How to Choose the Best Motorcycle Roadside Assistance Plan?

Motorcycle road assistance is a road program that provides all mechanic road solutions for your motorcycle. It offers services depending on the plan you have subscribed to. The benefits are available at any time you need them. In case of any mechanical breakdown, your motorcycle will be repaired, and undoubtedly, you will be back on the road. 

Motorcycle road assistance will offer your motorcycle services and repair depending on your desires and the premiums paid. This article has detailed services and repairs provided by road assistance.

What does motorcycle roadside assistance cover?

Battery services

Suppose your motorcycle develops battery problems while on the road; a road assistance plan will repair the problem as soon as you contact them. They will send a mechanic to kick start your battery if it fails to start automatically. 

If a significant problem occurs, they will tow the motorcycle to the nearby location of your choice for further repairs. However, your plan limits the distance that your bike can be pulled. The road assistant administrator assigns a worker to every member in case of any problem. 

Flat tire

Roadside assistance plans offer service to your motorcycle in case of all tire-related problems. If your motorcycle tire deflates on the road by bad luck, contact the road assistance administrator, and a towing vehicle is assigned to you. 

The motorcycle is towed to the nearest mechanic for repair. If the tire is beyond repair, it will be replaced but at your cost. The road assistance plan will only offer towing assistance to the next mechanic for tire replacement. 

Fluid delivery

Thanks to the road assistance plan for providing road delivery of fluids to your place. If your motorcycle runs short of gasoline, do not panic; the road assistance plan will deliver gasoline within the shortest time possible after conducting the administrator. However, you will be responsible for the cost of the fluids. Road assistance will only deliver the fluids to your location.

Motorcycle towing

It is also known as motorcycle towing insurance. It offers towing services to your bike if it fails on the road. The bike will be towed to the nearest garage or the garage of your choice. 

However, it will depend on the plan you have purchased and the insurance provider. To be on the safe side, make thorough consultation with the insurance providers to determine which insurer offers the best services at minimum cost. Most insurance companies will offer free towing to a certain distance and then charge the rest depending on the distance to be covered.

What to consider when choosing a roadside assistance plan?

1. The basic requirement

When choosing a roadside assistance plan, make sure you consult a specialist or someone who has long-term experience in the plans. Consider a plan that is available 24/7/365 and works during holidays, with an 1800 number. It should cover a wide geographical area and can operate on all public roads. The plan should be offered by prominent companies with specialized motorcycle towing trucks.

2. Have enough contracted towing companies

Never rush to any plan as not all companies tow motorcycles. The company should have competent equipment to tow motorcycles. A company with trailers or flatbed tow trucks is suitable for towing motorcycles. 

A tow truck with a bike sling arrangement is not suitable for towing motorcycles because it is left hanging at the back of the tow truck. When left hanging at the back, the motorcycle paint can be scratched and cause further damages. 

If you are forced to use such a tow truck, the motorcycle should be old and wrecked. The operator of the tow truck should have enough experience to handle motorcycles. 

3. Towing distance

Always go for a plan with the longest towing distance. If you are a local rider or operate within the city, a plan with 35 miles towing distance is good for you. In my opinion, a plan with 120 miles towing distance is good for riders. The reason for considering it is that the membership fee is slightly higher than the basic membership fee, but it is worth the plan. 

4. Who decides where to go?

It is better to purchase a plan that gives you the freedom to decide where your motorcycles will be towed. Some plans will tow your bike to the nearest dealer/shop, and if the bike needs to be towed to another shop, you cater for the cost. 

5. International coverage

Long-distance riders should consider a plan that will cover their motorcycle even when in neighboring countries. Most plans offered by insurance companies have limitations in the countries they operate. 

Some of them will cover your motorcycle while in your mother country, but if you go outside it, you cater for the cost and get reimbursed once you come back. If the terms are not well stated, request further clarification of how the plan works while outside your mother country. 

6. Bike trailer

A plan that offers bike trailing is ideal for you. Ask whether the plan will tow your bike trailer and, if so, how much is the premium. If bike trailing is not well elaborated in the plan, this could lead to misunderstanding if you need to tow your trailer or need reimbursement.

7. Unlimited calls?

Roadside assistance plans give a maximum number of calls that a customer can call for assistance. A plan that will guarantee a towing truck in the shortest time and a reliable one is the best. 

A motorcycle roadside plan with unlimited calls sounds great at first, but think about it: how many times can you expect breakdowns and put up with them? If you think you will use many of the unlimited calls, maybe what you need is a reliable bike with better maintenance.

Best four motorcycle roadside assistance companies

Disclaimer: We are not affiliated, associated, authorized, endorsed by, or in any way officially connected with the following companies. We do not receive any compensation from any of the companies.

1. Motorcycle towing services (MTS)

They operate in the United States of America and Canada.  They have the best response time of 30 minutes after contacting them. They serve everyone and have an affordable annual payment of $30. 

They have three plans; Economy, Premier, and Cold Country plans. If you opt for the Cold Country plan, you do not pay during the winter season because it is seasonal. The premier plan covers up to two motorcycles, and you spend $95 annually. 

They only tow your motorcycle to the nearest shop/dealer for the three plans, and if you prefer another one, you pay for the service. MTS does not cover parking fees, and if you do, you pay the price at that point.

2. Best Roadside Service

If old is gold, the best Roadside Service has the best experience in roadside motorcycle assistance. Their towing distance is 75 miles to the garage of your choice but under their Regular plan. They operate all day, every hour. BRS has more than 45,000 attendants across the USA and Canada. BRS allows a customer to make up to six emergency calls per year.

Their plans are as low as $65, and it includes all benefits and parking for your motorcycle. Apart from covering parking fees, BRS has perking for their customers but only for members. BRS commercial plan offers free delivery of three gallons, lost key, and lock-out service. 

3. Rider rescue

Rider rescue provides roadside assistance for motorcycles and scooters. Their plans are the same, but the difference is the towing distance. It has two plans; Basic, Basic Plus, and Regional Touring plan. 

The basic plan allows up to 15 miles of towing distance, and it starts at $45.95. The regional program has a towing distance of 50 miles, and it starts at $79.95. The basic class is the middle-level plan with a towing distance of 35 miles, and it starts at $59.95. 

The plans fit different people depending on their geographical area of residence. The regional touring plan best suits rural riders, while the basic goal is for those riders who reside in urban areas.

4. American Automobile Assistance (AAA)

Whether you are still using your old skull motorcycle or a brand new machine, you cannot predict failure. AAA is an abbreviation of the American Automobile Association, with its headquarters in Heathrow, Florida, United. Why face challenges while you are having fun on the road or riding to your destination? AAA has the answer to your motorcycle problems. 

AAA is one of the best-known roadside assistance insurance companies in the world. Like all insurance plans, you have to pay a membership fee plus the insurance plan for one to become a member. They choose the towing destination for your motorcycle since they have a great network of agents. 

Members have an online account where they can access services and information. The classic plan has a maximum of four tows per year and a distance of 5 miles. Plus plan also has a maximum of four tows, but up to 100 miles and the cost is $101. The premier plan is $127, and the towing distance is 200 miles monthly.


Since we are not sure of uncertainties, preparing for them by purchasing plans is the best way. Never let battery malfunction, flat tire, or lack of fluid distract your journey. Roadside assistance plans cater to your needs while on the road.

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