Do Motorcycle Helmets Expire?

Do Motorcycle Helmets Expire

Motorcycle helmets are a necessary accessory for any motorcycle rider as they help protect the head from accidents and head injuries. There’s no helmet expiry date, and you can use it as long as you want. However, there are a few reasons why your motorcycle helmet could expire even though there’s no motorcycle helmet expiration …

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Is Buying A Used Ex-Police Motorcycle A Good Or Bad Idea?

buying ex police motorcycle

Thinking of purchasing an ex-police motorcycle is not a good idea at all. Think of any government police vehicle, how it is driven, and the rough areas they operate. Indeed, police motorcycles are overworked. However, not all police motorcycles are overworked! If you are lucky to get one in good condition, the better to get …

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What to Do When Caught in the Rain on a Motorcycle

If it’s a light rain or brief shower – simply reduce your speed and drive carefully (following the tips below) and you will get to your destination safely – although you may be a little uncomfortable. When the rain is heavier, and particularly accompanied by lightening your primary concern is safety. The intensity of the …

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Which Is the Best Motorcycle Gear: Leather or Synthetic Material?

You prioritize safety on your motorcycle, which means carefully considering the riding gear you select. Yes, you want to look cool, but your gear should also offer protection in the event of an accident. Which is the safer and better overall, leather or synthetic material? While synthetic material can safeguard your body in an accident, experts agree leather …

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Best Year for a Used Gold Wing & Which to Avoid?

Best and Worst Year for a Used Gold Wing

Most people have said that the Honda Gold Wing is a bulletproof motorcycle. But some years weren’t so good. Most owners of the Honda Gold Wing say the experience is overwhelmingly positive, but it may be smart to know which models you should avoid if you are looking for a Honda Gold Wing. What Year …

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Essential Guide to Finding a Great Touring Motorcycle

You’re looking for a “touring motorcycle”, but with so many models, features, and available accessories, new or used – where do you even start?  I found myself going from one “perfect choice” to the next, jumping all over and even looping back to where I started! So, I decided to go through my selection process …

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Motorcycle Touring – Staying Safe & Secure On the Road

Touring safely and securely begins with understanding the most common challenges and risks. Then planning, preparing and actively avoiding or reducing the chances of the most common problems occurring. And finally, having a response ready if something does happen. Since it is impossible to plan for every scenario, focusing on the most probable events and situations …

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Which Harley Davidson Is the Best for Touring?

Harley Davidson’s FLH touring series has been around since 1965 and still dominates the large bore touring market. I wanted to know which year and model was “The Best”. So, I went over every engine design, major frame, and suspension upgrade and looked at the model packages offered since 1965. So what year and model …

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ABS Brakes on a Touring Motorcycle?

Are ABS (Anti-Lock Braking System) brakes really a leap forward or just another technical complexity used to sell the most current motorcycle models? More important to the average rider, are ABS-equipped motorcycles safer than standard braking? Yes, the facts are clear, ABS brakes prevent accidents and are worth the extra cost and added complexity. When you …

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How Much Weight Can My Motorcycle Carry?

Motorcycle Weight Limit

Most motorcycles have a weight limit from 350lbs to 450lbs or more or less, depending on model type. Use this simple math to calculate your motorcycle’s weight limit capacity:  Motorcycle Weight Limit = GVWR – Wet Weight Your motorcycle’s manufacturer provides a gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR) for each model. Take the GVWR, subtract the …

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23 Interesting Honda Gold Wing Facts

The Honda Gold Wing is an icon in the motorcycle touring world. The Gold Wing was introduced in 1975 Honda. It made a big impact then and has continued to provide features and options that touring riders love and have now come to expect. This post is a quick run through of some very interesting, …

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