Who Makes Northstar Batteries? And Battery Warranty

EnergySys makes NorthStar Batteries. Northstar was started in 2000 by experts in Lead Acid Batteries. It has an extensive collection of automotive batteries.

They have enhanced the high range of AGM Battery Technology.

EnergySys is a manufacturer of battery systems for motive power, reserve power, and other equipment. They manufacture reserve power systems in addition to motive power systems. Their products include batteries, accessories, chargers, monitoring systems, and more.

EnergySys is the same company that makes Odyssey Batteries, Northstar Batteries, and X2 Battery.

Is Northstar AGM Battery Worth It?

Yes. Northstar has all types of batteries suited to your needs, apart from having superior quality it has a strong warranty which is the best thing about the product, it guarantees you safety and security for your investments.

Its warranty varies from 2 to 4 years.

The AGM Batteries are capable of supporting high-drain applications. The best starting batteries are Northstar High-Performance AGM Battery.

One of the best features of this product is to increase its life, it has an Annual Self-Discharge which is only 0.8 percent, so it doesn’t lead to wastage of energy. The battery can stay without maintenance for a period of one year and that too is at 80% capacity.

How does Northstar Battery Warranty Works?

The Northstar Batteries have 2 to 4 years Full Warranty on their Automotive Batteries. Here is how its warranty works:

4 Year Warranty Full Manufacturer Automotive Batteries:

Here are some Northstar Automotive Batteries with 4 Year Warranty. This list includes Battery Name and its CCA at 32 degrees F.

ELT/Elite Series:

  • ELT-ACE24 825 (CCA)
  • ELT-ACE24F 825 (CCA)
  • ELT-ACE27 975 (CCA)
  • ELT-ACE27F 975 (CCA)
  • ELT-ACE28N 825 (CCA)
  • ELT-ACE31 1050 (CCA)
  • ELT-ACE31A 1050 (CCA)
  • ELT-ACE34 810 (CCA)
  • ELT-ACE34/78 810 (CCA)
  • ELT-ACE35 770 (CCA)
  • ELT-ACE65 770 (CCA)
  • ELT-ACE74 825 (CCA)
  • ELT-ACE78 810 (CCA)

NSB Series:

  • NSB-AGM24 1010 (CCA)
  • NSB-AGM24F 1010 (CCA)
  • NSB-AGM27 1080 (CCA)
  • NSB-AGM27F 1080 (CCA)
  • NSB-AGM31 1370 (CCA)
  • NSB-AGM31A 1370 (CCA)
  • NSB-AGM34 1050 (CCA)
  • NSB-AGM34/78 1050 (CCA)
  • NSB-AGM35 880 (CCA)
  • NSB-AGM48 910 (CCA)
  • NSB-AGM65 1080 (CCA)
  • NSB-AGM78 1050 (CCA)

3 Year Warranty Heavy Duty Batteries:

Here are some Heavy Duty / Speciality Batteries with warranties:

  • NSB-AGM31   1370 (CCA)
  • ELT-ACE31   1050 (CCA)
  • NSB-AGM8D   1800 (CCA)
  • NSB-AGM8DS   1800 (CCA)
  • SMS-AGM8DK   2700 (CCA)
  • SMS-AGM8DK-S   2700 (CCA)
  • SMS-AGM8DK-DT   2700 (CCA)
  • SMS-AGM24K   1010 (CCA)

2 Year Warranty Batteries:

Here are some batteries with 2 Year Warranty:

  • SMS-AGM 80   580 CCA
  • SMS-AGM 220   1160 CCA
  • SMS-AGM 400   1615 CCA

What are Some Northstar Batteries for Different Vehicles?

There are different batteries Northstar has to offer. Northstar uses advanced technology in its batteries. There are three different kinds of batteries:

  • Pure Lead – High Temp
  • Pure Lead – Long Life
  • Thin Plate Lead Carbon

Pure Lead – High Temp:

The Pure Lead High Temp Battery is an excellent choice for those who need high-performance, long-life batteries. It excels at extreme temperatures of -40ºC to +65° C (104 F). It has an impressive 12+year design lifespan, with its thin plates delivering large surface area while being corrosion resistant in all environments!

Some Pure Lead High Temp Batteries include:

  • NSB 100FT HT RED
  • NSB 110FT HT RED
  • NSB 125TT HT RED
  • NSB 145FT HT RED
  • NSB 155FT HT RED
  • NSB 170FT HT RED

Pure Lead – Long Life:

NSB’s RED battery could save you money. NSB’s new line of batteries will give your company a competitive edge by providing long life in the 20-35 degree Celsius range, which means huge potential cost savings due to reduced replacement and maintenance needs on their part!

Some Pure Lead Long Life Batteries include:

  • NSB 100FT RED
  • NSB 155FT RED
  • NSB 170FT RED
  • NSB 190FT RED
  • NSB 210FT RED

Thin Plate Lead Carbon:

NorthStar Battery has pushed the limits of battery design with its NSB 210FT BLUE+ Battery®, which delivers 10% more backup power in the same footprint as a 190ft. The unique 23″ case and handle design on this 12V telecom battery free-up space for Northstar’s proven AGM thin plate technology, setting new standards that high energy density is expected from your telecommunications equipment!

Some Thin Plate Lead Carbon Batteries include:

  • NSB 100FT BLUE+
  • NSB 170FT BLUE+
  • NSB 190FT BLUE+
  • NSB 210FT BLUE+
  • NSB 40FT BLUE+

How to Choose the Right Northstar Battery for Your Vehicle:

Looking for a battery but not sure which one to select? Well, if you are new to batteries, you should know what makes a good battery. Here you will learn what to look for in a good battery when buying from them:

What is Battery Type:

Battery type, yes, that is what you should know. There are different batteries, such as AGM, Lead Acid Batteries, or Lithium Batteries. The Northstar sells most AGM Batteries. The AGM Batteries have their benefits, such as these take less time to charge and work for long. So going for an AGM Battery would be the right choice.

Cranking amps and cold cranking amps:

The Cold Cranking Performance (CCA) measures how fast your car can start when it’s been sitting for a while. The higher the CCA, the faster you’ll be able to jump in and drive!

Reserve capacity:

The number of minutes your battery can sustain a designated constant load before it is fully discharged. For example, if you have 12 volts and 25 amps all draw from one side, the other will drop to 10V depending on how long that lasts!

Discharge Capacity:

The battery C rating measures the current in which a battery is charged and discharged. The capacity of that particular kind, size, or voltage typically ranges from 1C to 10 Amp-hours (10A). For example, A typical lead-acid type would be labeled with an eight amp-hour capacity, meaning it can deliver up protect 24V at eight amperes for one hour before dropping down low again!

Frequently Asked Questions about Northstar Batteries:

Here are some questions and answers to help you more about this:

Where to buy Northstar Battery?

There are many retailers you can buy this battery. To purchase this battery online, you can visit this retailer: http://www.batteryplex.com/northstar-batteries.cfm
Once you add the battery to the cart, you can check out and select your shipping address.

How do you prevent corrosion on batteries?

Corrosion can be prevented by keeping terminals clean and dry, spraying them with terminal protector spray if necessary. Always wear protective clothing when near a battery, as this includes gloves but also goggles to keep out any debris that might cause an accident or burn your eyes from flying sparks!

Can you drive your car when your battery is leaking?

It’s not a good idea because of how dangerous acid from batteries can be. The sulfuric acid in them will start corroding engine components, and it could also damage other parts on cars, user-side included!

How to Maintain an AGM Battery?

You should never partially charge lead-acid batteries, but it is safe for AGM types. It’s best to use the factory-recommended chargers and keep your devices charged in temperatures where they’ll get enough sunlight or heat from other electronics like computers because that can also help preserve them over time!


So in this article, you learned about the Northstar Battery warranty, features, and how to maintain these batteries.

Here are some key takeaways from this article:

  • The Northstar was started in 2000, and Enersys makes its batteries.
  • Most batteries that Northstar sells are AGM which lasts long and is much better than regular batteries.
  • The Northstar battery warranty varies from 2 to 4 years, depending on the battery type.


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