Who Makes AutoCraft Batteries? And Battery Warranty

Clarios makes AutoCraft Batteries. There are four different kinds of AutoCraft batteries which you will learn in this article.

Johnson Controls was the manufacturer until late 2019 Johnson Controls automotive battery business was sold to Brookfield Business Partners and formed Clarios LLC.

Johnson Controls Inc is one of the global leaders in car battery manufacturing. With 100 years of experience, Johnson Controls Inc brings great technological advances to the automotive industry with its innovative products.

About Clarios: 

Clarios is a leading energy storage technology company that designs, develops, and distributes a range of changing battery technologies.

Clarios has U.S. factories in Missouri, Ohio, and North Carolina as well as facilities in Mexico, Germany, South Korea, Brazil, China, and the Czech Republic.

Clarios also manufacturers many other brands of batteries, including Diehard, Everstart, Duralast, and Kirklands.

The battery brands are made by Clarios:

Is AutoCraft Battery Worth It?

Yes. The AutoCraft Batteries are worth it because of their CCA Rating, which is from 600 to 740 depending on the different batteries. These batteries can be found in different varieties which vary from AGM to Lead-Acid Batteries. The warranty of these batteries vary from 1 year to 3 years

How AutoCraft Battery Warranty Works?

As AutoCraft has four different batteries, the warranty varies by battery. Here is how its warranty works:

  • AutoCraft Silver Battery (3-year free replacement warranty)
  • AutoCraft Gold Battery (3-year free replacement warranty)
  • Autocraft Platinum Battery (2-year free replacement warranty)
  • Automotive Battery (1-year free replacement warranty)

What are Some AutoCraft Batteries for Different Vehicles?

There are at least 4 different AutoCraft Batteries. Here are these:

  1. AutoCraft Silver Battery
  2. AutoCraft Gold Battery
  3. Autocraft Platinum Battery
  4. Automotive Battery

AutoCraft Silver Battery:

The AutoCraft Silver Battery is a premium-quality replacement for your old, worn-out battery. With a 3 year warranty and high Cold Cranking Amps (600 CCA), this enduring power cell will keep you going strong on all those long drives!

Some Features of this Battery:

  • The AutoCraft Silver Battery is an affordable, powerful setup for small and medium-sized cars.
  • It has adequate power distribution and prolongs lifespan in addition to being easy on your wallet!

AutoCraft Gold Battery:

The AutoCraft Gold Battery is a great choice for anyone who wants to keep their car running smoothly. The robust 700A CCA rating means that this battery will start your vehicle in any weather, and the features it offers are hard-to-find elsewhere at such a low cost!

Some Features:

  • The Autocraft Gold Battery is a high-quality, versatile battery that can handle anything you throw at it.
  • The weather-resistant design makes this perfect for outdoor adventures and heavy-duty power means your device will be running smoothly longer!

Autocraft Platinum Battery

The Platinum battery is made to withstand harsh environments and constant use, without any malfunctions. It also has a non-flooded design that enables you to mount these batteries on your vehicle’s electrical system safely with no restrictions!

Some Features of this Battery:

  • This battery is designed for high-performance vehicles and provides an immense amount of power.
  • The long lifespan means that you will never need to worry about running out, even if it’s been sitting unused in your car all day!

How to Choose the Right AutoCraft Battery for Your Vehicle:

It is essential to know what battery to use for your vehicle or the machinery. Because if you don’t know the basic things about the battery, you may end up buying the wrong battery. Here are some instructions to follow to find the best battery:

What is Battery Type:

Before buying the battery for your vehicle you should know what type of battery it is. The Autocraft has two kinds of batteries, AGM and the Lead-Acid Batteries.

The AutoCraft Premium is the AGM Battery and all others are the Lead-Acid Batteries. But if you want to buy a long-lasting battery, you should go for the AGM Battery instead of the other batteries.

Cranking amps and cold cranking amps:

The Cold Cranking Amps determine if your vehicle can start in harsh weather. Here are these batteries with CCA Ratings:

AutoCraft Silver Battery CCA:

The AutoCraft Silver Battery is the perfect choice for those who need a high-quality battery that will last them long. With its CCA rating of 600, this bad boy can handle all your car needs and then some!

Autocraft Gold Battery CCA:

The CCA rating of this product means it can handle up to 700A, so you’ll never have a problem starting in any condition!

Autocraft Platinum Battery CCA:

The Autocraft Platinum Battery CCA rating is 740, meaning you can start your car in the cold weather. It also has twice as much life span as a lead-acid battery!

Reserve capacity:

A battery’s reserve capacity is the number of minutes for which it can run at 25 amps without its voltage dropping below 10.5 volts, or what most people call “charge”. It specifies how much energy a battery effectively stores and technically defines its ability to power devices with one charge.

The reserve capacity in these batteries varies from one battery to another.

Discharge Capacity:

A battery’s discharge rate is determined by the number of hours it takes to charge or discharge. For example, a 500-Ah battery that theoretically wastes away in 20 hours will have an average current consumption (mA) at 25 A per hour – which can be quite dangerous for some components!

Frequently Asked Questions about AutoCraft Batteries:

Here are some questions and answers about the AutoCraft Batteries to help you more about this:

How do you prevent corrosion on Lead-Acid batteries?

To prevent battery terminal corrosion, the alternator mustn’t be overcharging your car. You also want a newer battery in good condition and anti-corrosive sprays can work too!

Can you drive your car when your battery is leaking?

You can’t steer your car when the battery is leaking. Once it vents violently, that means it’s just not safe to leave there anymore and should be replaced as soon as possible!

How to Maintain a Sealed Lead Acid Battery?

Maintaining your battery is key to its longevity. The more you take care, the longer this nifty little device will last! Different watering systems help prevent overfilling which could lead to an explosive discharge from happening too soon after filling up with distilled water and wearing gloves while working on them yourself – always make sure they’re superglued shut first though so no one steals any parts 🙂


So you learned about who makes AutoCraft Batteries, their features, and warranty

Here are some key takeaways from this article:

  • Clarios makes the AutoCraft Batteries, the Clarios was Johnson Controls before.
  • They offer 12 months to 36 months warranty depending on different batteries.
  • If you are looking for an AGM Battery, the AutoCraft Platinum is the only AGM Battery, their other batteries are Lead-Acid Batteries.


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