Who Makes Milestar Tires? And Tire Warranty

Who Makes Milestar Tires

The Nankang Rubber Tire Corporation makes the Milestar Tires. Tireco distributes these tires in North America.

Are Milestar Tires Worth Buying?

Yes. With an outstanding warranty and an extensive collection of tires, these are worth it.

How Milestar Tires Warranty Works?

All tires, tubes, and wheels supplied by Tireco are warranted to be free from defects in material and quality subject to the conditions set forth below. Upon inspection, if it is determined that your product has been faulty because of a manufacturing flaw, we will make a reasonable allowance for purchase price over current market prices or other adjustments at our sole discretion.

What is Covered in this Warranty:

This warranty only applies to products sold in the United States, U.S territories, Canada, and Mexico. In addition, this Standard Limited Warranty is not transferable. Still, it does cover the original purchaser of product installation. Milestone’s coverage also covers balancing taxes so customers can have peace of mind when driving their car, knowing it has been taken care of. Should something happen!

Some Exclusions in the Warranty:

Tires are adjusted based on the remaining tread depth.

Tread worn to 2/32″ or beyond is considered completely worn and cannot be changed.

It’s important to remember when your tire was initially mounted so you can provide this information at any service appointment!

If out-of-roundness occurs beyond what is expected due to a drive defect after initial mounting (i.e., further than 1/4″), we will still credit you 100% of the average purchase price for the last six months – but only if the return is within the first two months.

What are some Different Types of Milestar Tires?

There is an extensive collection of the Milestar Tires. These tires are for these vehicles:

  • Passenger Car.
  • Commercial Light Truck.
  • Light Truck / SUV.
  • UTV.
  • Medium Truck.

Passenger Car Tires:

There are seven different kinds of Passenger Car Tires. Here are these:

MS932 XP+

The MS932 XP+ is a new tire for all seasons that uses an improved rubber compound to make the tread supple at different temperatures.

This gives riders better handling in wet or dry conditions and better cornering performance thanks to the optimized inner tread pattern with large blocking areas on both sides and 3D sipes in the shoulder blocks, specifically designed with stability in mind in all seasons!

MS932 Sport

The MS932 Sport is designed to maximize performance. It features the latest all-season tread pattern for superior traction that will get you where you’re going, no matter how demanding it may be!

Weatherguard AS710 Sport

The Weatherguard AS710 Sport is the only tire you need for year-round performance. It features an advanced MILETECH™ silica compound that offers improved handling and increased durability in wet or dry conditions, plus optimal tread blocks to give your vehicle exceptional control at all times of the year!

Weatherguard AW365

The Weatherguard AW365 is an all-weather tire with the latest tread technology to provide excellent traction and directional stability. The interlocking circumferential blocks offer superior handling. The grooves on each side reduce noise when driving through water-filled potholes or wet roadsides in any season – even in the winter months!


The STREETSTEEL all-season tire answers the call of the muscle car, hot rod, and custom street enthusiasts. This modern design, with its racing-inspired checkered flag on the sidewall, this contemporary design harkens back to the days when old, greasy cruisers ruled the grand boulevards of America. The original styling is perfect for restoring your childhood dream or giving an already restored vehicle its look with nostalgic flair!

MS775 Touring SLE

The MS775 Touring SLE is a modern tire found on classic cars, lowriders, and custom cars. Available in sizes 13 to 15 inches, it is suitable for giving their vehicle a modern look without breaking the budget!

The stripes on these whitewall tires are also perfect for restoring classic cars. Not only do they help you keep up with today’s trends, but they also add variety by trying something new now and then.

MS70 All-Season

The MS70 all-season tire is an excellent choice for any vehicle that needs an affordable and durable all-season option. The tread design provides efficient water displacement, directional stability, and improved traction. Its sophisticated sipe pattern dissipates heat better than other tires on the market while providing more bite in the corners to give you maximum control in all weather conditions.

Commercial Light Truck Tires:

There are three different Commercial Light Truck Tires. Here are these:

Steelpro MS597

The STEELPRO MS597 is the perfect tire for professionals who need a rugged, durable commercial vehicle that can withstand anything. This all-season steel belted design ensures year-round performance even in wet conditions, with an advanced load carrying capacity to help you drive safely through rugged terrains!

Steelpro MS597S

The STEELPRO MS597S is an all-new commercial tire that offers high load-carrying capacity in low 15-, 16- and 17-inch wheel diameters and excellent dry or wet performance. This tire meets the needs of large fleets, long-haul truckers, and fleet owners who require a rugged 3-ply sidewall construction for non-commercial applications where a smooth ride is most important!

Steelpro AST

Steelpro’s premium trailer tire is designed for long, reliable performance and exceptional durability. This rugged steel belt provides a smooth ride whether you are using it on open trailers with just one person or on utility vehicles that require more than the usual all-around equipment. Thanks to its sturdy construction, this quality product will not only last longer but perform better under heavy use!

Light Truck/SUV Tires:

Here are some Light Truck or SUV Tires:


The Patagonia M/T is a durable all-around tire that can handle any terrain. It features aggressive bite edges to help it climb rocks and explore sandy deserts and 3PLY sidewalls for added protection from impact damage when rock drilling off-road.


The all-new PATAGONIA M/T-02 is designed to be both rugged and responsive. The wide, knobby treads provide excellent traction on various terrain yet are flexible enough for off-road use without compromising balance or control on the road. Even less stiff tires would buckle too much under the pressure of the pebbles thrown up by cycling’s most familiar terrain – mud!


The all-new PATAGONIA A/T PRO is a high-performance tire designed to conquer any terrain in any conditions for your next adventure. It has been rated as a Three Peak Mountain Snowflake, making it ideal when you are off-road and need to tackle winter conditions that generally cause traction issues. The sturdy tread blocks provide a secure grip, while the angled grooves provide optimal voids so you will not slip on the slushy sidewalk or slippery roads without fear of losing control!

The Tire Life (How long do Tires Last)

The simple answer is “it depends.” A standard set of tires should last for 60,000 to 75,000 miles or about four and a half years. However, some key factors affect how long your tires will last. These include the frequency of driving (especially with expensive tires), the mileage the tires can handle before they need to be replaced, and even the make or model.

What Makes Tires to Wear Down?

To prevent tires from wearing out, it is essential to maintain proper tire pressure and rotation. Improper wheel alignment can also lead to this problem by excessively stressing your vehicle’s suspension components, resulting in faster than normal wear when driving over various terrains, including potholes or cracks!

How to Extend the Tire’s Life?

With proper care, tires can last indefinitely. A few tips: Clean and store them thoroughly before putting them away for the winter, protect them from direct sunlight, so they do not rot or go limp from humidity, and keep them vertically in an airtight plastic bag (to prevent leaks) at room temperature, but not above 80 degrees Fahrenheit, where mold can grow faster than desirable!

How to Choose the Right Milestar Tires for Your Vehicle:

Milestar tires offer a wide selection of quality tires for vehicles of all types and sizes. Milestar can help you find the right tire based on your car’s needs and how it is equipped, such as stability and traction control systems, if available!

 Is Milestar Tires a good brand?

The Milestar Tires is a good brand. With traction and performance, it can be the best for you!

Frequently Asked Questions about Milestar Tires:

Here are some questions and answers to help you more about this:

When was Milestar Tires founded?

Founded in 1972, Tireco is a U.S.-based, privately-held marketer of brands such as Milestar and Westlake that has become one of the leading suppliers of tires to residential customers – alongside its counterpart for commercial customers with matching specialty products!

Who owns Milestar Tires?

Tireco, Inc. owns these tires.


So in this article, you learned about the Milestar Tires warranty, features, extending tire life, and different kinds of tires.

Here are some key takeaways from this article:

  • The Tireco. makes the Milestar Tires.
  • The Milestar Tires has an extensive collection of tires for cars and light trucks.
  • By taking care of your tires, you can keep these last long.


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