Who Makes X2 Power Batteries? And Battery Warranty

EnerSys /Northstar Battery makes X2 Power Batteries.

Batteries Plus Bulbs store is the owner of the brand X2 Power Batteries. It is an American specialty retailer that sells and recycles batteries.

Northstar Battery is a manufacturer of rechargeable batteries in Missouri, USA. The company was established in 2000 by a group of industry leaders in lead-acid battery manufacturing.

EnerSys Acquired NorthStar in 2019, the same company that makes Odyssey BatteriesNorthstar Batteries, and X2 Battery.

Is X2 Battery Worth It?

Yes. Because it focuses specifically on two kinds of batteries: Marine Batteries and Powersport Batteries.

So they offer great quality in their batteries.

They have most AGM and Lithium, which means more working time and less charging.

How does X2 Battery Warranty Works?

The X2 Battery offers 4 Year Warranty for the Marine Batteries and 5 Years Warranty for the Automotive Batteries.

What are Some X2 Batteries for Different Vehicles?

The X2 has two kinds of batteries, Marine Batteries, and Powersport Batteries. Here are details about these batteries:

Marine Batteries:

The high cranking power of X2Power® batteries enables users to start boat motors and run trolling motors, while their cycling capabilities mean they can also be used for onboard accessories such as depth finders. One battery does the job of separate starting/deep cycle ones!

Some Key Features:

The marine battery is perfect for powering your boats or other related vehicles on the go.

Made with AGM technology, these batteries will never spill or gas, and they stand up to vibration, which makes them a great choice in any orientation – except inverted!

They provide very high discharge/recharge performance, so you can use this product continuously without worries about low drainage capacity at any moment. This type has an impressive four-year replacement warranty too!

Powersport Batteries:

The X2Power® lithium-ion series is a powerful battery for your Powersport vehicle. With proven technology and cutting-edge design that make it over 2X lighter than lead-acid batteries while maintaining distinctive performance characteristics – makes it a great battery.

Some Key Features:

Automotive batteries are a necessary component for any vehicle. One of the essential features of an auto battery is its intelligent monitoring system, which ensures safety and performance at all times.

X2Power® LiFePO4 Power Batteries feature Active Monitoring technology to monitor voltage levels, among other vital signs, so you can feel confident about taking your ride on the road with some of these best batteries!

Some Overall Features of these Batteries:

Here are some overall features of these batteries:

X2 Power Battery is the superior choice for your car. It lasts 28 times longer than a standard battery, gets 30% more juice per charge, and will last 3X as long in comparison!

The X2 Power AGM battery features an improved design that is more durable and rechargeable 5 times faster than traditional batteries with pure lead made in the U S A. It’s spill-proof too!

How to Choose the Right X2 Battery for Your Vehicle:

Before selecting your battery, you should know a few things to buy the right battery. Here are some steps you will have to follow to find the right battery:

What is Battery Type:

This is the first thing to know, such as what kind of battery it is. Such as some batteries are AGM, and some are Lithium.

The X2 Power makes both AGM and Lithium Batteries. Such as it has Marine AGM and Power Lithium Batteries.

So you have a choice of finding the right battery.

Cranking amps and cold cranking amps:

You may have heard that you need a battery with at least one Cold Cranking Amp (CCA) for every cubic inch of engine displacement. The standard recommendation is two CCA’s per diesel, but this can vary depending on how big your vehicle and its electrical needs are!

But the ideal CCA would be at least 700 in the battery. Some batteries have more than 950, which makes these great in cold temperatures.

Reserve capacity:

A battery’s reserve capacity is the amount of time it can run at 25 amps without losing power. Technically speaking, this specifies how much energy charged-up cell stores and technically describes its charge-caring abilities too!

Discharge Capacity:

The discharge capacity is an important battery feature that reflects its health. It’s also a vital electrical parameter for estimating state-of-charge (SOC). We focus on the actual discharge rate, which reflects the highest amount charged from an aged cell in its proper form – not just fresh out of the box but also after being used repeatedly over time.

As the battery discharges, it naturally loses its charge and has a lower capacity. Thus, we should consider how much longer discharged batteries can hold on before the voltage drops too low to start up your equipment. This is known as the discharge capacity!

Frequently Asked Questions about X2 Batteries:

Here are some questions and answers to help you more about these batteries:

Where to buy X2 Power Battery?

You can buy from their store: batteriesplus.com

How do you prevent corrosion on batteries?

The best way to prevent corrosion on batteries is by applying an anti-corrosion washer or dielectric grease. You can also use the AMSOIL Heavy-Duty Metal Protector, which will keep your battery safe from rusting at all costs!

Can you drive your car when your battery is leaking?

You might be surprised to learn that it is dangerous for you and the environment if your car battery leaks. The sulfuric acid in these batteries will cause corrosion through oxidation on engine components, so driving around with one of those leaking little things could have serious consequences!

How to Maintain an AGM Battery?

There are a few ways to maintain your AGM battery and keep it durable. First, always store in a dry place with minimal exposure to extreme temperatures or moisture so that the interior components don’t get rusty over time. Next, sulfation prevention can be achieved by following manufacturer guidelines for charging methods, including not leaving them on charge overnight–charge only when needed! Lastly, but most importantly – do not over-discharge or overload these types of batteries because they will stop working properly otherwise!


So in this article, you learned about the X2 Power Battery Features, Warranty, and Manufacturer.

Here are some key takeaways from this article:

  • The X2 Power offers a 4 Year warranty on the Marine Batteries whereas, the Automotive (Powersport) Batteries have a 5 Year Warranty.
  • The Batteries Plus Bulbs makes the X2 Power Batteries and X2 Power mentions this on their website: “That’s why Batteries Plus created X2Power®”.
  • By learning the ways to buy the right battery, you wouldn’t spend that much time and would know what makes a good battery.


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