12 Easy Exercises for Long-Distance Motorcycle Riding

Long-distance motorcycle riding requires good physical condition and stamina. Motorcycle riding is a fun and adventurous activity, but when you have to ride for hours can be challenging if you do not exercises regularly. Here are 12 easy exercises to help you to avoid neck, back and butt pain after long-distance motorcycle riding.

Exercises for Long Distance Motorcycle Riding:

Exercise will help your body to become stronger. These exercises include the core, quadriceps, hamstrings, biceps, and calves for riding.

There isn’t one specific way to exercise for motorcycle riding. There are many, and there are some video tutorials that you may find most helpful.

1. Stretches:

Doing stretches before riding motorcycles have their own benefits.

Stretches will help you to have more flexibility and they can be a good warm-up.

When doing stretches, make sure that your whole body is stretched with one of the most common stretches being hamstring stretch which is done by lying down on your back with your left leg extended in front while your right knee bent. Now pull both feet up towards the chest until they touch each other. Here is a video tutorial for this:

2. Push-ups and Squats:

Push-ups and squats may look like simple exercises but help motorcyclists improve and strengthen their muscles. Here is how these are helpful:

1. Pushups:

It helps to tighten your chest and shoulder muscles. This will help you have better posture when riding a motorcycle for long hours. Push-ups also make the arm stronger which is important when using clutch or engine braking while turning a corner.

2. Squats:

These exercises are helpful in strengthening your thigh and gluteal muscles which are critical when riding a motorcycle.

Here is a video about how to do this exercise easily:

3. Swimmers Exercise:

Swimmers exercises are helpful for motorcyclists. For Example:

Dolphin kicks: These help you move your feet if you want to clutch the bike with both of them instead of just one leg.

4. Sit-ups:

Sit-ups are one of the best exercises for those who want to ride a motorcycle.

This exercise can help you strengthen and tone your abs, back muscles as well as your shoulders.

Moreover, it will get rid of any postures that might make discomfort while riding on a long-distance trip in an uncomfortable

Doing these exercises regularly will help you get a good posture and back muscles.

5. In and Outs:

This exercise is usually done by athletes.

It’s a simple one – all you need to do is bring your knees in and out, back and forth while sitting on the ground or chair with your feet touching each other.

3. Some Light Exercises

These motorcycle exercises can be comfortable for some people as these are to do by laying down:

Swiss Ball Squat Sqeeze: This exercise requires an exercise ball and you have to squat in one position.

You then have to squeeze the ball hard while squatting, hold for a few seconds, and release it when getting back up.

1. Side Box Step-up:

This exercise can be done by using a side box or bench, you have to place one foot on the top of it and then step up with your other leg.

Make sure that both feet are securely placed at all times while doing these motorcycle exercises.

You will have to do it while facing the side box, stepping up as high as you can and then returning back down.

Repeat for a few sets until they are done with one leg before switching over.

2. Drop Lunges:

This exercise is similar to the previous exercise but doesn’t require the side box. The video above describes how it is done.

3. Towel Hammer Curls:

In this exercise, you have to tie the towel across the hammer and they carry it by using both hands, it looks like a biceps exercise.

4. Mountain Climbers:

This is another exercise that you can do without using any equipment, just a good floor, and your own body.

This exercise looks similar to push-ups but you have to move your legs like you are running. This exercise is also described in the above video.

5. Standing Quad Stretch:

This is another easy and funny exercise to do if you have to ride a motorcycle for long distances.

This is not an exercise but a stretching technique. This stretch can be done by standing up and bending your right leg back while holding onto the knee with both hands, then you have to put pressure on that heel using your left foot for about ten seconds before switching over.

This stretch is mostly done to reduce the pressure in your inner thigh.

6. Seated Hamstring Stretch:

A hamstring stretch is a super easy exercise that you can do if you have to ride a motorcycle for long distances and it feels really good. You just need one leg, which means either left or right one and you have to sit on the floor, then lean forward as much as possible.


We hope these exercises help you to be the best rider you can be. If there’s anything we missed or if you have any more questions, don’t hesitate to leave a comment below!

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