Who Makes Harley Davidson Batteries? Are These Batteries Really Good?

East Penn Manufacturing is currently the official manufacturer that makes the Harley Davidson Batteries.

The former manufacturer was Yuasa, and East Penn Manufacturing (Deka) had won a contract from Yuasa, and currently, Deka makes these batteries.

East Penn Manufacturing is the same company that makes:

What Kinds of Battery Does the Harley Davidson use?

The Harley Davidson motorcycle can use any batteries designed for its engine, but the recommended batteries are Lithium LiFe Batteries which have two times more battery life. These batteries have more cranking amps than the regular AGM Batteries.

How does Harley Davidson Battery Warranty Works?

The Harley Davidson Battery varies from one battery to another. However, it is 12 to 48 months for most batteries.

The Lithium Batteries are sold online at Harley-Davidson.com, and these batteries have 12 months warranty. Other Batteries such as OEM are sold in the store.

What are Some Harley Davidson Batteries?

There are different batteries for Harley Davidson. Here are a few of these batteries:

Lithium LiFe 4Ah Battery, 6Ah and 8Ah.

Lithium LiFe 4Ah Battery:

The Harley-Davidson Lithium LiFe 4Ah Battery is a long-lasting and powerful battery for your bike. With more cranking amps than AGM batteries, it’s also 17 pounds lighter!

The lightweight lithium-ion technology can provide up to 2 times the runtime of standard lead-acid varieties while still providing reliable starting power in all conditions with less noise that will wake up everyone on board as well – even if you’re going down hills or stop signs at speed.

Lithium LiFe 6Ah Battery

Lithium batteries can store energy for a very long time, so you never need to worry about your lighting or audio accessories going dead. The LiFe 6Ah battery is maintenance-free and has high-quality brass terminals on board! This means that it will work flawlessly even if dirt bikers like to jump across train tracks without looking first. That doesn’t mean you should try.

Lithium LiFe 8Ah Battery

LiFe batteries provide an impressive lifespan of more than double H-D™ AGM when adequately maintained. They won’t lose charge during storage when disconnected from the vehicle. They use 85% Amp Hour capacity compared to only 10% for AGMs, which provides the power to your accessories such as audio and lighting with a Harley Davidson 800 mA Weatherproof Dual Mode Battery Charger sold separately!

How to Choose the Right Harley Davidson Battery:

So when you decide to buy the Harley Davidson Battery, you should follow some steps. Here are some things to remember when purchasing a Harley Davidson Battery:

What is Battery Type:

This one is important to know, such as AGM, Lithium, or any other kinds of batteries. The Harley Davidson sells Lithium Batteries.

Cranking amps and cold cranking amps:

A battery with at least 300 CCA is ideal for starting motorcycles in cold weather. When you select a Harley Davidson Battery, you will usually find 145 to 150 CCA, so you should make sure you find the one that has enough CCA.

Reserve capacity:

The most important rating for batteries is Reserve Capacity. It signifies how long it will take your fully charged battery at 80°F to discharge and maintain 10V when used with 12 volts, which can be a difficult task in hot weather or on an extended drive.

Discharge Capacity:

The discharge rate varies from one battery to another. The Lead-acid batteries are commonly rated at a 20-hour discharge rate. The low capacity reading is attributed to the slow charge and subsequent long discharge period for each cell, which can take up to two weeks in some cases before reaching 100%.

How do you prevent corrosion on batteries?

Batteries are great for powering your vehicle, but they can also be a huge pain if you don’t take care of them. Corrosion on the battery terminals will cause issues with electrical systems and even lead to different problems for your vehicle in some cases!

Here you will learn how to clean corrosion on the battery and to prevent its future occurrence.

Baking Soda Method:

To remove corrosion on batteries, mix one part water and three parts baking soda. Put the mixture in a dish with a brush. Scrub away until the terminals of the battery are clean.

Soda Method:

The soda method is a great way to keep your battery terminals clean and prevent corrosion. Pour some soft drinks we enjoy during our break into an old coffee mug, then mix with hot water in another pan or pot until it becomes weak enough for use as needed!

Cleaning heavy corrosion:

Corrosion on your battery can be prevented with the help of baking soda and a toothbrush. First, remove any corrosion from terminals by soaking them in a solution made out of water for 20 minutes each, brushing off particles using old bristles or utensils like spoons before reinserting them into terminal slots.

Frequently Asked Questions about Harley Davidson Batteries:

Here are some questions and answers to help you understand more about Harley Davidson Batteries and more:

Where to buy Harley Davidson Battery?

The Harley Davidson Batteries are available at harley-davidson.com, but you can find only lithium batteries online.

To buy almost all kinds of Harley Davidson batteries, you can buy them at their store. These batteries are manufactured by East Penn Manufacturing but are sold at Harley Davidson stores.

How to Maintain a Lithium Battery?

The best way to keep your lithium battery running at full strength is by following these simple steps. Keep them charged with a charger or in use, and don’t forget about those yearly maintenance sessions for optimum performance!


So in this article, you learned about who makes the Harley Davidson Batteries and some features of this battery.

Here are some key takeaways from this article:

  • East Penn Manufacturing makes these batteries, and Harley Davidson sells these.
  • Harley Davidson sells Lithium Batteries online at their website, and all other batteries are sold at their store.
  • The warranty of these batteries varies from 12 to 48 months, depending on the batteries.


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