Will a Roof Bag Scratch My Car

For those who are very familiar with, and are in the use of it, they’ll agree with me that it is very much possible to get one’s car scratched by a roof bag. How? The curious mind may ask. After all, it’s just a bag. Well, in this article, I’ll be bringing to your knowledge, why and how a roof bag will leave your car scratched.

Will a Roof Bag Scratch My Car?

Very possible, yes. One thing that I know for sure is that there is a possibility of a roof bag scratching your car if the roof bag is not well placed on your car roof or if the roof bag is made of thick and abrasive material. There are a host of other reasons why a roof bag may scratch your car and we will get into further details in this article.

You should know though, that there is a limit to what one can put in a roof bag; speaking of the size, its ability to damage the roof bag, and even your car.

One major reason you will always see a roof bag on a car is that the owner of that car, or perhaps a passenger, has extra luggage, and they would not want to make other passengers feel uncomfortable with the extra luggage right inside the car.

Many a user of ‘roof bags’ have one thing or the other to say about how their roof bag has been serving them; a large number of persons over the years have given good submissions on its effectiveness, it has served them well, so to say.

There are a few ways through which one could get their car scratched as a result of the use of a roof bag. However, it should be noted that it is not the roof bag itself that causes the scratch, but what you put in it, coupled with a host of other factors that will be discussed below.

How can a roof bag scratch your car

Placing Metallic / Sharp-edged objects in your roof bag

Speaking from experience, placing metallic and other sharp-edged objects in your roof bag, especially in proximity to the bottom or sides of the roof bag will not only cause damage to the roof bag but to the car too; the car gets badly scratched.

Many users of roof bags usually forget to pay attention to the sort of items that could be placed in their roof bag, thus causing them to frown when the consequences finally come because it leaves them with a damaged roof bag and car.

If at all the roof of the car doesn’t get damaged with scratches, placing objects or items as such in a roof bag could possibly leave the concerned individual with a perforated roof bag all through.

Leaving dirt and stony particles on the rooftop of your car

Another way through which one could get their car scratched is if there were stony particles, or better put, dirt (not necessarily stony particles) that are capable of causing scratches, on the roof of the car which was not noticed at the time when the roof bag was fastened to the car.

In the course of the journey, while the roof bag moves back and forth, it is probable that the pressure from the moving roof bag, placed on the stony particles or dirt could cause a scratch or even scratches, hence, the need to always clean and dust off the car in general, prior to any journey.

Driving Speed

The speed with which one drives is also a causative factor for scratches on one’s car. When one drives past the required speed limit, coupled with the fact that there are metallic/sharp-edged objects in the roof bag and that there is neither a roof rack nor a Protective Pad, there is a high tendency that the car will end up being scratched.

This is because, at the point of driving at a high speed, the roof bag moves back and forth, causing the sharp-edged luggage to pierce the car, leaving it with scratches.

How can you prevent the roof of your car from getting scratched?

To prevent a roof bag from scratching your car, here are a few things to do at every point in time;

Ensure you do not drive above your speed-weight limit

Make sure not to drive past the required speed limit as it helps to cushion the effect of sharp-edged objects on your car if perhaps you have them at all.

Clean car roof before placing your roof bag

Ensure that you always clean and dust off the rooftop of your car before carrying on with fastening your roof bag to the car. By so doing, you are reducing the chances that your car will get scratched.

Employ the use of a Protective Mat

The Protective Mat, otherwise referred to as a Protective Pad is made of a non-slip and rubbery material, and it also helps in reducing the chances of the roof bag leaving your car with scratches, totally at that!, as it is placed in between the roof of the car and the bottom of the roof bag.

Apparently, the roof of the car gets thorough protection because the Protective Pad helps in cushioning every form of contact between the roof bag and the rooftop of your car. Although the use of a Protective Pad is not compulsory.

However, it will be necessary and expedient if you are someone who is not usually comfortable with scratches, even with the slightest scratch on your car.

Meanwhile, there is an added advantage when it is used; Apart from the fact that it helps to do away with scratches on your car or vehicle, it also gives you a quiet and smooth ride, in that the Protective Pad as the name suggests, helps in padding every form of noise that might want to emanate from every movement up there while you are on your journey.

However, the use of straps would help in making the roof bag stand firm, thus avoiding movements and its aftermath – the scratches.

In relation to the aforementioned, there rose a question. The question states that if it’s not possible to purchase a Protective Pad due to financial restraints, would it still be cool to improvise?

For instance, the use of thick fabric, say a towel or a blanket whose length and breadth matches with that of the rooftop of your car.

Well, it is not advisable to use any of those in place of a Protective Pad / Mat because they both allow for the movement of the roof bag as opposed to being sturdy due to the fact that they are slippery.

It must be stressed that the use of a Protective Pad / Mat is strongly encouraged for persons who do not have a roof rack on their car and could as well be used by persons who have a roof rack on their car.

What to do when a roof bag scratches your car

At this point, it has happened! The roof of your car has been badly scratched already. What comes to mind is to give it a fresh painting all through or to just paint the rooftop. But what if you are not financially buoyant at the time? Well, I guess the best option is to be patient till you have the capacity to repaint.

However, pending the time that this would be done, you should make efforts to eschew a future recurrence of such by not placing sharp edged objects on the rooftop, but in your boot; I guess it would be safer there.

Do you need to buy any accessories to ensure this?

To ensure that there are no scratches on your car, there are a few accessories that will help do away with possible scratches, some of which are:

Buy Protective Mat / Pad

As stated earlier, I will reiterate; the Protective Pad really helps in preventing scratches 100%, and for someone who is deliberate about not having scratches on their car, the Protective Pad is sure a run-to.

It helps keep your roof bag sturdy with a less tightened grip from your straps. Making use of this, by implication, you are in tune with the school of thought which states that “prevention is better than cure”.

A great protective mat to buy is this Aaaspark ROOF Cargo Bag Protective MAT on Amazon.

Will a Roof Bag Scratch My Car

Buy Duffle Bags

The use of Duffle Bags is also recommended in a bid to avoid scratches on your car. Apart from this, they help you to distribute your items into groups, all in the same roof bag. By extension, they help in the easy transportation of your luggage.

For instance, you have a whole lot of luggage, putting them together in your roof bag; they will turn out very heavy that you might not be able to carry, but distributing them into segments as in Duffle Bags will help out, as you will only have to transport them from whichever place you are, one after the other, to wherever your car is located.

A great protective mat to buy is this Farm Blue GI Style Zipper Duffel Bag on Amazon.

Will a Roof Bag Scratch My Car


Extra Straps

For someone who has been in the use of a roof bag, what a strap is should not sound strange. The use of extra straps that will give your luggage a strong grip is strongly advised.

With the use of extra straps apart from the one which came with the roof bag when purchased, your roof bag will be helped to stand more firmly, avoiding movements that could eventually lead to your car being scratched.

In addition, there are several other accessories. These other accessories are not out to avoid scratches on your car, but they serve other important purposes. Some of such accessories are;

Padlock which in many cases, comes with the roof bag when purchased. It helps in securing the zipper of your roof bag. That way, you are put in a tranquil state, knowing full well that it is not possible for any of your items to fall off while your car is in motion.

Storage Pouch is used to preserve the roof bag, straps, and the rest of other accessories when not in use.

The Tire Step is much like a ladder, or even a ladder. It helps you to get to the rooftop of your car or vehicle in order to easily place your roof bag, and as well bring it down at the end of your journey, all for the ease of it.

Will a Roof Bag Scratch My Car
Adjustable Tire Step | Rated up to 300 lbs.

The Travel Blanket, etc.

All of these accessories are easy to get and access, there is no stress to them. All you need to do is click the any of the links for the accessory you desire to purchase, which will lead you to the page on Amazon where you will be provided with the option of placing an order.


Reading closely the aforediscussed, we all can see very glaringly that the scratch from the use of roof bags can be reduced/curtailed. You could either make use of the Protective Pad / Mat, Adhere to speed limits, or clean and dust off every dirt and stony particles, etc.

You could as well make use of extra straps which will help you have a firm grip on your roof bag.

With these, you are sure to use a roof bag without ending up with a single scratch on your car.

We hope this article was of great help to you. If you have always had scratches on your car as a result of the use of a roof bag, it would be good if you leverage this article.

Should you have any further question(s), kindly drop them in the comments section below.

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