Best Motorcycles for Seniors

In most cases, seniors are vulnerable to common infectious diseases and are prone to minor accidents. Moreover, their vision, strength, memory, and response time are always in doubt. Indeed, their general body health is always in doubt, so opting for a smaller motorcycle or tricycle will be the way to go.

Though riding in a big machine is fantastic, older age will not impact your lifestyle rather than adding stress. The height, seat, and handlebar should be in a convenient position to avoid strain and fatigue.

It is advisable to revisit your riding skills for physical fitness, but care and attention must be upheld. Riding at a slower speed, avoiding busy roads, and wearing protective gear will not be an option.

A golden age, the best advice to take home is that statistics show that older people are three times than younger folks to be hospitalized and spend more time than the latter. So, well said, do not be anxious about returning to the road. Instead, if you are competent enough and your conscience does not cheat you, get your old machine and have fun outdoors.

What to consider before buying a senior motorcycle and returning to the road

  • Health status

Seniors are vulnerable to diseases and hospitalized more than the youth. In addition, exposure to the air outside can harm your health to deteriorate, and you suffer from tuberculosis. Similarly, you can suffer from allergies as a result of air pollution on the roads. Therefore, if you are prone to frequent health problems, wear solid protective gear.

  • Seat Height

The seat should be in a position to rest your abdomen without straining. Secondly, it should be positioned that your feet can reach the ground with ease and balance the motorcycle. To determine whether the seat suits your height, sit comfortably with your legs touching the ground; try balancing it without holding the handlebars.

If you succeed, then that is your favorite motorcycle. Nowadays, manufacturers have realized a market gap, and all designs for all ages are available in the market. If you are not lucky to get your size, modify the shocks to fit your height.

  • Pick a smaller motorcycle.

Although senior riders usually can purchase bigger bikes, these large machines can also be a spoiler of the anticipated fun for seniors. Small and middle-sized bikes are easier to learn, ride, and control without the hassles of firmly handling giant machines.

  • Go for short-term training.

If you are not sure about the traffic rules and riding skills, visit the nearby driving institution for training. Frankly, it will cost you less than what it could cost in case of an accident. Moreover, due to multitasking and loss of memory, people at golden age are more vulnerable to forgetting; thus, training will keep them updated.

Never assume you are the same as when you used to ride for long distances. Again, do not assume the machine you used to ride at a young age is the same. Though it can be the same, your memory has faded.

  • Buy new protective garments.

Science and technology have done it several times to guarantee rider’s safety. Do not assume the helmet you were using 30 years ago is safe for your ride. It is better to incur a one-time expense worth and avoid brain injuries in case of an accident. Those days we were used to cotton outfits, but nowadays, leather gears are best for riders. It will be better to incur an expense that is worth it.

  • Adhere to your limits

You are old, senior age and have a deteriorating health status, and you cannot run away from that. Respect your riding limits, and all will be well with you. Never ride at night, Overspeed, or ride in busy towns. As opposed to those days, entertainment has ruled the 21st century generation, and radios are installed everywhere, including motorcycles. The point is, never listen to music or anything related to that.

Best motorcycles for senior riders

1. Harley-Davidson Street glide

Over the last decades, Harley-Davidson has been in the market and has never disappointed. If you’re around over 50 years, you should not get worried over which model to ride. Most of our half-century brethren will make preferred Street glide as their favorite model. The street glide has admirable features for people at the Golden age.

It is a one-passenger motorcycle with a u-shaped seat. The handlebars are in a position that will not cause pain and fatigue to the rider. The comfort of the ride is guaranteed by shocks that expand and contract uniformly. It has no suspension that guarantees safety and comfort. Even for the shortest rider, the street glide will ensure a level of comfort, and perhaps, he will have fun.

2. 1962 Norton Manx

For the aged, Norton Manx is the better choice due to its size and length. It has a strong frame made of steel. The front and rear suspensions are telescopic and swingarm, respectively. For safety and emergency, it has expandable rear and front drum brakes. The Norton Manx model is a simple motorcycle with a two-passenger seat. It suits both short and tall people, and the handlebars are designed so that the rider will not struggle to navigate corners.

3. Honda monkey

As the name suggests, the model represents a monkey. It is a simple motorcycle with a petite frame and raised handlebars. Overall motorcycles, Honda monkey, is the smallest and most economical for the aged. The tires are similar to the ones for wheelbarrow; hence no risk.

4. Ducati 620 monster

Here comes salvation for newbies and women. Ducati 620 model has everything that women like, similar to people at golden age. It is not too high for them not to balance.

5. BMW G650GS

You can be worried by its height, but it has a soft suspension of 30.3-inch seat height. It is a German machine with all sorts of comfort. BMW has adjustable rear and front shocks, but the front shocks are single on each side. If you opt for BMW, be assured that you will save a pretty coin due to its fuel-saving consumption.

6. Moto Guzzi 1100 Cruiser

Whether short or tall, man or woman, the Moto Guzzi model has your comfort. Like Norton Manx, it has a low suspension and seat height of 28.3 inches, making it the lowest. In addition, the shocks are short and adjustable, making the center of gravity below the seat. However, unlike BMW, Moto Guzzi is a single passenger hence no disturbance.

7. Scooters

Are you in need of comfort? If yes, the scooter has the answer to your problem. They are fantastically designed purposely for seniors. Unlike general motors, scooters are light, and the gravity is located below the engine. For safety, they do not roll over easily in case of emergency braking. The wheels are small to keep the gravity as low as possible.

Honda Helix Scooter

Many senior riders champion the Honda Helix for its smooth ride and quality comfort. It fits not only the aged but also younger people with no riding experience.

Compared to other scooters, the Honda helix has high-performance capability, a super engine, and good touring ability. The Honda helix can accommodate up to two passengers, and each seat has a backrest. This bike has higher performance, touring capabilities, and design than other scooters. It’s more fun and safer as well, making it the best choice for senior riders.

8. Trike

If you are afraid of motorcycles, a trike can be the best for you. A trike is a bicycle with two wheels at either front or rear wheels. If you never had experience with a motorcycle, the trike will not require you to have balance. No experience is needed. Only cycling is required, and you get into the road. The trike is suitable for both males and females, so you will be favored if you are a lady.

Harley Davidson Tri Glide Ultra

Harley Davidson Freewheeler

The Harley-Davidson trikes are designed to meet the needs of those who want a plush ride. Both three wheels touring bikes are excellent.

The Harley Davidson Tri-Glide is a premium touring model packed with tons of features. The design creates a comfortable seat and more storage for passengers as well as luggage. This model comes fully equipped with all the innovative features that make riding easy, safer, and undeniably pleasurable. You’ll be thrilled by its powerful, reliable engine.

The Freewheeler is good for you if your budget doesn’t allow for all the convenience and accommodations. It is smaller, has a slightly lower seat, and maybe a better choice for senior riders.

If you love heading out on a motorcycle ride just to unwind from life’s stresses, both trikes offer benefits in terms of pressure release and relaxation so you can enjoy your time with friends or loved ones without feeling confined. In addition, trikes are great because they have more stability at any speed and stop faster than two wheels bikes while raining, which makes them relaxing to ride.

9. Can-Am

Can-Am is a three-wheeler/ tricycle designed, which is excellent for seniors. Out of all seniors’ machines, Can-Am is one of the best touring motorcycles for seniors. Talk of comfort, safety, and speed; it guarantees everything a rider at silver age will need. The funniest feature with Can-Am is had double front wheels and one rear wheel instead of a traditional tricycle. The suspension is sophisticated compared to other models, but the seat is designed to comfort the rider.

Bottom line

Much said about the best motorcycles for older riders, and the final decision is left to you. The above list gives the best motorcycles and tricycles in the market. To wrap up, get one that best suits your age, health status, and personal decision. Do not be left behind by your age mates; accompany them for fun riding to upcountry and tours.

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  1. I ride with the Ulysses Club in Australia for motorcycle enthusiasts from 40yo. I’m 67yo and ride a Triumph Trophy SE 1200, and have ridden it across Australia to the west and to the Daintree from Victoria to the north, not to mention in awful ride conditions. I have a ‘saddlesore’ award for riding 1000mls (1600kms) in 24 hours. My wife started riding in her late 50’s, is 66yo, and rides her maxi scooter the same distances as I ride. A friend I ride with turns 88yo in a couple of months and rides in any conditions. I am not writing this to disagree with your comments for some, but to challenge the unilateral application of assumptions you make in your introduction. The motto of the Ulysses Club is, “Grow old disgracefully,” and was a response to an article that dismissed older riders as only good for “masticating the night’s dinner and macrame.”


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