Who Makes Super Start Extreme Batteries? And Battery Warranty

The Super Start Batteries are 100% Australian-owned and make OEM batteries for other clients. Super Start Batteries make their batteries.

They started in 1990 by operating from a van in the suburbs of Sydney.

Is Super Start Extreme Battery Worth It?

Yes. Because these are AGM Batteries which are popular and long-lasting. They also offer a 12 to 36 battery warranty and have an extensive collection of batteries that fit 16 different vehicles and machinery.

How does Super Start Extreme Battery Warranty Works?

The Super Start Extreme Battery has an extensive collection of batteries, and their warranty also varies by battery. Here is the detailed list of the Starting Batteries and warranty:

Batteries with 36 Months Warranty

  • SSB i-Start AGM
  • Challenger
  • SSB Automotive
  • SSB European
  • SSB 4WD & Truck
  • SSB DryCell (HVT-50D – HVT-270D)
  • SSB DryCell (Semi-Traction Sizes)

Batteries with 24 Months Warranty

  • SSB i-Start EFB
  • SSB PowerSport – Lithium
  • Super Start Conventional
  • SSB Automotive – ES
  • SSB Truck & Tractor
  • Deep Cycle – Marine
  • SSB Marine
  • SSB PowerSport – Pro Series

Batteries With 12 Months Warranty

  • SSB PowerSport – Lithium Ultralite
  • Auto Start
  • SSB LawnMower
  • SSB DryCell- Motorcycle
  • SSB PowerSport – Motorcycle
  • SSB PowerSport – XR Series
  • SSB Power Sport – V-Spec
  • Fusion AGM – General Purpose
  • Fusion AGM – Cyclic

What are Some Super Start Extreme Batteries for Different Vehicles?

There are many kinds of Super Start Extreme Batteries because there is an extensive collection of these batteries. Here are some of these batteries, which are arranged by battery type:

1. Car & Passenger Vehicles (Batteries):

There are many batteries suitable for cars. But AGM Batteries have been popular.

The Car Batteries include:

  • AS31-750 (750 CCA)
  • AS55D23L (500 CCA)

2. Stop-Start Batteries:

There are some types of cars that need a different kind of battery. These are called Start-Stop System car batteries. They don’t work like regular starter batteries, but they should be modern and have Start-Stop Technology.

Some Stop-Start Batteries include:

  • EFB40TL (450 CCA)
  • EFB55D23L (720 CCA)

3. Truck Batteries:

Lead Acid Batteries are very common for trucks.

Some Truck Batteries include:

  • ES70 (670 CCA)
  • ES70L (670 CCA)

4. 4WD Batteries:

There are many 4WD Batteries at Super Start. Here are some:

  • SS70ZZ (900 CCA)
  • SS70 (750 CCA)

5. Deep-Cycle Batteries:

A deep-cycle battery is a rechargeable, high-energy cell that can be deeply discharged using most of its capacity.

Here are some Deep Cycle Batteries:

  • 12D (600 CCA)
  • CBC12V22AH (280 CCA)

6. Lithium – Deep Cycle Batteries:

With the Lithium deep cycle battery, you have significant benefits such as increased efficiency, a built-in protection system, and much faster charging.

Here are some Super Start Lithium Deep Cycle Batteries:

  • LFP-12-22-GP (AH 20hr) 15
  • LFP12-100P (AH 20hr) 100

7. Lithium – Starting Batteries:

Here are some Lithium Starting Batteries:

  • L-HVT-1 (CCA: 1000)
  • L-HVT-16V (CCA: 1000)

8. Heavy Equipment Batteries:

These batteries are suitable for those heavy machineries such as Bulldozers or Motor Graders.

Here are some Heavy Equipment Batteries:

  • 12D (600 CCA)
  • CBS6V320AH (1770 CCA)

9. Marine Batteries:

There are a variety of marine batteries available to keep your boat running smoothly. These can be divided into four categories: wet cell (flooded), gel cell, absorbed glass mat, or AGM, which all use lead-acid chemistry and lithium-ion.

Here are some of these batteries:

  • CBC12V105AH (AH 20hr) 104
  • CBC12V110AH (AH 20hr) 100

10. Jet Ski Batteries:

There are a few jet skis out on the market, but they all use 12V batteries with capacities ranging from 6-30 amp-hours. Newer models have 18 or even 30 hours rated capacity!

Here are some Jet Ski Batteries:

  • CB16CL-B (285 CCA)
  • CB30CL-B (360 CCA)

11. Motorcycle Batteries:

Motorcycle batteries are the heart of your motorcycle. There’s the wet cell, AGM (absorbed glass mat), and gel cells for different purposes – each with their advantages in how they power up a bike!

Here are some Motorcycle Batteries:

  • 12N10-3B (115 CCA)
  • 12N11-3A (130 CCA)

12. Ride-On Lawn Mower Batteries:

When it comes to powering a riding lawn mower, most batteries used in this capacity are 12-volt. This is because they’re compatible with other types of equipment and power sources that require a similar voltage level as well!

Here are some Ride-On Lawn Mower Batteries:

  • 12N24-3 (275 CCA)
  • 12N24-4 (275 CCA)

13. Solar Storage Batteries:

There are 4 different kinds of solar batteries. In which lead-acid batteries are the most basic form of solar battery. They have been around for decades and are affordable, stable in temperature changes, but they require regular maintenance to work correctly!

Here are some Solar Storage Batteries:

  • 10OPzV1000 (AH 12hr) 1000
  • 12OPzV1200 (AH 12hr) 1200

14. Golf Cart Batteries:

Six volts may be the current standard in golf carts, but that’s not always enough. As anyone who has ever used a 6-volt battery knows – there are some drawbacks to this type of power source, and you have to find an alternative if needed!

Here are some Golf Cart Batteries:

  • CBC12V22AH (280 CCA)
  • CBS12V165AH (750 CCA)

15. Security – Backup Batteries:

It’s a good idea to invest in quality backup batteries for your home security system. Most systems use 12-volt batteries, which may only last you anywhere from 3-4 years before they need a replacement!

Here are some Security Backup Batteries:

  • CB12V12AH (AH 20hr) 12
  • CB12V18AH (AH 20hr) 18

16. Mobility Scooter Batteries:

Most scooters are powered by lead-acid batteries, which provide more power than li-ion ones. Lead-acid batteries last longer and can be used for up to 4 years before they need a replacement!

Here are Mobility Scooter Batteries:

  • CBC12V33AH (AH 20hr) 33
  • CBC12V40AH (AH 20hr) 42

How to Choose the Right Super Start Extreme Battery for Your Vehicle:

Finding a good battery is easy, but you may find it hard to select the best battery if you don’t know some battery features. Here are some steps you should know when looking for a battery for your vehicle:

What is Battery Type:

It is essential to know the battery type because not all vehicles use the same battery. Super Start Extreme Batteries have Lead Acid, Lithium, and AGM Batteries. So you should know what battery is suitable for your car.

Cranking amps and cold cranking amps:

It’s essential to know the crank amps of your vehicle battery because it will determine how well a car starts in cold temperatures. A lower rating means it might not work as effectively and could break down more easily when you need one last boost from its power!

Reserve capacity:

Understanding the importance of reserve capacity, you should always have enough charged batteries on hand. Each fully-charged battery can sustain 25 amps before it’s discharged and reaches 10 volts (for 12V systems).

Discharge Capacity:

The battery’s discharge rate, or how fast electric current leaves a rechargeable cell, is determined by dividing its amp-hours (in this case, 500 Ah/20 h = 25 Amps) by the number of hours it takes to charge or discharge.

A theoretical example would be when you have a 18650 that can supply 5 volts at 2 amps for 20 seconds before cutting off completely – this makes up 1/3rd of the capacity but only lasts 9 minutes on average!

Frequently Asked Questions about Super Start Extreme Batteries:

Here are some questions and answers to help you more about this:

Where to buy Super Start Extreme Battery?

There are a few ways to buy Super Start Batteries, but here are two ways you can purchase these batteries. Such as by going to their official site: https://superstart.com.au/ and selecting a battery, and entering your zip code. This will help you find any nearest retailers in your area.

Another way is to visit any online retailers/resellers, such as https://auswide4wd.com.au/collections/super-start-batteries

How do you prevent corrosion on batteries?

One easy way to keep corrosion from building up on your car’s battery terminals is by applying petroleum jelly. Apply a tablespoon of the gooey substance between both posts and remove cables with the wrench while rubbing each terminal until you hear crackling sounds, which means they’re well coated.

Can you drive your car when your battery is leaking?

Many people have no idea how dangerous it is to drive with your battery leaking. The acid in car batteries can cause corrosion on engine components, so if you’re going and notice that there’s some fluid coming out, don’t even bother taking the risk!

How to Maintain a Sealed Lead Acid Battery?

After refilling a Sealed Lead Acid Battery, you should always recharge the battery. You can do this by using distilled water and wearing gloves when handling batteries and safety glasses on hand for extra protection!


So in this article, you learned about Super Start Extreme Batteries warranty, features, and different types of batteries.

Here are some key takeaways from this article:

  • Super Start Extreme Batteries has a 12 to 36 months warranty on its batteries.
  • They have at least 16 different kinds of batteries to fit from different vehicles to machinery.
  • They have AGM Batteries which are much more durable and long-lasting.


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