the key indicator of a battery’s health. It also signals how much electrical energy can be extracted from that particular cell in an aged state. Depending on how low it has gotten over time, it will affect performance when charging at different rates or depths.

Frequently Asked Questions about Rural King Batteries:

Here are some questions and answers to help you understand more about Rural King Batteries and more:

Where to buy Rural King Battery?

There are a few ways to buy the Rural King Batteries. Such as you can buy these from their website. But you should make sure if these are available to buy online. Such as, if a battery is only available for in-store purchase, it would be described as that.

Here is an example. Take a look at this battery: https://www.ruralking.com/automotive-battery-4

This Automotive Battery has all the information, but it is available in-store, which you can read below its price.

How do you prevent corrosion on batteries?

Corrosion happens when hydrogen gas is being released from the acid in a battery. This mixes with other things under your hood of the vehicle, causing that pesky green or red color and leading to corrosion (that we can see!).

Some batteries don’t need checking for water levels because they’re “maintenance free.”

Can you drive your car when your battery is leaking?

It’s not safe to do so because of how dangerous and toxic battery acid can be. The corrosion that this type of fluid causes on engine components will make them fail, thus causing more problems than just limited mobility for yourself or other drivers around you.

How to Maintain an AGM Battery?

When you need your battery for a few days, charge it. But when storing in longer periods of time, make sure that you recharge and avoid keeping the discharged state as this will lead to sulfation on its way!


So in this article, you learned about the Rural King Batteries, their warranty, and features.

Here are some key takeaways from this article:

  • Most Rural King Batteries have generous warranty such as 24 to 60 months that is 5 years warranty.
  • The Rural King has a large collection of batteries from Automotive to Lawn & Garden.
  • These batteries have more CCA, such as 700 to 1,000, when compared with many other batteries.



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