Who Makes Cooper Starfire Tires? And Tire Warranty

Cooper Tire and Rubber makes the Starfire Tires. These tires are constructed under high standards. Cooper Tire and Rubber are a famous American Company.

Are Starfire Tires Worth Buying?

Yes. With a Lifetime Replacement Warranty and durability of these tires, these are worth buying. The company that owns these tires is Cooper Tire and Rubber.

How Starfire Tires Warranty Works?

The Starfire Tires have a Lifetime Replacement Warranty but with some limitations, such as the tread shouldn’t wear down as far as 1.6 mm. Once it happens, the warranty ends.

Replacement Charge:

When you buy a tire, there are some costs involved. These include the cost of replacing the tire and the cost of mounting and balancing the tire – or you can accept an even more expensive tire!

Warranty Exceptions:

An exception to the warranty exists for Starfire customers if their tire was cut, pinched, or punctured while driving on the road. If there is a misalignment of wheels during mounting and you experience balance issues, this counts towards one of our conditions!

What are some Different Types of Starfire Tires?

There are five different kinds of Starfire Tires. Here are these given below:


The WR is a tire for the spirited rider who demands performance. With its asymmetrical tread design, this Starfire provides crisp handling and optimized traction on wet roads. At the same time, it gives you optimal coverage on dry roads with larger outer elements that provide excellent grip when it gets slippery on your bike outside!


  • The Starfire WR has a quiet and smooth ride with excellent traction.
  • The state-of-the-art asymmetrical tread design, custom sidewall with silica rubber compound for maximum ride comfort, and sturdy internal construction provide ultimate durability – all in an affordable tire!

RS-C 2.0

The RS -C 2.0 tire is designed to provide maximum comfort, minimum noise, and value for money! The tread compound has a high wear resistance, which means that you will cover your miles with ease on this type of vehicle (like a car or truck).


  • RS -C 2.0 enhances the driving experience with a larger groove ratio, resulting in excellent water evacuation and steering response. At the same time, even pressure distribution across all contact points provides added safety when cornering or braking at high speeds on dry pavement.
  • The central circumferential rib provides directional stability, so you can start riding immediately without going off course, as with other wheels in this class!


The SF -710 is a tire that can be used for SUVs and offers excellent performance both on and off-road. It offers a longer tread life and is balanced, so you will not have problems at high speeds or rugged terrain. The all-wheel-drive means you can handle just about anything in the backcountry with this tire!


This tire is a light truck tire to give you the right amount of traction and grip. It’s made to handle many different kinds of commercial vehicles. Offering excellent grip, puncture resistance, and durability as well as being cheaper than many other tires in its class, it’s no wonder this product garners so much attention from those who need something durable for their fleet or business!


The SF -810 is a perfect fit for highway SUVs, high-performance vehicles, and premium models. The SUV tire is specially designed with wet road stability and an excellent driving experience in mind, which sets it apart from other tires by providing optimal traction at all times!

The Tire Life (How long do Tires Last)

Tires are designed for a specific function, but they need some care. A standard set of tires will usually last 60-75 thousand miles (about 4-5 years).

However, this depends on environmental conditions, such as temperature fluctuations that can affect speed on rough terrain or cause salt residue from winter roads to melt on the roads. In addition, many other factors play a role, such as driving habits, which can further shorten the life of the tires!

What Makes Tires to Wear Down?

The most common cause of premature tire wear is improper air pressure. If you do not have the correct pressure, your tires will be stressed too much, too fast, and not last as long. Lack of rotation can also cause accelerated wear because it causes heating, which causes metal parts to expand slightly under stress before returning to shape. Finally, worn suspension parts are exactly what they sound like – components used in steering, among other things!

How to Extend the Tire’s Life?

It’s essential to change your tires regularly, but how often should you do it? There are differing opinions on the best time. A standard recommendation is to change your tires every other oil change (or at least once a month), as this ensures they stay in good condition and are not overused by driving around town.

However, some people say that the time for the next tire change should not be too far away – so somewhere between two weeks before and two weeks after the winter you live in.

 Is Starfire Tires a good brand?

Well, they have been manufactured in the United States for several decades. So you know they have to be reliable and affordable, suitable? Their reputation speaks volumes, too – when you consider how long these tires survive before needing replacement or repair compared to other brands in our market! That’s because they focus on North American road conditions and vehicle types to optimize performance in all weather conditions…

Frequently Asked Questions about Starfire Tires:

Here are some questions and answers to help you more about this:

When were Starfire Tires Founded?

The Starfire Tires were founded in 1994.

What is the average mileage of these tires?

On average, these tires can last up to 40,000 km without a problem.


So in this article, you learned about the Starfire Tires warranty, features, extending tire life, and different kinds of tires.

Here are some key takeaways from this article:

  • Cooper Tire and Rubber make the Starfire Tires.
  • There are 5 different kinds of Starfire Tires.
  • By taking care of your car tires, you can extend their tread life.


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