Who Makes XS Power Batteries? Find the Battery Warranty

Ioxus® makes XS Power Batteries. The Ioxus is High-Performance Ultra Capacitor Cell & Module Manufacturer.

The XS Power offers AGM and Lithium Batteries for vehicles and machinery.

The Manufacturer of XS Power Battery

The Ioxus company is a developer and manufacturer of capacitive energy storage systems (CESS) consisting of ultracapacitor cells and modules. The principal application of the CESS technology is to serve as high-performance replacements for electrochemical batteries in high power applications, including motive power, industrial drives, and renewable energy conversion systems where size or weight constraints limit the utilization of conventional battery technologies.

Ioxus is a pioneer in developing large-format capacitors to be used as ultracapacitor cells and modules for motive power, long-life stationery, and industrial applications. The Ioxus products include Roll Formed Cylindrical Cells and Modules, High Power Blocks, and Custom Solutions.

The Ioxus manufactures batteries at their plant in New York, USA.

Is XS Power Battery Worth It?

With some different kinds of Guarantee, such as for 60 Days, so if you aren’t satisfied with the battery, you can return and get a refund. This battery is worth it as you can try it within that given time.

How does XS Power Battery Warranty Works?

The XS Power Warranty works two ways:

60 Day Risk-Free Guarantee:

It has a 60-day risk-free guarantee, so if for any reason you are not satisfied with your purchase within 60 days, you can bring the proof of purchase and get a refund or exchange the battery.

Warranty for Years:

There are different kinds of batteries that offer warranties for different periods. Here are different models with warranty period details:

3 Years Warranty:

The 12V XS Power AGM (D&S Series) has three years warranty. The warranty covers the manufacturing defects in the battery and the workmanship for this long time.

But there are some conditions:

Power will not cover damage or failure caused by abuse, misuse of the product.

You will get a warranty for installing and maintaining your battery from XS Power. If something goes wrong, then we will fix it. We can’t be responsible for indirect damages like your property revenue, etc., because the warranty conditions do not cover them.

We hope this information helps clear up any questions you may have had regarding batteries within your power tool!

2 Years Warranty:

12V XS Power AGM (PS&XP Series) Batteries have a two-year warranty. They provide the warranty from the date of purchase to the original purchaser, not to 3rd party. This warranty is related to the manufacturing battery defects and quality.

Under some conditions:

XS Power grants you a lifetime battery warranty for your power device. The following terms apply: if it’s ever damaged or fails due to abuse, misuse of the product by consumers (including installation), improper maintenance, or repairs performed incorrectly at our request that is not covered under this standard manufacturer’s warranty–there is no liability on XSPower’s part!

1 Year Warranty:

14V & 16V XS Power AGM, 12V & 16V XS Power Lithium, and 12V, 14V & 16V XS Power TITAN8 Lithium have 1 Year Warranty. This warranty covers the manufacturing battery defects and quality.

Under these conditions:

The battery warranty for XS batteries is a limited lifetime guarantee. Suppose your device stops working because of abuse, misuse, or any repairs not carried out by XS Power. In that case, you may be entitled to up to ten years’ worth of replacement from the date of purchase, as well as indirect damages like loss in revenue with removal or installation costs involved!

What are Some XS Power Batteries for Different Vehicles?

There are at least 6 Different Batteries at XS Power. Most are lithium batteries. Here are some of these batteries:

  • Titan8 Series
  • XV Series
  • S Series
  • PS Series Batteries
  • 16V Batteries

Titan8 Series:

This lithium titanate oxide (LTO) series uses a very high power cell that can produce 100x its capacity and output up to the device. It’s perfect for burst purposes, where you may need massive amounts of energy in short succession but also want long-term storage without recharging often.

Here are This battery’s models:

  • PWR-S5/ S6, S7
  • RSV-S5/ S6, S7
  • PWR-S5-1200/ 4700, 5100, 5100R, 4800, 3400, 3400R, 6500, 4900
  • PWR-S6-1200/ 4700, 5100, 5100R, 4800, 3400, 3400R, 6500, 4900
  • RSV-S7-1600

XV Series:

The XV Series Battery is perfect for stock charging systems and will not damage high amp audio systems. If you take care to avoid prolonged exposure temperatures over 140 degrees, this battery should last the life of your car or truck!

This battery’s models:

  • XV14Q, XV20Q, XV30Q
  • XV975, XV1200, XV4700
  • XV5100, XV5100R
  • XV4800
  • XV3400, XV3400R
  • XV2400, XV6500
  • XV4900

S Series:

The S series of batteries are made for high-power applications. These 12 volts, 1 thousand ampere batteries can be transformed into different shapes and sizes using the patented I-BAR system, making them perfect for amps with lower ratings or hydraulic systems that need more capacity than what is offered by typical lead-acid designs.

The tightly packed cube shape also offers many benefits, such as increased starting torque and much greater thermal stability than other types of products out on today’s market, so these cubes will always offer long-term performance!

Here are some S Series Batteries:

  • S375
  • S545
  • S680
  • S925
  • S975
  • S1200
  • S3400

PS Series Batteries:

Here are some PS Series Batteries:

  • XV14Q, XV20Q, XV30Q, XV975
  • Li-PS4B, Li-PSX14Q, Li-PSX20Q, Li-PSX30Q,
  • Li-PS545L, Li-PS680L, Li-PS925L
  • Li-PS925XR
  • Li-PS975L, Li-PS1200L
  • Li-PS3400

16V Batteries:

Here are some 16V Batteries:

  • Li-S680-16
  • Li-S925-16
  • Li-S1600
  • Li-D1600
  • Li-D1600XR
  • RSV-S7-1600

How to Choose the Right XS Power Battery for Your Vehicle:

It is essential to find the right battery, but you should know what features a good battery has. Here you will learn how to select the right battery for your vehicle:

What is Battery Type:

The first thing you should know is what kind of battery it is. The XS makes most AGM Batteries. The AGM batteries are popular and known for many reasons, such as you don’t need to charge the AGM battery as much as a conventional battery. The AGM Battery lasts longer than many other batteries once charged.

Cranking amps and cold cranking amps:

This rating refers to a battery’s ability to start an engine in cold temperatures. The number of amps it can provide at 0 degrees Fahrenheit (or -18 Celsius) for 30 seconds defines how good the battery will perform with starting vehicles on snowy roads during winter months.

So it would be best if you considered a battery with a higher CCA. Here are some XS Power Batteries with high CCA:


  • 960 CCA


  • 900 CCA


  • 650 CCA

These CCA ratings explain these batteries have high CCA.

Reserve capacity:

It is the number of minutes a fully charged battery can sustain an active load — usually 25 amps — before it becomes discharged and needs recharging itself with another set amount allotted for this purpose, which will depend upon your specific application requirements (e). For example, 12 volts require about 3 hours, while 6V batteries may need as much time as 5 or 4 volts when subjected to similar loads!

As an example, the D Series D3400 has a 135min reserve capacity.

Discharge Capacity:

The XS Power D3400 battery is the fastest and most powerful NiMH upgrade available for your e-bike. With a 3300 amperage discharge capacity, this thing will keep going no matter what you throw at it!

Frequently Asked Questions about XS Power Batteries:

Here are some questions and answers to help you more about this:

Where to buy XS Power Battery?

There are two ways to buy the XS Power Battery:

The first way is to go to their website and find an XS Power Battery dealer near to you:

Another way is to find it on Amazon.

How do you prevent corrosion on batteries?

Corrosion can be prevented by keeping terminals clean and dry. To protect your terminal from corrosion, use a spray that is designed for this. It will help you avoid cleaning up the metal from batteries or coins in an acid solution.

The best way to keep yourself safe while working near these hazardous materials is always to wear protective clothing!

Can you drive your car when your battery is leaking?

If you drive a car when your battery is leaking, the acid can damage engine parts. It’s not safe for drivers and environmental protection too!

How to Maintain an AGM Battery?

There are many ways to maintain your AGM battery. When storing for longer periods, always remember recharge and sulfation prevention will help you get the most out of it!

Overcharging can be dangerous so make sure not to do that – plus use only recommended chargers by manufacturers when necessary.


So in this article, you learned about the XS Power Battery Warranty, Features, and How to maintain the battery.

Here are some key takeaways from this article:

  • The XS Power Battery has a 60 Day Risk-Free Guarantee, so if you at any time don’t want to keep the battery within the given time, you can return and get a refund. So this Guarantee is, of course, different than most of the batteries.
  • These batteries have 1 Year to 3 Year warranty.
  • The XS Power has 5 Different Batteries with a large collection of models.


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